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Recent Review: ADT Security Services has monitored our home for fire, theft, and carbon monoxide for several years and we have never had any emergencies or false alarms. The keypad is very easy to use and the system works great. They do not include in home maintenance in the monthly cost, all service calls are extra.
Recent Review: It's working out fine.  I had some problem with it to begin with.  When they sent the pieces to me they had already batteries on them.  I had to two keypad batteries and one keypad died within a few days when I set it up.  The other keypad batteries died the following week but they did send me some new batteries to replace batteries.  Anyhow, I had no problem with it.

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ASimpliSafe Home Security
Their website had lots of information about the components they offered, so it was easy to decide what would work best for my house.  They had refurbished systems for considerable discounts that are still fully guaranteed.  My shipment arrived quickly, and installation was VERY EASY.  I was nervous at first about if I could really do this correctly myself, but it was very simple.  So far, I've been completely impressed with the system!  I opted for the most expensive monitoring plan ($24.99/mo) which included interactive monitoring from my cell/computer.  It's so cool!  I have it set up to send me a text every time the alarm is set or turned off, and it tells me how it was set or turned off (key chain remote, keypad, etc.), what time it was set and what mode it was set in (home, away).  You can assign names to each of the alarm sensors, so if an alarm is tripped, it tells me which window, door, or motion sensor that is set off.  I can also assign multiple codes for arming/disarming (for different people), so I can actually know which kid got home to turn it off and at what time, or when, exactly, the plumber was there, etc.  I can immediately change those codes online to ensure that access is only granted to whom I choose, when I choose.  The part of this company that is most impressive to me (and it's what won my business over several other comparable alarm systems/companies) is that they do not require a contract for monthly monitoring. All other companies I researched had a 3-YEAR contract for their advertised monitoring fee.  A few offered a one-year contract, but the monitoring fees went up if you opted for this.  SimpliSafe's monitoring was clearly explained (there are 3 different levels) and was, by far, the least expensive out there.  They charge $24.99/month for their interactive (most expensive) monitoring.  Other companies I checked advertised $34.99, but then it went up from there and with their interactive service, the price was slightly above or below $50/month depending on the company.  They also require that contract, so you are locked into that price.  I can change my monitoring plan with SimpliSafe to a less expensive plan anytime I want to or I can opt not to pay for any monitoring service at all.  I did my research because I consider this a valuable investment for the safety of my family and my belongings.  I own the system I purchased and can take it with me to another house if I move.  I can also add other components (carbon monoxide detector, smoke alarms, additional door/window sensors, etc.) to the system in the house I'm in and if I move to a different house that needs a different configuration.  I've recommended this system to my friends and my family, and I don't usually do that with any company because I think everyone should do their own research!
- Sheri B....