Crescent Bamboo Flooring Installation

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Reviews in Crescent to Install Bamboo Flooring

CRockbrook Floors
The installers did a good job on the flooring but a poor job on the stairs.  More importantly, when I pointed out the problem with the stairway installation  (which looked like a do it yourself project) I got some pushback on correcting it.  On one stairway, the correction was performed and I got the result that was intended but I was asked to pay for the repeat work.  I felt the stairway should have been installed properly from the start so I did not pay for the redo and I am happy with the final result.   The other stairway had a problem that even the owner admitted was done badly, but the redo was even worse so I had to have another flooring company come in and do it right.  Obviously, I had to pay for that but I am happy with the results.  I think this flooring company has little experience with installing stairways, and they don't have a good grasp of what it should look like when done.
- Janet G....
Awful. The sales team pushed bamboo flooring, however he neglected to tell us a home humidifier would be needed to keep this floor from warping and cupping - told by install manager after subsequent complaints to fix. Initial install came apart one week after it was done. LL came out to fix, but stopped saying the flooring product was defective. Install manager came out, took some pictures and agreed. He contacted their corporate office, which sent me some paperwork which I promptly completed and returned. Did not hear back from them, even after repeated e-mails and calls for over a month. Finally got a call from corporate who said they would need to send an outside inspector. After I finally contacted the outside inspector personally because I never did receive a phone call from him, he told me he does inspections in several states and would not be able to complete my inspection till at least three weeks out. Three weeks later the inspector came, spent a few minutes taking pictures and readings and was gone. About a week later the corporate office called me saying the floor needed to be fixed! Really, I said that three months ago! Then received an e-mail from the install manager saying flooring was being fed-ex'd to my house. A few days later, three boxes of flooring were on the front porch in the elements. The boxes were torn and product was sliding out of one of them. Oh yeah, since I was not home, my wife got to bring the boxes in herself to get them out of the cold and wet. Now, after telling this to LL, they offer to put in a new floor, at a discounted price, but no credit for the floor I already purchased. So as of 1 March, I'm back to where I was months ago, waiting to get a floor properly installed. Updates to follow.
- John W....