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Business Description: Family owned and operated since 1951. We are Spokane's Largest Volume Septic Pumper 10 years Sraight !!!! One year warranty on all work. We are the Septic And Sewer Specialists !!!
Business Description: Jarms Pump Service professionally provides all your water well pump equipment, installation, and repair needs! We install new pump systems and maintain existing pump set-ups. Call today for details!
Business Description: We are a small family operated business who employs 7 very experienced people. Most of the employees have been here for over 10 years. We do have a couple of new employees that were just hired this year. They came to us with many years experience in our field, and we anticipate they will be here for years in our small family oriented business. We treat our employees with just as much respect as we give to our customers. Our customers and employees are very important to us. We keep our company running very effeciently with the motto of "Keep it Simple" We also believe that if we treat our customers fairly that we will have repeat business for the future, instead of selling things that people do not need and losing them as a future customer. Also in keeping it simple, we do not bill a majority of the Customers, it is payment at the time of service. That keeps our overhead down and prices lower to the end user. We do offer Senior Citizen discounts, and if you mention our yellow page ad, or print off the coupon on our web site, that will give you a $20.00 discount off of the septic pumping.
Recent Review: We were having a drain field issue and another septic company was coming in a few days to repair. In the meantime we wanted to get the tank pumped to avoid backup into the house. Evergreen sent a pump truck the next day (only company who could). Rather than charge me more to pump the tank the tech did a quick repair to the drain field and things were working again in short order. Appreciated they suggested a less expensive option, quick response and great service!
Recent Review: They are convenient. I will use this company in the future if needed.
Business Description: Home Comfort Services is a local family owned and operated heating and air conditioning business. Our mission is to provide you with quality heating, air conditioning and home comfort service that best fits your needs. Your home is your biggest investment and where you and your family spend the majority of your time. Your comfort is our priority! We service all brands of gas and electric furnaces and water heaters. We fix and install hot water heaters, heat pumps, install gas fireplaces and inserts, and install gas piping for new gas stoves. We also perform yearly tune-ups and maintenance. We serve all of Spokane County with the highest level of expertise.
Business Description: Residential, commercial, industrial, municipal water and wastewater pump service, installation, repair, and maintenance. Listed UL 508A Custom Controls builder as well.
Business Description: Accept most major credit cards.
Recent Review: The guy who came out, his name was Mark.  He couldn't find anything wrong with the system, and he didn't charge anything.  I would recommend them.  The guy really knew what he was doing.  They were prompt and on time.

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FScott's Plumbing
I had called Scott's plumbing to ask them if they could send someone out to look at my ejector pump since it appeared to stop working. I spoke to the owner when I called. He said he would send someone out that day. When the plumber arrived, I led him to the sewage stack and pump. The plumber never attempted to inspect the pump. He just said if the pump isn't working, then it's bad and needs to be replaced. He made that assumption without ever plugging the pump in. He also mentioned a valve needed replacement. He did visually observe the valve since it was right in front of his face. He spent a total of 2 minutes looking at the sewage stack, and again never inspected the pump. He then quoted me over $3,000.00 to replace the pump and valve. I told him that I would have to think about that and would get back to them. The plumber left, but came back to my door a few minutes later stating that his company required him to charge a $190.00 inspection fee. For two minutes of a partial inspection. Instead of a long argument, I went ahead and paid it, but now I'm regretting it. I called another plumber who did a proper inspection and didn't charge me an inspection fee. The total cost for full replacement of valve and pump from this other plumbing company was half the cost at $1500.00. I wouldn't have been as upset about the inspection fee if the owner told me about this fee upfront, which he didn't. I will never recommend Scott's plumbing to anyone needing a plumber. They need to be more upfront about fee to their customers who are calling in to get help. And their pricing has no logic behind it, especially after I did some more research and talked to other plumbers on what this would all cost.
- Michael S....
AScott's Plumbing
We contacted Scott's Plumbing after business hours and within one hour, Scott arrived to assess the situation. He was able to quickly identify what needed to be done and was able to help us stabilize the back up so no further water was leaking. Scott arranged for us to have the pump replaced early the next morning. The repair/ replacement went very smoothly and we were back to normal in less than 24 hours. Throughout the entire process we were impressed by not only Scott and his staff's professionalism, timeliness, knowledge and commitment to a job well done; but we also greatly appreciated their personalized, friendly service. They clearly went above and beyond to make sure that we were delighted with our experience. We will definitely work with them again.
- Deborah M....
ANoble Plumbing & Heating
We noticed problems with flushing basement toilet.  After checking local plumbers on Angie's List we decided to go with Noble Plumbing since it had the most positive reviews and our usual plumber had several negative reviews within the past 30 days.  I called Richard at 9 a.m. and he was at my home at 1:30 the same day.   After a quick diagnostic he explained that it was a miracle that the existing pump had lasted 11 years and had not caused a horrible accident.  The contractor (Cougar Mechanical) hired when we built the home installed a gray water pump not designed to handle sewage from a toilet ---- even though they knew a toilet would be placed there.    Richard gave me several cost and type options on which pump to put in, went to Spokane to purchase it, and then changed pipes and installed the new sewage ejector pump.      He cleaned up after himself and was considerate of my home.  He was professional and prompt.  He gave me options and advice on the fix allowing me to chose the one that fit our budget and end use.       The only suggestion I could give him would be to get shoe covers as he had to make many trips across a lot of carpet and due to his type of business the sanity of his boots is questionable.  He apologized that he was out of them so it sounds like it is already his normal procedure.      I will most definitely use them in the future and recommend them highly.
- Tammy L....
Spokane Pump Inc really know their business and they were professional. The pumps aren't inexpensive but that has nothing to do with their service or their ability to provide.
- Patricia H....
APats Pumps
We had two instances of our pump going out. We have one in the well and another one in our reservoir. They were super. They were very responsive. They know that when you don?t have a pump, you don?t have water around here. They came out within about three hours. They went through all the stuff and they told us that they didn?t have a part in their truck. Then the older fellow sent his son back to his place to get the part and to come back all the way out to us to put that part on so that we could get our pump running again. It was about 30 miles or so to get back to my house. I would tell anybody having trouble with their pump in this area to call Pats Pumps and that would be my first recommendation. It is run by a father and son and they are well known out in this area because they do such good work. I picked them up because I had another pump group come out and they were awful. They charged an arm and a leg. Once we got everything working the last time, it didn?t work again. So, I called Pats Pumps back and they came all the way out here. They re-calibrated the pump and didn?t charge us. They had to replace the pump and those pumps are expensive. We needed a big one because our water supply is quite at distance from the house. So, you need a strong enough pump to get it here. I also figured that is about the going rate and I didn?t ask them anything. I would definitely use their services in the future too. They are one of the companies who are on the top of the list.
- Diana C....
AGold Seal Plumbing
This was a successful visit. He had to figure out our unusual water system including how the pump house worked.
- Jo V....
ARoto-Rooter Plumbing & Water Cleanup
Initially called and set up appointment for septic to be pumped then sent  septic system map  via email to Roto Rooter night before appointment. Driver showed up without map to locate,  I had brought copy however, still unable to locate was told need to schedule a tech to locate.  Thankfully not charged for 1st visit- Fair-  Next day a tech showed up to locate and eventually did, had to remove rock and dig eventually found cement cover to 1000gal septic. Charged $636.00 for that visit breakdown:  mileage $150 for the round trip drive (Property was 1hr from town)                $ 240 to locate and $196 for 1st hr dig.  Then the pump truck arrived,   I was charged again a travel charge $ 150 and $200 for pumping $220 for disposal also $125 for  certification of septic tank  Total $780!    The bill was just over  $1400.   The workers were professional and did excellent work thanks Frank and Travis! However believe the cost was way too much for the service.   I think the 1st day the pump driver should have had the equipment  to locate and I wouldn't have had to pay for 2 people to make 2 round trips plus believe the cost was too much for service I was qouted. My bill was just over  $1400.
- Daneen U....
ABulldog Rooter
Steve came out and looked at everything and told me the water heater was fine, and that it looked like the leak was coming from an air conditioner condensation pump. He told me there was no reason to replace the water heater, and for me to call an HVAC company to look at the pump. The honesty from Steve and the company he represents, Bulldog Rooter, was refreshing. Although they did not sell me a water heater, they have a future plumbing customer.
- Donald H....
AInterstate Drilling
Ryan at Interstate Well and Pump is the ONLY local well driller who even bothered to call me back.  He turned out to be extremely professional.  He showed up a day before he had predicted and finished the well in good time.  He came in well under his estimated cost, partly due to a lucky strike on water closer to the surface.  He listened to how I want to deal with the pump and tank and is figuring an estimate and timeframe for that. 
- Jill W....
BRoto-Rooter Plumbing & Water Cleanup
were very helpful and informative when asked questions.  Made some suggestions for helping to maintain the septic tank.
- Sherrie B....