Worley Pool Remodeling

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Business Description: sales and service of home rectreation equipment locally oenrd and opperated gor over 50 years
Business Description: American Leak Detection specializes in finding water leaks underground, under slab or behind walls thereby eliminating search and destroy methods. We can find structural leaks in swimming pools or on the plumbing under the concrete deck. Sewer lines can be inspected and located. Water intrusion in the basement through foundation cracks can be treated to create a barrier to stop that water flow. Private utility locating available to protect those lines prior to excavation. Our professional technicians travel all over Eastern WA and Northern ID providing our expertise. Once the leak is located either a plumber or an excavator will expose the area to repair the line, right where we indicate. If your pool is leaking we will find the leak, patch it or repair it under the concrete deck. Call to discuss your specific issue, including possible homeowners' insurance coverage. At that time we can explain the Detection Charge and Travel Charge, if it applies. Your water leak is important to us so we look forward to assisting you with this issue.