Ely Solar Panel Repair

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Recent Review: Exact Solar is the best. I signed up with Exact Solar last summer (2017) after obtaining quotes from several installers in Pennington area through Energy Sage and meeting with them. Exact's quote was among the best with straight-forward numbers and no hidden costs. Dara was especially helpful during the vetting stage. She answered all my questions and provided insights into SREC pricing and long term trends (which many installers don't). This also convinced me to apply for the excellent solar loan from PSE&G which basically reduced my out of pocket expense to 1% of the overall cost and guaranteed the loan repayment through stable SREC prices over 10 years. Dara also agreed to install LG all black panels instead of the regular panels at no additional cost. I had concerns about roof leaks but Dara explained how the new flanges prevent roof leaks and on top of that she provided a 10 year warranty. During the installation time, Mark was absolutely awesome. He helped with the solar loan paperwork, ensured that all permits were obtained without any issues and installation was done on time. The system has been working perfectly for the last several months, the PSE&G loan came through and electricity bills are down to $2.42 (the mandatory grid connection charge). He also ensured that the latest model of Solar Edge inverter was installed which is more efficient and smaller than the old models. Overall, I am extremely pleased with Exact Solar. They are professional, courteous and trustworthy. I wish them continued success in the future.

Reviews in Ely to Repair Solar Panels

AExact Solar
He is excellent, honest, open, thorough, and a pleasure to work with. He has fixed issues that were caused by other services providers. He even filled out grant paperwork for me and found me some great deals. There was a delay in the completion of the project, but he took responsibility and reduced the price accordingly.
- Julie A....