Doon Crawl Space Cleaning

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Recent Review: Working with the team has been easy and any request for a change has always been accommodated

Reviews for Crawl Space Cleaning in Doon

ACleaning by Judy, Inc.
Working with the team has been easy and any request for a change has always been accommodated
- Dawn R....
CCleaning by Judy, Inc.
Things missed: dirty places on floors. Things requested sometimes forgotten.Parts of bathroom floor not clean. Misplaced house keys, denied we gave them to them. Did not notice or tell us about cat vomit on table, easily cleaned. House is not a messy house in general so it was very hard to overlook. Know they saw it because antique piece broken trying to move it away and did not tell us. Forget simple things, such as moving light chairs to mop behind or wipe small area of inside window where dog nose smears. Refuse to use furniture polish even if we supply it even on a few tables. Had to tell them to look under couch cushions to hand vacuum. Not over-expectation because never here for an hour even though that is the expected time. Some good things were very good - parts of bathrooms that are cleaned are cleaned well, when they do things well they are done well. Staff is very polite and gets right to work. It would be worth the money if things were more thorough and we did not have to replace all of our locks. The cat vomit problem and broken piece was a disappointment. There are rooms that they barely have to touch so more time can be spent with a little furniture polish on a few pieces and closer attention to the floors, the response was from someone we no longer see but "WE DO NOT DO THAT." was a bit harsh. There was one person whom I no longer see who asked whether there was anything that they do not do that we needed. There are very few options out here that we know of so we have stayed with this agency as I am disabled and overall we can do what they do not.
- Melissa F....
DSqueaky Clean
I hired these two people to clean my house a year ago. My previous house cleaner had a conflict with daycare etc and I needed someone who would do good work and also be dependable. I referenced checked Squeaky Clean but only reached one person who gave them an unenthusiastic OK, but that they are dependable. I did find that they were there when they said they would be and were timely wiuth confirming the schedule. I was paying $20 an hour, which I find quite typical, so when they quoted $30 per hour, I said that I would be ok with $25 and they agreed to this. I asked what they do and don't do, and was told, just tell us what you need and we'll do anything you need.  For most of the year, they did an ok job, but often left at least 30 minutes early, but I assumed they felt they were done. (I paid the same every week, so they were getting their $30 an hour easily) I always left a nice note, but never got a reply back. (just not easy to warm up to) Obviously, they don't do dishes, because if my coffee cup and a used butter knife were on the counter, they were still dirty and in the sink after they left! really, what were they saying? The last time they were there, we had replaced some trim in our home, and it was exceptionally dusty in the kitchen , however I had already cleaned the most dusty area's of shelves etc. so they had to do the usual, it was just more dust than usual. They left a very nasty note saying they felt taken advantage of, and that New Construction Cleaning is much more than their usual pay, and pay up or find a new cleaning person! and some other things they chose to complain about, basically all their animosity poured out. I couldn't have been more surprised or hurt! I called them several times to discuss their "issues", but they wouldn't return my call. Then they just didn't show up or call to say they wouldn't!  I have my own opinions about these two, but basically I can tell you, i don't think they like or appreciate their customers and feel put out to be cleaning.  ( I feel qualified to state that because I USED TO CLEAN HOUSES and was happy to do it) These two are unprofessional and not that great at cleaning.
- Randy H....