Hailey Bed Bug Treatment

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Business Description: Liberty Lake is a beacon of beauty to residents across the Idaho border. Here in this wondrous town we are able to enjoy all of the luxuries of the Spokane Valley, and we all feel a sense of community in our tight-knit neighborhoods. Unfortunately, pests in this area seem to share the same sense of camaraderie, and tend to band together when infesting the walls of your home. But whether they reside on the beautiful MeadowWood Golf Course, within the halls of Liberty Lake Elementary, or deep within the foundation of your house, here at Pointe Pest Control we are dedicated to ridding them from our quaint town so we can all prosper together in our pest-free life.
Business Description: Serving the Wood River Valley and Southern Idaho. Whether you have ants, spiders, mice, or bed bugs, the earlier you address a pest problem, the sooner you can rid yourself of a more serious pest infestation. Wood River Pest Management has the experience & expertise to protect your home and family from pest infestations. Call Wood River Pest Management today to discover why we're the area's best!
Recent Review: “Fantastic team. Knowledgeable, professional and efficient. Their method was the only one that made sense. They use non-toxic thorough and extensive treatment with immediate results. When they finished up, i was confident that they eradicated the problem, and i was able to finally sleep comfortably. I have already passed their business cards out to friends and business associates. Don’t hesitate to call. If you want this problem taken care of, sniff k9′s is the only way to go!!!”

Reviews in Hailey for Bed Bug Treatmnet

ASniff K9s
I contacted Sniff K9s after bedbugs were found in my apartment. Susan went above and beyond - spent a great deal of time answering my questions, giving me a detailed history of bedbugs and treatment options, and generally was just extremely supportive and knowledgeable. Ultimately, my landlord decided to go with a chemical treatment (and three months later is still fighting the infestation), but using Susan's suggestions, I was able to move out of the apartment without bringing the bugs with me. I have no doubt that my landlord would have been able to get rid of the bugs in one treatment had she followed the suggestions and treatment plan provided by this company. Is it expensive? Yes. But not as expensive as fighting the bugs for months and months, and losing a tenant in the process. I would go to this company again in a minute if I were to discover bugs again (**crossing fingers that it never happens again**).
- Tambi C....