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Business Description: Local Expert Water, Fire, Smoke and Mold Restoration in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Call for fast, local 24x7 response.
Business Description: Area's finest Carpet cleaning, Water damage repair, Upholstery cleaning and Tile and Grout cleaning - 100% guaranteed.
Business Description: We clean for your health. Carpets, upholstery, tile, grout, granite countertops, and even water damage to your home. Proven to be a healthier alternative to steam cleaning. Klein Chem-Dry is locally owned by Jason Klein, whose managed the business and serviced Eastern Iowa for nearly 20 years.
Business Description: Stanley Steemer has been providing cleaning and restoration services for both residential and business customers for more than 60 years. They offer multiple services, including carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, hardwood floor cleaning, upholstery cleaning, air duct cleaning and water damage restoration services. For more information, visit
Business Description: We have seven offices in Iowa and two in lower Minnesota making us the largest ServiceMaster in the state of Iowa. The Rice family has been in the industry 60 years bringing "Peace of Mind" to those facing disaster situations. No job too large or small for us to handle. Experience with National Disasters as well.
Business Description: SERVPRO of Iowa City/ Coralville: Fire and Water Cleanup & Restoration, Mold Cleanup & Restoration, Biohazard and Blood cleanup, Odor removal services, Carpet and Floor cleaning, and Duct Cleaning.
Recent Review: Installed a sump pump and drainage system in a basement storage area and replaced water damaged Sheetrock with a mold resistant version.
Recent Review: Overall, good experience. I would definitely use them again.
Recent Review: He is the contractor, and I dealt with him. I think he has some other people working with him, but I'm not sure. I would absolutely recommend him. He did a very thorough assessment of the water damage. It was getting late in the season. He was able to give me an accurate estimate. I didn't have to watch them very much at all. They are very efficient. It took one or two days for them to get most of the work done. They actually did the work while we were out of town, and we had no issues. They actually came in just under their estimate.
Business Description: Additional DBA: Mobro Inc.

Reviews in Blairstown to Remove Water

Repaired drywall in my Cedar Rapids Home. From 4 feet down to the floor due to flood water damage. Was on time and efficiently worked, cleaned up after themselves!!!! And made everything new again He is a great professional company! Thanks Mark
- Alice W....
AMidAmerica Basement Systems
Installed a sump pump and drainage system in a basement storage area and replaced water damaged Sheetrock with a mold resistant version.
- Jean B....
AL R Hochstetler Construction
He is the contractor, and I dealt with him. I think he has some other people working with him, but I'm not sure. I would absolutely recommend him. He did a very thorough assessment of the water damage. It was getting late in the season. He was able to give me an accurate estimate. I didn't have to watch them very much at all. They are very efficient. It took one or two days for them to get most of the work done. They actually did the work while we were out of town, and we had no issues. They actually came in just under their estimate.
- Kristof R....
DServiceMaster Clean
We had a failed sump pump situation and took on water in our basement. We just finished our basement last year so we called Service Master 380 as we tried to stop the damage. There was a lot of flooding at that time but they called back a little over an hour later. I asked about their prices for drying out the basement to salvage the drywall and carpet if possible. They explained that it was $3 sq ft to dry out the basement and treat the carpet. They warned me that they'd have to pull up the carpet to treat it so it would be salvagable and that the pad wouldn't be. I have just short of 500ft in the basement so I knew it would be about $1500. They made an appointment to come the next morning to start the work and they arrived on time. They went straight to the basement, started ripping out my baseboards, poking big holes in the drywall and ripping up the carpet. They explained they had to do that to dry the walls properly. Then they brought in about 20 fans and a big dehumidifier to start the drying. 4 of the fans didn't work all weekend so they had to keep them there an extra couple days to complete the drying. In the end we got a bill for almost $2400 because the equipment used to dry the basement (the fans and dehumidifier) were an extra cost. That was never mentioned and when I asked the job supervisor he said three things that I found offensive and shady. - That they don't provide accurate estimates when they're busy. - That the work men just do what needs to be done, they don't know the pricing. - That if insurance was going to pay for it, what did I care what they charged? (I wasn't sure if I was going to file a claim at that point yet...) After receiving the bill I called their customer service and was able to get a credit of over $300 for the fans that were not working, but the carpet was never cleaned and my walls are all dinged up from their carelessness while ripping out the baseboards. We ended up paying $2037.03 after a lot of arguing and run around from the job supervisor. It would've been cheaper to replace the carpet alltogether than to pay for their clean up service. Lesson learned...
- Diana M....
The existing basement walls have paneling which Jamie and his crew were able to match. The door frames were stained and varnished to match the existing door frames. The Sun Tunnel skylight in the windowless bathroom looks so good that it could be an original part of the house. All construction messes were cleaned up with the exception of some sawdust in the garage. The carpenter who built the walls discovered one morning that the sump pump had failed and the floor was flooded. (I had not yet moved in.) They cleaned up the water, removed the damaged carpet and ran dehumidifiers to completely dry the basement before completing the walls. That work plus a new sump pump which they installed accounted for about $1100 of the $5500 total. One of the four doors was installed opening opposite direction from how I requested it, but that seemed too minor an issue to ask for a correction. It won't cause any problems.
- Steven B....
We had water damage from a sewage backup. The city has agreed to pay for repair. Disaster One was originally going to do the repair and be paid by the city. I had to ask them not to return. Appointments were not kept in a timely manner. A different representative came each time and had a different story. This is not a local company. I have had 3 bills with no contact information to talk with the billing office. Now they have filed a lien for payment on my house even though the city is processing payment. The list continues to give these people an A rating. I filed an extensive report on this which does not show up on the list. People should be warned to work with this company with extreme caution. I do not recommend them at all.
- Mary B....
ADan Lynch Construction, Inc.
Dan Lynch is very easy to talk and very responsive to requests.  His workers were diligent, cleaned up after their work each day, and performed repairs that seemed to be impossible, but they were so meticulous that the repairs were perfect.   We had two horrible repair areas at windows that had leaked for years.   Time and time again we had people come in to find the leaks and fix them.  None of them ever stopped the leaks, but Dan and his workers found the two leaks, which proved to be improper installation when we built the house.  One leak was in a 14-foot span of windows, two stories high with 9 foot ceilings on both floors. The windows were surrounded and separated by very ornate wood trim that was painted white.  Once the leak was "actually" repaired, the leak being the above the window where the wall met the soffit, the repairs began.  50% of all of the wood trim on that wall had cracks opened up in wet seams, creating highly visible destruction by the water.  With the tiniest of tools, he very meticulously cleaned out all of the cracks, filled the spans of open breaks in the wood, painted the areas that were patched,  That window also had serious and ugly water damage to the sills which were also repaired. When he finished this project, it was impossible to tell any water damage had ever taken place; it was like new!! The second very serious leak was in the large front window.  This was another leak that numerous repair people told us they had patched . . . NOT!!!!  Dan Lynches men found the leak, which was caused by a missing piece of the window on the floor above, which was how the builder of our home caused 9 years of leaking in the big window below!!  Dan Lynch and his workers not only found the cause of the water damage, fixed the problem, and repaired the extensive water damage in the big window.  Since the water had leaked in from the floor above, the wall paper had fallen way from the wall around the large window.  The leak had created wood expansion and cracked paint on the window sill and on the mopboard at the floor below.  The span of wallpaper between the the sill and floor had fallen away from the wall.  At the top of the window was the worst damage that ran the entire length of the 10-foot window.  In beginning his repairs the painter poked into the wallboard above the window to remove the damaged area.  The wallboard came down and was so saturated that it had disintegrated into a soft, moldable clay!!  He cleaned away the area above the window, installed a piece of new wallboard, about 9-feet by 5 inches, did all of the plaster and patch netting work and careful sanding.  When that was pristine, he painted the area and when dry, he replaced the wallpaper.  No one would ever know there had been a leak.  The repairs that he did made were more art than a repair!!! There were numerous problems where simply painting over patched picture holes was not satisfactory because, although, I had all of the original paints, some had dried up.  With my folders of house construction information, I had all of the paint numbers for the house. When he went to have fresh paint made for those dried up, he found that they had changed the base for all of the paints.  The color was a perfect match to the walls, but looking at an angle, there was a different sheen to the original and new paint because of the base change to non-toxic.  A few rooms he had to paint in entirety.  He found that by a clever method of painting up to wall seams or deco wood, an area without a need for patching could be left unpainted by using corners, and other wall breaks as a method of making the paint job look perfect, without having to repaint the entire room.  Over all of the years we worked with contractors for building additions or making repairs in 5 different homes, I never found anyone to compare to Dan Lynch and his crew!!!  Besides the beautiful  repairs, Dan was a very patient and responsive man.  I would hire Dan Lynch again and highly recommend him to people needing help with their home.
- Armella D....
AD J E Construction
I had about 25 gallons of water pour into the basement due to a leak in the water tank of the main floor toilet while out of town. I had 3 bids and Mr. Ellingson was the only contractor who found I had termites which was a big deal. He gave me a date he could begin and he did honor the start date of the job. He completed the work way above expectations and on time.I would highly recommend DJE Construction. He is licensed and insured.
- Kujawa M....
AChallis Restoration Services Inc
The first thing Challis Restoration Services did was to determine the extent of the damage.  They used moisture testing equipment to determine how much of our wood floors was damaged.  They also examined our basement bathroom and bedroom to determine what needed to be repaired. For our wood floors they brought in drying equipment to pull the moisture out of the floor.  Their equipment worked extremely well and they were able to completely dry out the floor.  The drying process took about ten days to complete.  There was still some cupping of the wood floors so the insurance company had another company come out to sand and refinish the floors and they turned out great. For the basement bathroom, it was a total gut job.  All the drywall, insulation, and flooring had to be torn out and replaced.  They took care of disposing all the wet materials, dried out the remaining structure, then rebuilt the bathroom. For the basement bedroom the damage was not as extensive.  The ceiling and one wall had to be replaced.  They also dried out the carpet. Challis Restoration Services was onsite everyday for almost two weeks and repaired all the damage to "like new" condition.  They handled all the issues that came up and worked closely with the insurance company to keep them informed of their progress.  At the final walk through there were a couple minor issues, such as caulking around the bathroom room sink and paint touch ups.  They took care of all the items to our satisfaction.  We would highly recommend them to anyone experiencing water damage.
- Kent S....
FJarvis Property Restoration
My service by Jarvis Property Restoration was awful.  A repair that I had been quoted would only take three days became a six week nightmare.  The interior work started well until the roofers began their work: The roofers began by breaking into my garage through the roof.  They didn't call and tell me they were coming to my house, I found them when I got home from work.  The group had just started after working another job the better half of the day.  My garage is pretty full so they moved items around wherever they could find space.  I still have items in the rafters of my garage that I cannot get down because they are too heavy for me.  I also still have the beer cans they left behind and the spilled bag of cat litter that they left their cigarette butts in on the floor of my garage.  The workers were also using my ladders, my tools, my electrical cords like they had brought nothing of their own for the job.  When they hung the gutter back on the garage it is now swaybacked and bent so water pours out both ends and doesn't drain the way it should.  The roof of the garage does look good. Next, they began work on the house roof.  I have a tin roof on my breezeway between the garage and the house.  The workers proceeded to walk across it between the garage and house even after I said they should not because the tin was not strong enough for that.  I was assured everything would be okay.  Now, the tin roof has holes all across it, it is bent and a quote from Arctic Insulation says it will take $2,000 to either replace the tin or seal it by hand in all the little holes where the nails holding it on to the rafters have come loose from being walked on.  At this point I stopped having regular workers and a couple of guys started coming at night and on the weekends for a few hours.  I was told that one of the guys was a family friend and Jarvis was trying to get him in good to be a continuos contractor for the company.  These guys would come and rip stuff off the roof, throwing it to the ground.  I had tar paper hanging off the edges of my roof as well as siding for days on end.  I am still finding nails and old shingles all around my yard and clogging my gutters. In my old roof I had multiple pop up vents.  They decided, without asking me, that they would remove the popup vents, shingle over the areas and put in a vent at the top of the roof.  Of course, before they did all this shingling they left my roof wide open to the air due to tarps that were too  small and kept blowing off.  The tarps worked for the first few rainfalls when it was a light rain.  Except for some similar leaking that had caused the original water damage.  I woke up one morning to the sound of drip, drip, drip.  I went to my dining room and found that it had started a torrential rain and the roof was leaking through the dining room ceiling onto the carpet.  I went up to my full-size walk-in attic to discover it leaking all across the unprotected areas.  When I called the job coordinator he told me that he sent someone out the night before to make sure the tarps were secured because he had looked at the forecast.  I think he flat out lied.  I was home all day the day before and the evening as well and no one came to the house.  And it did not matter anyway because my roof was leaking in a major way.  Tarps or not.  I had boxes of Christmas items destroyed.  A toybox that my dad built for me was turned into mush from the water damage.  Halloween decorations, Easter decorations, stuffed animals, kids' toys.  All were ruined due to mold.  Floor rugs that I had brought up to the attic to help catch the rain, since I didn't have enough buckets, were left rolled up and turned moldy and they are still up there because they are too heavy for me to drag them out.  They brought a fan to my attic to help dry out the area.  Left it on for a week until they finally came back.  All this leakage caused more repair work on the interior that they had been already working on.  At this point I told them they better get it done.  I was made to feel horrible because I was told that if they had to pull this friend of the family off the job then he would never work for Jarvis again.  I told them so what.  I was tired of being treated like a second job.  They finally came back with a large of group of guys and were able to finish the roof in two days.  A side effect of removing my pop-up vents has been that I have gone from never getting icicles to I get the icicles from h*** now all along the edge of my roof.  The first time of the season that year that I walked out my screen door onto my deck, the door broke an icicle and the top half fell, broken edge first, onto my head was the first time i had ever had any really large icicles.  A few small leak-drip icicles by the garage was all I ever had before the roofing incident.  Now the icicles are awful! The third time working on the interior: After the water damage from the light rains they didn't want to continue working on the interior just in case some leakage happened again.  So I was left for weeks with all of my furniture clustered in different places around the room depending on what the interior workiers had been able to accomplish that day.  I understand not wanting to put everything back everyday.  But I would come home and not be able to get into my living room, my family would not be able to use the sofa or watch the TV until I had moved the heavy furniture around by myself.  One time I came home at 7:00 at night and the stove wouldn't work so I could not cook supper for my 6 year old and 1 year old because the workers had taken the converter off the end to use it with one of their tools.  In addition, I could not get any of the supervisors on the phone for assistance in the matter.  Luckily I was able to find another converter in my basement after a couple hours of searching.  Also, you have to remember, I live out of town in Central city.  There are not places to eat and stores open during evening hours to just run and get something.  Jarvis assured me they would put a mold treatment in the attic and fix the areas where the insulation got soaked.  I do not believe they did because my attic still smells like a basement even now.  The leak area in the dining room from having the open roof was also not addressed.  I asked them to repair the large crack in the ceiling caused by the water leakage and was told they would but the yellowed crack shows through the paint and is obviously not repaired.  Also, they left paint on my dining room antique table that has damaged the surface.  My carpet was left with brown stains all over even though I asked them to have the carpet cleaned.  Nothing was re-hung on my walls, and they took all the nails out so now the nailholes are useless.  The painting was done in a 'let's get it done' manner.  There are patches of the under paint showing through.  Instead of removing the living room light fixture as I had asked thry tried to paint around it with it still attached.  You can see the paintbrush marks because they couldn't get all they to the base of the light.  You can tell they did not tape because around the windows and doors the paint doesn't come to the edge so you can see the white stripe of the underpaint around everything.  When they "cleaned up", they took my tools, my electrical cords and my ladders.  I had to call them to get my items back.  Even then I was treated like I was a liar and they would only pay me $25 for all the items they said they "could not find".  When I questioned all the above items before paying the complete bill they stopped speaking to me.  Would not return my calls and would not return my letters.  Six months later I was informed by mail they had but a lien on my house.  I hired an attorney and they had to remove the lien.  The day of our court date they chose not to show up.  I still get collection letters on the amount I have tried to negotiate with them.  Jarvis still will not contact me and discuss the matter.  I was treated abominably.  Most definitely I would never recommend using their services.
- Janette A....