Doon Roof Leak Repair

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Business Description: home creations/remodeling/handyman work

Reviews in Doon for Roof Leak Repair

ACan Do HandyMan Service
Chris came to the house for a leak in my garage. He assesed the situation, showed me the problem and we agreed on the repairs. He did an excellent job and assessed and fixed other potential issues with the roof that should have not ever existed in the first place. Best part too is that he came in within budget. I will definitely use Can Do Handyman service again.
- Kim E....
FHome Creations
Took awhile for him to start the job. Once started, they ran the floor boards the east and west instead off north and south as we discussed with him for ductwork. Once he did this he said it was to late to correct that. We didn't know any better, so we moved on. This made it so that the plumbers could not run ductwork for the central air and heat to the new addition. That caused an air conditioning and heating problem. They talked us into a motel combo air and heat wall unit that leaked air and was very loud. Later we had an air conditioning and heating heat pump system put in by another company which cost us more money ($3000.00) and we had to sell the other wall unit and remove it ourselves. He patched the hole where the old motel combo air heater was. The first winter the wall corners all frosted up and were not insulated properly. The next summer the roof started to leak in the new addition upper bathroom and where the addition was attached to the garage. He said there was an ice jam and took a shovel to the roof and ruined all the shingles we found when spring came. He fixed the damaged sheetrock with no taping or regard for mold. Frustrated we hired a roofing company. They indicated that the roof was not attached to the garage correctly and the design was flaud. They had to redo 3/4 of the roof on the addition costing us $4000.00. We now have a mold problem where the roof leaked and hired a different company to replace the moldy sheetrock, mud and texture. We also found that moister resistant sheetrock was not used in the two new bath rooms. One in the basement and one on the main floor of the addition. This is costing us about another $1000.00. This has been a nightmare from start to finish. Nice guy, but he doesn't know what he is doing and doesn't seem to care about cutting corners. DO NOT HIRE HIM FOR ANY REPAIRS, YOU WILL REGRET IT and it will cost you more money to have it fixed right! There is more but you get the picture. I might be off on the timeline because there was so much going on, but I did my best to tell things in the right order.
- John E....