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Business Description: Locally and family owned & operated.
Recent Review: Excellent professionalism, good rapport with customer, hundreds of dollars less than other area plumber.
Business Description: Family owned & operated. Additional DBA - Langel's Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, Langel's Plumbing & Heating. License no- C089669.
Business Description: Additional contact name - Mark Corbin, . Additional DBA - Corbin.

Reviews in Stratford for Toilet Installation

DJohnson Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning
the plumber decided that the toilet needed to be replaced. when he returned with the new toilet I was going out of the house for an hour. Small town so no problem leaving him to work alone. When I returned the work was done....that is good. But there was a permanent black mark on the lower part of the bowl. it is not that noticeable. But he should have acknowledged it was there. Also the new toilet did not fit like the old one and there is a gap between the new one and the wall. It is impossible to paint this area and it is now visible and does not match the rest of the wall. Also it now exposes part of the floor that I had retiled. Again it is near impossible to fix this without tearing out the toilet and redoing it like it should have been done at the time. Also felt that the personnel talked down to me because I am a woman. In discussing this with friends they have advised that they do not use this company any longer.
- Jean R....
AJasman Plumbing
Excellent professionalism, good rapport with customer, hundreds of dollars less than other area plumber.
- Jean G....
BComfortec Heating Cooling & Plumbing Inc
Comfortec was here within an hour of our phone call. We had purchased a new toilet thinking our old one was cracked because it would not flush properly. After evaluating and searching , it was decided that the sewer pipe was not level and was not draining the proper way to enable the toilet to flush. The next day Comfortec fixed the problem and replaced all the pipe necessary to ensure no future problems.
- Mary E....
DLangel's Plumbing Heating AC & Pump Service Inc
I walked into Langel's and spoke directly with Mark, requesting the cost of a simple toilet repair. I was given a price (under $60) that I was ok to continue scheduling a appointment. Mark gave me his cell number to send some pictures of said toilet. Imagine my surprise when I received bill once work was finished and it was almost 4times the amount Mark said it would be!! When I phoned him regarding this, his response was that he doesn't recall me standing at the counter speaking with him!! Really? But he gave me his cell number! My husband tried calling Derek, the owner several times and Derek never returned any of the calls. When I mention this to locals in the community... They tell me this is why they'd never choose Langel's!! Lesson learned! Doug the plumber was great, his service I am not upset with. I am upset that I wasn't informed of the $75 an hour labor fee. Doug didn't work real fast and took time to visit with me and look at pictures, had I known this was costing me so much I would have never chatted with him. Mark told me this would cost under $60 and NEVER mentioned plus labor. So I had no idea till the bill arrived. Doug had to come back the following day due to HIS mistake in installing this toilet piece and Langels charged me again for this trip, even though it was the mistake of the plumber. Mark did remove the second day fee but did nothing about the $150 charge in labor that I was not informed of.
- Diane H....
DBjelland Plumbing & Heating
They arrived promptly. However, while attempting to fix the leak, broke the whole tank AND bowl. We had to buy a whole new toilet. Ended up taking 4 hours. We were charged for everything (time, new bowl, installation) except one hour of workmanship, even though they clearly broke the tank and bowl.
- Grace A....