Kingsley Master Bedroom Remodel

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Award 2018Super Service Award
Recent Review: The site directors name was Robert. He was very nice and helpful. I think they did their jobs very well. It was supposed to take two and half and took well over a week because they didn't have the right materials. They were all pleasant and they did a decent enough job. They did what they said they would. They started on time the people were clean and reliable. The plumber was fine that they brought in. I was done to satisfaction just wish it would have been quicker. I like what they've done and the materials they used. I would use them again but I would check pricing on other first.
Recent Review: Crowdsourcing site for interior and architectural design. Interesting service and if you are comfortable with internet shopping and a little risk, IMHO, worth the cost.  My project:   Redesigning kitchen and family room (great room concept) and we needed interior design/style advise for the project. The site posts a "competition" for the project, you determine what amount of money to offer for the competition (site recommends an amount, but the customer is free to change if needed.) Within 20 days, we had 20 designers signed up for our competition from all over the world. In the end, 8 designers submitted designs. We picked our top 4, rated all designs and the top three were selected based on ratings -- one from France, USA and Serbia. Honorable Mention went to country of Georgia. First, second and third place received a portion of the award money.   Pros and Cons:  You, the customer, must be comfortable with the risk of paying for something and not knowing if you'll like the result. For me, this was part of the process and an acceptable risk.  You don't have a face to face consultation. The site has a "wall" where you can post ideas, photos, communication with the designers or architects. I resolved this by posting my design book on the wall to give designers ideas of our likes, dislikes, etc. You can also post requirements and constraints for your project. Toward the end of the competition (a deadline is set when you submit a project) a lot of communication occurs with the architects and designers. Expect it, it's part of the process.  The website is fairly rudimentary. Online/chat help is available but is somewhat hit and miss.  You can send designs to friends and family to rate. This is helpful in making a decision.  Overall, we got a number of ideas between the designers and were very pleased with the process and project. 
Business Description: Mitchell Electric is a premier, family-owned electrical contractor serving homes, businesses, and corporations in South Dakota, Iowa, and Nebraska. Our licensed, insured staff and electricians bring decades of expertise and are committed to providing an exceptional customer experience to help you design and implement your electrical project from concept to completion. Mitchell Electric strives to provide superior electrical service in a timely, efficient, safe manner and is proud of our exceptional workmanship and our professional relationships. More importantly, we understand that your electrical system is the heart of your home or business and provide a one-year written guarantee upon the satisfactory completion of every project we work on. We are proud to be an authorized Kohler Standby Generator dealer with certified technicians and installers. Thank you for visiting our site. Please call us or visit our website today for immediate onsite or remote support.
Business Description: Horsley Plumbing has over 20 years of service to the Siouxland Area. We specialize in Commercial and Residential Plumbing. New Construction, Remodeling including Kitchen, Basements, Bathrooms. We also do Rewater Pipe, Infloor Heat, Red Tag Homes.
Recent Review: We began to prepare to lift our house in May, 2011, put in a new basement and add an addition while also gutting the entire first floor and the second floor bathroom of our 100 year old farmhouse. Sam started by repairing sill so the house could be lifted and has helped gut, move walls, build the addition, add new walls, windows, doors, a wood burning fireplace, and so much more. Due to circumstances beyond our control, Sam ended up doing the majority of the building by himself including framing in the entire basement, addition and all structural changes. We ended up replacing the sill around the entire house, insulating, residing, and rewiring everything. Sam has done almost all of the carpentry and finish work of trimming it out. He has always been prompt and pleasant to work with. He listens to what you want and works with you to accomplish things and does not get upset over the constant changes that are an inevitable part of working with an old house and finding all the "patch jobs" and mistakes of former owners or workmen.He has even built pieces entirely from scratch such as my cedar lined window seat and a clothes chute between floors from scratch with no specific plans, but just an idea from my head. He widened all of our doors and helped us to make our entire first floor and basement handicapped accessible. We replaced every door in the house, all the cabinets, reconfigured floor plans, changed floor coverings and moved windows and closets. Sam has worked very well with all the other contractors who came in to do wiring, plumbing, tiling, cabinets and landscaping. He even did the computer work to come up with floor plans when we only had my hand drawn pictures of what i wanted. We are not finished yet and he is still trimming out the final rooms and his finish work is excellent.
Business Description: Redesign your home according to your taste and personality with home remodeling services from Modern Kitchen Design. For inquiries, contact us in Sioux City, IA.
Business Description: I am a hand on guy with all my jobs! I have a few sub if I need them and I have a couple men that work for me full time.
Business Description: At Meister Construction,we specialize in residential remodeling and home construction services. We serve the Lakeview, IA area and beyond on projects ranging from additions, to both small and large remodeling and renovation jobs. Some of our specialties include: Kitchen And Bathroom Remodeling, Finish Carpentry, Basement Finishing, Windows & Door Installations, and many other Home Improvement Services to name a few. Call today!
Recent Review: He does custom repairs, bathrooms, kitchens, remodeling, siding, basement finishing, stair, cabinets and door. He's done a good job. He started working a month ago and he's all done. Everything looks nice! I would recommend him to anyone. If you need your house repaired, I recommend him

Reviews in Kingsley to Remodel Master Bedroom

ALori Falk Individual Design LLC
I have just written the final check for this project, and I am SO happy, from beginning to end. Lori Falk is the ultimate professional, and checked with me often during the job. She made suggestions throughout the project, and even suggested a matching bed for my dog! Her communication with the various subcontractors was excellent, and they always showed up when scheduled, throughout this two month project. Lori checked back again and again, and did not send final bill until the last visit to make sure that everything had been done according to my wishes. I would hire her again immediately, and would wait in line if I had to put off the project for her schedule.
- Stephany H....
ACurtis Frank Construction
He did a bathroom for me and it turned out fabulous. He is also an all around custom builder. I will definitely recommend and absolutely use him, again.
- Jeff C....
AJarnagin Construction & Handyman Service
The service arrived promptly at the hour agreed upon and quoted my bathroom. I didn't need anything fancy and the service quoted the job at a much lower amount than their competitors. I contacted other people who had hired them and they gave glowing reviews. I hired them and work started at the agreed upon date and time. The service was meticulously clean and they finished the job earlier than expected. They even came in under my budgeted amount. I cannot thank these gentlemen enough for the hard work they put in and I will definitely be telling my friends about their service.
- Neal J....
APenhollow Siding Etc
He was by far the lowest bid.  He has many years of experience.  His job was flawless.  We have had so many compliments.
- Diane N....
AScott Robinson
He responded quickly. He did a quality job. He isn't the fastest person. He does good work. He is easy to talk with.
- Ed W....
AMorningside Plumbing
The plumbers were very nice and professional. They answered all of our concerns and questions. Everything that was on the estimate was completed on time. Since this was a remodel and addition of a shower some of the work had to be done in two different visits. The water pipes were upgraded on the first visit and the the faucets and fixures were installed on the second visit. Each time we scheduled an appointment it was made very promply and the the plumbers were there on time. I am extremely satisified with their work and will call them again when we remodel the other bathroom.
- Jackie T....
AIowa Bath Systems
We had a walk in shower put in instead of a bath tub. They put in a new vanity, toilet, medicine cabinet, etc. They did everything to remodel the bathroom except paint the ceiling. I had already purchased a toilet for the remodel and ended up with 2 new toilets, they installed the second in my basement restroom for me.
- Tim A....
Both jobs were completed beautifully and in a timely manner. The contractors were on time, and kept me apprised of the timeline and what they were doing each day. Since I only have one bathroom, it was very important to have the remodel done with minimal disruption. They worked with me so that I could still use the bathroom during the remodel.
- Mindy T....
AJoe Montgomery
I had ordered all cabinets, flooring, shower stall, shower doors, shower seat, faucets, grab bars, toilet, and etc, before we hired labor to do the project. Joe was in between jobs and available to start on the job within a few days. He has a full time job also , but was able to get most of the work done when he had some time off his swing shift schedule. He came whenever he could after that. When he needed to unhook the toilet, he always hooked it back up at the end of the day. (I used a portable toilet while it was unhooked.) We only have one bathroom. We were without a shower only a couple days. I feel he was very sensitive to our needs. He did a very good job. He had a friend do the spraying plaster on the wall board and we hired a"plumber" for the shower, otherwise he was able to do all the work himself. I am very pleased with the outcome. It is so muchmore helpful to me. I have difficulty getting around and have a balance disorder.
- Patricia A....
CBath Fitter
We design and had known them. It was very expensive. I decided to remodel myself. Their sales presentation was you can add an upgrade to quality of it.
- Marion M....