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Recent Review: Great service, friendly, professional, cleaned up after themselves. Very impressed and satisfied with their work and product!

Reviews in Columbus Junction to Install Sliding Doors

Great service, friendly, professional, cleaned up after themselves. Very impressed and satisfied with their work and product!
- Jasmin H....
I initially Amanda at Windows America in October of 2014 and signed the contract for windows and doors for my house including 16 windows, 2 doors including doors with storm doors and a patio sliding door. The doors are made by Lindsay Windows in Minnesota and took until April for the windows to come in. They installed 2-3  windows a day so installation took a good amount of time. The final patio door was installed in April 2015. It was suppose to have a key lock so it could be locked from the outside but had a plain handle instead. I was told they would change the handle and put a handle with a lock on so I could lock the door from the outside. As time and excuses passed by Amanda dropped the handle by and I was suppose to try to put it on myself. That did not work out and they promised to fix it. After numerous emails and texts back and forth I had no handle or lock and just gave up. I held back my finial payment and 9 MONTHS PASSED BY with no communication. I had given up on any further communication until Feb 2016  I get a frantic email they needed their finial payment from me ASAP, I had not paid in full!  I explained they had not completed the job and I had to remind her of what was needed. We were playing email tag until I took the initiative to actually call her and make arrangements to have the installer come out. He came out and fixed the lock. He wanted the money NOW and I have never heard anything from them again. Not a thank you, Im sorry or anything.  In summary, The doors and windows are nice, I think probably a little pricey. When I had my house siding put on after the windows, the siding installer showed me the window installation on the outside was sloppy but secure and covered up ok with the siding and wrapping. I think the time frame was way too long, some people have houses built in this time frame. (Oct 2014 - Feb 2016) The interpersonal skills are poor. Started out very friendly but with problems communication shut down. If you want decent windows and have 2 years to get them in and don't need to be treated great this is your place.
- Denise B....