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Recent Review: It started out rocky but PLEASE read all the way to the end! I originally had someone come out to give me a quote for install of a geothermal system. They arrived on time at my house to get a lay of the land and appeared very knowledgeable. As we were going through things around the house we found some plans with piping which he asked to borrow as it would save him time and energy for the quote. I gladly let him borrow those plans. He said he would get a quote ready for me and get back to me as soon as possible. I never did hear back from him. I even called him about 3-4 times (the personal number I was given off his card) and left messages every time. I still never heard back. I also called R & R multiple times and got a hold of the receptionist who kept telling me "Oh, he just stepped out of the office can I leave him a message and have him get right back to you?" After the first 3 times of leaving a message with the receptionist and not hearing anything back, I finally called her and was told the same thing "Oh, he just stepped out of the office..." At that point, I was very frustrated and said "I have been trying to get a hold of him for 6 weeks and keep calling you guys and getting the same run around." The receptionist was then going to send an e-mail to him or some such letting him know my concerns. By that time, I had decided not to go through with the geothermal and was wondering about mini-split systems. The receptionist then said "Jason doesn't work with those. Let me transfer you to Ginger, the receptionist for the department that deals with those." I never did hear back from the first guy regarding the geothermal. I did have 2 other companies come out to give me quotes on geothermal. One company got back to me fairly quickly and said they would not recommend it in my area because unable to get temperatures right or some such as well as cost (I didn't completely understand it). The other company I contacted also took FOREVER to get back to me and I called them several times to inquire about the quote. They eventually did get back to me to tell me essentially the same thing as the other guy. Anyways, I was transferred to the other department at R & R that deals with mini-splits and scheduled an appointment to have someone else come out to give me a quote on a mini-split. I was transferred to a gentleman named Terry and we set a time to have him come out and check out the area needing the mini-splits. Terry came out on time and was very knowledgeable with all the different systems. I did my research ahead of time on minisplit units and told him I was very interested in the Mitsubishi units with hyperheat inverter. He took some measurements and then told me he would get the quote to me within a week. He didn't try to sell me something I didn't want (but we did discuss options). About a week later, I actually got 2 different quotes as I was expecting. I then applied for Avista loan program and was eventually approved (great program by the way). Terry called me a few times during this process to see how everything was going. Everything was on track until I was ready to set up an install date. I kept calling Terry's cell phone (the number he gave me) to tell him I was approved and to set up an install date. I kept getting through to his answering machine and left multiple messages. About a week later, after not hearing from him, I decided to call R & R Heating and got the receptionist again who told me he had resigned due to health problems. The receptionist took down my information and told me to be expecting a call from another guy who will be taking over my install. Terry was very helpful and gave me a VERY reasonable quote which is why I chose to stick with R & R. All of this appeared to be an isolated incident and I preferred to give the benefit of the doubt. The same day I talked with the receptionist and she took down my number, I got a call back from Randy H. Randy heard about all the trouble I was experiencing and really took the time to hear my concerns and make sure the rest of my experience was without problems. His communication was WONDERFUL and he made sure my original proposal was honored (which, again, was a VERY reasonable price). That is when I decided to also have them put in my water heater that I was needing too. Randy went through the house again, took some more pictures and said he would have a quote to me shortly. A few days later he had the quote written up and sent to me. He also had dates for electrician and plumber to come out. He kept in contact on a regular basis and everything went smoothly. We were not home the two days they installed everything because I could not get the time off work. So we left them a key. If they had problems or needed permission for things, they gave me a call. On one of the calls they reported that they heard water running downstairs in our mechanical room and ran down to see what it was. They found a pipe that somehow got unconnected from my Water Softener system that was installed 6 months ago by a different company. They turned the water off to that system (bypassed it so I could still have water) and suggested I call that company to fix it. When that company came to fix the water softener pipe they found that they had originally installed a faulty piping piece. Had R & R not been there to turn off the water my basement would have been flooded and there would have been a lot of water damage. I was very fortunate! Randy H. and R & R went above and beyond to make sure my experience with them was the best. I am glad I stuck with them despite the original problem. They really care about making their customers happy and doing a good job!  I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone and will use them again if I need something else done. Thank you R & R and thank YOU Randy!
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