Kingsley Water Softener Installation

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Business Description: Residential and business water treatment systems. Water softeners, UV lights. We will analyze your water for contaminants such as chlorine, low pH, iron, bacteria, and devise a system to suit your needs. Treat your water from the source, as it enters your home, so whether you are drinking it, cooking with it or bathing in it, your water is pure.
Business Description: Riley Plumbing has seven employees, all residential and commercial plumbing, we offer water softener rental, we do sub-contracting work, billing is submitted after work is completed and the customers are happy with the job.
Business Description: Total Plumbing has been in business for over 36 years offering quality work with experienced, trained technicians. Total Plumbing has the professional expertise and know-how you can count on. We offer the following services: • New construction, remodeling and repair • Commercial and residential • Water softening and purification • Convenient payment options • Polite and professional customer service Contact us today to schedule an appointment for all your plumbing solutions.
Award 2018Super Service Award
Recent Review: We had several companies out that looked at our plumbing and also said they could do is the hot water. we even had another plumber come in and we wanted them to move our turn off valve to where we wanted to water softener all say did is move the turn off valve of foot up and said it couldn't be put in where the water softener is. rainsoft was able to do the plumbing the way we want it and we got the water softener where we wanted it. We were told by several other people that it could not be done. While I think the rainsoft water softener was kind of expensive, they were able to get the work done in the time that they said they would get it done. Thanks rainsoft!
Recent Review: Very well nice work clean work space and follow through.
Recent Review: Friendly and professional. Would defiantly use them again
Business Description: Additional DBA - Foulk Bros Plumbing & Heating of Sioux City.
Recent Review: They are knowledgeable and will come out quickly. They are very expensive.
Business Description: Additional DBA - Riley Armstrong Plumbing & Heating Inc. Additional Emails -, Additional contact names - Jack Riley, David Hubbard.
Recent Review: Everything was completed to my satisfaction within a day.

Reviews in Kingsley to Install Water Softener

ARainsoft Of NE Iowa Inc
On time, done quickly, pleasant personnel. Have done business with Rainsoft for nearly 20 years with no problems.
- Dennis P....
CRiley Armstrong Plumbing & Heating
Called for service on a warrantied part of our water softener. (We knew what was wrong with it and were able to identify what would need to be replaced). The plumber showed up and replaced a faulty timer in under 5 minutes. We were charged for 1.5 hours labor. When I called to inquire why the bill was so high, I was told its because they charge for the time it takes from when they leave the shop until they return. I acknowledge that I live 30 minutes from the shop, but $57.00 an hour for drive-time is outrageous! I haven't had a problem with their work and they were prompt about fixing the problem, but I would only use them again if I lived right next door.
- Meredith D....
ADependable Drain & Plumbing
Service Tech arrived at schedule time. Very professional, explain work he will be doing, asked if I had any questions or concerns. This company has always done a great job.
- Albert B....
CQuality Plumbing
Quality Plumbing gave me an estimate $475 to install an extra water line. The plumber estimated that it would take about 5 hours to complete at $75 an hours plus the cost of materials. The plumber that actually completed the work got the job done in 3 hours and said that it wasn't as big of a job as he had thought it would be. The plumber who gave the estimate and the person completing the work were two different men. When I received the bill it was not itemized as to what I was charged for. When I went to pay the bill I was told that materials cost $59.78 and the rest was labor. When I pointed out that was by more than the $75 I was originally quoted I was told that I was charged for the "time that the guy has to drive to get the materials that he needs". The plumber did a good job and cleaned up his mess but the cost ended up being way more then what it should have been for the time it took for the job. I was told that Quality Plumbing charged $75 and hour however, it cost me over $138 an hour. They did a good job but very deceptive billing practice.
- Gayle E....
FCulligan Water of Atlantic
The water softener doesn't work as well as the softener that we replaced. Service provided to fix the problem is not acceptable.  We are going to replace this softener with a different brand from a different company.
- Eldon E....
ADave Horsley Plumbing
He gives quick estimate. His service is top-notch. He is timely. He cleans up very well afterwards. I have no complaints. I have used him 4-5 times. I have done a quality work. His price is similar like other plumbers. If he is a few minutes late, he would call me.
- Ted M....
ASpeedy Rooter
Our bathtub faucet needed replacing (was stuck in the "shower" mode, couldn't run a bath). We asked Speedy Rooter to come and evaluate what needed to be done. They came out and looked at it for free, quoted me $100 to replace the whole thing, and they came and did it with the week. Then about a week later, our water heater started leaking--the bottom rusted out. It was a Sunday and they came right away. He evaluated it, said we needed a new water heater, but noticed that it was new enough that it might still be under warranty. He offered to wait on fixing it until Monday morning, when he could check the warranty. Turns out that we could get a new heater under warranty, which they installed that Monday. We were only charged labor for the new heater and didn't get dinged on the Sunday emergency call. A couple days later we noticed there was still a leak, and they came out right away to look. My only issue is that this second leak ended up being from our water softener, which I had to get fixed by the softener people. The softener people told me the part that was broken must have been bumped into or broken when they were installing the water heater. Luckily the softener issue was also under warranty. Other than that minor issue, Speedy Rooter is great and I plan to use them the next time I need a drain cleaned or anything else.
- Andrea B....
ABlue Ribbon Pelham Waters
Installed a new water cooler. Regularly,Company supplies bottled water weekly. Company Representative checks supplies needed for our office coffee service.Representatives are professional, neatly dressed, likeable, responsible and attentive to our needs.They each SMILE and say THANK YOU!
- Ted H....