Hansen Garage to Bedroom Conversion

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Business Description: Each job is unique. We charge by the job and can make payment arrangements.
Business Description: Licensed, bonded and insured Plumbing service and repair contractors performing all aspects of supplying and installing piping systems for homes and commercial properties. Design and remodel of kitchens and bathrooms. Faucet replacement and repair, water heater replacement and repair done by factory trained technicians expert drain cleaning using state of art equipment
Recent Review: The remodeling consultant was very informative. The installer, Jake, was very careful - thorough - and did a wonderful job. Total professionals.
Business Description: ARCBAZAR provides online architectural design. Services include: New Residential, Remodeling, Interior Design, Landscape, and Commercial Spaces. Clients launch a competition for a project online at ARCBAZAR.com by providing a brief description and images/dimensions. Several Architects & Designers participate in the competition. By the end, Clients receive multiple design packages and choose the best solution. To view completed projects, please visit www.arcbazar.com
Recent Review: Todd and Marty did an excellent job on my plumbing.  I had just bought a HUD home and the plumbing was pretty bad.  Big Dog Plumbing gave me a quote for the repairs needed and then I went ahead and remodeled the bathroom with new fixtures, because the old ones were just nasty.  Todd and Marty  were always there when they said they would be and were very professional.  I was VERY PLEASED with Big Dog Plumbing!  They fixed the plumbing, replaced the tub, shower, and toilet, installed my vanity that I bought, replaced the hot water heater that went out during the remodel, (it was old).  They also replaced the kitchen sink and faucet and fixed the leaks under the kitchen sink.  I would gladly hire them again!  I will recommend Big Dog Plumbing to anyone I know who needs great, reliable plumbers!  :) 
Business Description: Remodeling, Remodeler, Remodeling Services, Siding Services City Center
Business Description: High End Remodeling & Repair Services is a reputable remodeler in Kimberly, ID. We provide our clients with exceptional remodeling service in the area of Kimberly, ID. Reach us at (208) 749-3722 and you won't be left disappointed. Bathroom Remodeling, Flooring, Remodeling, Residential Additions, Interior Remodeler, Exterior Remodeler, Kitchen Remodeler, Bathroom Remodeler, Plumbing Services, Plumber Twin Falls, ID ; Hansen, ID ; Murtaugh, ID ; Eden, ID ; Hazelton, ID
Recent Review: Sink working great. Kris will be who we call again when we gut and remodel the kitchen. He is a superior plumber. His prices are very fair and the quality of his work shows.
Recent Review: Remodeled kitchen.  Went very smoothly.
Recent Review: We needed to replace the tile and bathtub due to mold in the caulking.  We ended up replacing the floor too.  Now we know that our bathroom is insulated properly, all mold and mildew are removed and beautiful.

Reviews in Hansen to Convert Garage to Bedroom

AJ & J Construction
We needed to replace the tile and bathtub due to mold in the caulking.  We ended up replacing the floor too.  Now we know that our bathroom is insulated properly, all mold and mildew are removed and beautiful.
- Annalee P....
AJ & J Construction
J&J did a wonderful job. Scott and Jerry and their team were professional, clean, punctual, and communicative, letting us know what was happening at every stage. Their subcontractors were excellent, and they kept to their timeline, even considering holidays and the few hiccups that inevitably arise in a big job. If they said they would be there at 8am, they were there at 8. We would definitely hire them again!
- Jeffrey P....
AAll American Remodeling & Handyman Services
.The job was done in a reasonable period of time and in a very satisfactory manner.  They worked with us on everything and went out of their way to make sure we were satisfied.
- Noel W....
Another example of the salesman overpromising. "All the workers on your project are employees of Re-Bath so we can control the quality of the job"  A little surprised when one of the guys who showed up had done some work for me previously but, I thought to myself, maybe he just got a new job. Then another one showed up so I asked him. He said there were only two of the guys on the job who actually worked for Re-Bath, everyone else was a sub. "We'll be done in two days, max" Maybe, except for the two weeks between tear out and begin to install. Plus the two weeks to reorder the custom shower pan that was measured incorrectly. And the week that went by when they forgot to load the flooring onto the truck in Boise. And a day, here and there, coordinating the availability of all the subs (drywall, paint, electrician, plumber) "We do all the work to make your bathroom complete." Except hang the bathroom mirror and cabinet and plumbing the bathroom vanity. They said they couldn't figure out how to fit the mirror and cabinet in the space available. I spent less than 45 minutes installing both. As far as the vanity plumbing, I've got to admit, it took three trips to the big box home improvement store to get the correct angles and fittings but that was mostly my fault because I eyeballed it rather than actually measuring it. Overall, I have a very nice (expensive) bathroom that better meets my needs (except for the six weeks when it was unusable). Would I do it again? Probably not without getting a couple more estimates and doing the GC myself.
- Rob B....
DIndependent Home Services LLC
We scheduled an estimate on our bathroom via their website. The contractor came out to give us an estimate on our bathroom, however it was not the best experience. First, he didn't come with a tape measure, or took any notes. I felt like during the whole visit, he was not understanding or listening to what we wanted done. In the end, he pulled a number out of the air, and said that he quotes people twice as much then the actual cost would be. Well, without any accurate measurements, I could only imagine the mistakes that would take place on their part so a large quote would make sense. The contractor recently opened up a restaurant and talked mainly about that. And finally, we never received the quote that was promised at the end.
- Laura W....
ANoble Plumbing
Sink working great. Kris will be who we call again when we gut and remodel the kitchen. He is a superior plumber. His prices are very fair and the quality of his work shows.
- Mark R....
AQuality Contractors, LLC
I have had Aaron do a bathroom remodel, and his work was first rate so we had him do a large plumbing job.  Both times, he has been efficient and has done a nice job.
- Carla G....
They were excellent. I had no problems with them. I have used them before. I would recommend them. They are a little bit more expensive, but they do a good job without hassle.
- Frederick B....
AJ Belloff & Sons LLC
They were more than professional with the work that they performed. It was a complete pleasure to work with them and I would highly recommend them in the future to anybody that needs a new house built or small remodels done as they in the whole building process.
- Jennifer B....
AJ & J Construction
Very Well. They are professional and able to work to repair and solve anything that comes up during the remodel. They took about a week or so and were friendly and professional. Thank you Scott and his co worker Bill.
- Cath M....