Tetonia Master Bedroom Remodel

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Recent Review: Sink working great. Kris will be who we call again when we gut and remodel the kitchen. He is a superior plumber. His prices are very fair and the quality of his work shows.
Business Description: Master Tech LLC (formally Master Plumbing of Idaho Falls) has been serving SE Idaho since Feb. 2000. We are a Certified EPA Renovator, Licensed Plumbing and Heating Company. Installing for Lowes for more than 15 yrs. Recognized Nationally 4 times Bronze Award (in the top 90% of all Lowes installers) and one time Silver Award (top 95%). Our main service area is the Idaho Falls and surrounding cities. We are a small company specializing in "Service" type work / repairs and appliance installations. This includes drain cleaning, pipe repairs, main line water and sewer pipe replacements, excavation work, water softeners, water heaters, filters, kitchen and bathroom remodels and tilework.
Business Description: Licensed, bonded and insured Plumbing service and repair contractors performing all aspects of supplying and installing piping systems for homes and commercial properties. Design and remodel of kitchens and bathrooms. Faucet replacement and repair, water heater replacement and repair done by factory trained technicians expert drain cleaning using state of art equipment
Business Description: Idaho's Restoration Leader. Serving all of Eastern Idaho. Since 1966, the innovation and industry leadership of Paul Davis has made us the best choice for emergency loss mitigation, restoration, reconstruction, and remodeling services. Additional DBAs - Paul Davis Systems Of Idaho, Paul Davis Restoration of Idaho.
Recent Review: The remodeling consultant was very informative. The installer, Jake, was very careful - thorough - and did a wonderful job. Total professionals.
Recent Review: Crowdsourcing site for interior and architectural design. Interesting service and if you are comfortable with internet shopping and a little risk, IMHO, worth the cost.  My project:   Redesigning kitchen and family room (great room concept) and we needed interior design/style advise for the project. The site posts a "competition" for the project, you determine what amount of money to offer for the competition (site recommends an amount, but the customer is free to change if needed.) Within 20 days, we had 20 designers signed up for our competition from all over the world. In the end, 8 designers submitted designs. We picked our top 4, rated all designs and the top three were selected based on ratings -- one from France, USA and Serbia. Honorable Mention went to country of Georgia. First, second and third place received a portion of the award money.   Pros and Cons:  You, the customer, must be comfortable with the risk of paying for something and not knowing if you'll like the result. For me, this was part of the process and an acceptable risk.  You don't have a face to face consultation. The site has a "wall" where you can post ideas, photos, communication with the designers or architects. I resolved this by posting my houzz.com design book on the wall to give designers ideas of our likes, dislikes, etc. You can also post requirements and constraints for your project. Toward the end of the competition (a deadline is set when you submit a project) a lot of communication occurs with the architects and designers. Expect it, it's part of the process.  The website is fairly rudimentary. Online/chat help is available but is somewhat hit and miss.  You can send designs to friends and family to rate. This is helpful in making a decision.  Overall, we got a number of ideas between the designers and were very pleased with the process and project. 
Recent Review: I only know YMC through my experiences with one of their staff -- Marty Roberts Marty Roberts, who spearheads the plumbing part of YMC,  did a ton of work on my home when he was owner of Big Dog Plumbing. He sold that business to YMC and joined them to grow the plumbing services business. Marty either did the work himself or supervised the work of others, whom I did not meet. This job had two parts: 1) perform all plumbing installations  for fixtures on a bathroom remodel job  -- shower, tub, vanities, toilets.  In the middle of the remodel, we found that there was some structural work needed for the Roman tub, so Marty had to fuss with that plus all the other things.   2) Marty needed to relocate a gas outlet to accommodate a new range -- normal placement of gas wouldn't work, so Marty had to locate the gas inside the wall. The thing I like about Marty is that he is professional in every way.  His work is first class. So if the rest of the YMC organization is  as good as Marty, they're a real winner.
Business Description: Remodeling, Remodeler, Remodeling Services, Siding Services City Center
Recent Review: Remodeled kitchen.  Went very smoothly.
Recent Review: We needed to replace the tile and bathtub due to mold in the caulking.  We ended up replacing the floor too.  Now we know that our bathroom is insulated properly, all mold and mildew are removed and beautiful.

Reviews in Tetonia to Remodel Master Bedroom

CTop Coat Painting
I went out for bid and Tony was easy to work with and could see my vision for my addition and he was the lost bid.  Some of his work I was not happy with.  Some of my doors didn't close property or I had to re-set myself.  The tile work in the bathroom was good but the grout started to crack right away at the bottom of the shower.  The walk-in closet is nice but the shelves are close together and when I hang blouses they drag on the shelf below.  The transition from the kitchen to the new addition there is a slight bump in the floor.  The wood flooring looks great but there is a small section under the kitchen cabinet over hang where there is no wood flooring and the plywood is visible.
- Jane M....
Dan did an excellent job, especially considering that I live out of state and was unable to be on the job-site for consultation.  He quickly understood our needs and provided useful assistance in planning and selection of materials, his communication was always professional and to the point, and the completed project was within budget and exceeded our expectations.  Although the fact that the house was unoccupied and the owners were not readily available resulted in some unexpected delays, the work was completed as quickly as could be expected.  I plan to use Dan's services next time the need arises.
- Mark D....
ASilkwood Interiors
At first we were skeptical, we only asked her to do our front room. After the first project, we were so impressed with her work that we asked her to work on the master bedroom, the kids' rooms, and the downstairs family rooms. She did all the shopping and decoration. The end results are truly impressive. We really enjoyed her, and we loved seeing and living in the results of her work. She was very patient with us and quick to respond to all of our questions and concerns. We will definitely use her again for our future home.
- Jenny A....
AJ & J Construction
We needed to replace the tile and bathtub due to mold in the caulking.  We ended up replacing the floor too.  Now we know that our bathroom is insulated properly, all mold and mildew are removed and beautiful.
- Annalee P....
ATco's Inc
We are extremely pleased with the remodel. Mr O'Neil was able to tackle some challenges and gave us exactly what we wanted. The quality of the work is outstanding. The job was completed in the time and price quoted.
- Kay V....
AJ & J Construction
J&J did a wonderful job. Scott and Jerry and their team were professional, clean, punctual, and communicative, letting us know what was happening at every stage. Their subcontractors were excellent, and they kept to their timeline, even considering holidays and the few hiccups that inevitably arise in a big job. If they said they would be there at 8am, they were there at 8. We would definitely hire them again!
- Jeffrey P....
AAll American Remodeling & Handyman Services
.The job was done in a reasonable period of time and in a very satisfactory manner.  They worked with us on everything and went out of their way to make sure we were satisfied.
- Noel W....
AHBC Head Building Company LLC
Doug is an OUTSTANDING builder! We have contracted Doug to complete a remodel of our home and he has done a fantastic job. He arrives each day promptly at 7:00 am and works diligently throughout the day. He is very meticulous in his work and always seeks my approval when he has questions regarding the plans. I would HIGHLY recommend Doug if you plan on conducting a home remodel!
- John H....
Another example of the salesman overpromising. "All the workers on your project are employees of Re-Bath so we can control the quality of the job"  A little surprised when one of the guys who showed up had done some work for me previously but, I thought to myself, maybe he just got a new job. Then another one showed up so I asked him. He said there were only two of the guys on the job who actually worked for Re-Bath, everyone else was a sub. "We'll be done in two days, max" Maybe, except for the two weeks between tear out and begin to install. Plus the two weeks to reorder the custom shower pan that was measured incorrectly. And the week that went by when they forgot to load the flooring onto the truck in Boise. And a day, here and there, coordinating the availability of all the subs (drywall, paint, electrician, plumber) "We do all the work to make your bathroom complete." Except hang the bathroom mirror and cabinet and plumbing the bathroom vanity. They said they couldn't figure out how to fit the mirror and cabinet in the space available. I spent less than 45 minutes installing both. As far as the vanity plumbing, I've got to admit, it took three trips to the big box home improvement store to get the correct angles and fittings but that was mostly my fault because I eyeballed it rather than actually measuring it. Overall, I have a very nice (expensive) bathroom that better meets my needs (except for the six weeks when it was unusable). Would I do it again? Probably not without getting a couple more estimates and doing the GC myself.
- Rob B....
AHandyman Matters
Handyman Matters was on time and able to take care of a variety of tasks in one visit. Their craftsman did an excellent job: high-quality work and excellent service. He was very careful to be thorough and to leave each work site clean and tidy. I would be happy to refer Handyman Matters to my friends. I have already scheduled their next visit; I have more tasks that need to be done around my house.
- Coleen C....