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Business Description: Electrical contractor and communications contractor. We deal with Electrical computer networks, fiber optics and telephone systems.

Reviews in Boone to Install Bath Exhaust Fan

FLove's Heating & AC
went very poorly. this was done through scicap. tax dollars paid for this. Mr. Love stole materials from my home that were not his. people be very Leary of this individual. you call him with problems. he'll call you every name in the book but a white man. THIS MAN IS A THEIF
- Mark G....
DBemrich Electric & Telephone
Neighbor stated the electricans were in house for 20 mins. wired the exhaust fan, did not connect vanity light as they did not have mounting hardware. Later I went to local hardward store and bought one for 99 cents and connected myself. Exhaust fan worked ok but not vented out,one lightswitch did not work and one outlet not done. A second electrician, different company,  came in and it tood him about 20 mins to figure out what the problems were, did all the work except the venting of the bathroom fan in 30 mins. This electrician stated " these guys didn't know what they were doing".
- Bob M....
FGary Merschman Electric Inc
I called Merschman Electric, based off an existing contractor referral.Gary Merschman came to our home to give an estimate on 2 bathroom exhaust fans, 2 light fixtures.We did not hear back from him for days, even though he said the job would be done in less than a week.On the 3rd call to him, after receiving no quote in written form, no contact of any kind, I simply asked him, "did he want the job or not?" He was rude, short, abrupt, and said there would be guys there the next morning at 8am, then hung up on me before I was finished talking.The following morning, 3 guys showed up on my doorstep, to do the work.They did not seem happy to be there, and one guy did not even respond when I spoke to him directly. As work started, one of the guys broke the living room light fixture in the final stages of installation.  Yes, I was there helping along the way, because it really took two guys to hold up this light. However, contrary to claims made by Merschman, the guy broke, or more accurately, got a piece stuck involving the light bulb, and from there, the light was incomplete. I helped the guy remove the entire light. I was polite, but not happy, which he could tell. The same guy was put in charge by his crew of cutting the medallions to fit the exhaust fan openings. I saw him pull out a box cutter, but these are professionals, and I am the consumer, I was not going to tell them how to do their job, and was giving him the benefit of the doubt that the final product would look good. These guys are professionals? Also, as soon as the guys entered my home, I told them I would run to the local hardware store if they needed any additional supplies, since Gary, the owner, never informed me of what types of wall switches we would need. Without consulting me, as I was there the entire time the job was performed, one guy left and went to the hardware store and bought supplies. Leaving me out of the loop, guessing at costs, but yet informing me after the fact of the work they had to perform to make it all work. Really? Like I said, they did not want to be there, and it was very evident by the finished product. Yes, the bathroom exhaust fans are working. However, they are not centered, they are not secure, one will not open like it should, and insulation is still falling down and filling up the light covers, not too mention the drywall that was chipped off and should have been covered by the medallions, but still shows because the medallions were butchered with a box cutter. The initial consultation that took place in my home, with the owner Gary Merschman was a verbal agreement, with promise of written estimate, and finished job within a week. NONE OF THAT HAPPENED! Gary told me on that day, that it would not cost more than $400.We received a bill with zero itemization details, and grand total of $550! Not happy, not satisfied, mislead, uniformed, and an overall unprofessional experience. WE WILL NEVER USE AGAIN OR RECOMMEND TO ANYONE!!! Troy & Angie Scholl Fort Madison, Iowa BELOW IS A FOLLOW UP LETTER THAT WE MAILED OUT TO MERSCHMAN ELECTRIC... WE ARE AWAITING A FINAL REVISED BILL... November 1, 2011   Gary Merschman Electric 512 Iowa Joe Street West Point, IA 52656   Dear Mr. Merschman,   Enclosed you will find payment for $400.00. This is the estimate we were given  in September.  We requested an itemized bill, which was never received.  After several attempts to ask questions about our bill, we received a call from ?Carol?.The conversation with her solidified our belief that Merschman Electric is not professional, nor is it a business we will recommend to anyone or use again. There are several things we would like to clarify: An electrician employed by your business broke the light fixture he was installing. We were never given a list of additional materials that were needed prior to or during the job. A business owner/professional should never say negative things about a competitor, even if they do not agree with the customer?s right to gain an opinion of the work done. (As Carol did about Mohrfeld Electric.) A business owner/professional should never call a customer an ?a******?. (As Carol did.)   We called your business after a reputable contractor recommended it to us.  We have notified the contractor of the business practices that were employed by your business throughout the course of our dealings with Merschman Electric. Upon receipt of this letter, and endorsement of the enclosed check, we will consider our business closed.  We would appreciate you sending a paid receipt.   We appreciate your prompt response.       Troy and Angela Scholl 16 Melody Terrace Fort Madison, IA  52627
- Troy S....