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The installer arrived on time with all tools and supplies and went to work immediately.  He was quick and efficient and cleaned up completely when the job was completed.  He then explained the operation of the screens, troubleshooting and left a can of spray lubricant for periodic maintenance.  I was very happy with the quality of the work and was impressed by the installer's knowledge of his product.
- Stephen F....
FTimothy Alspach
They tore up the lanai and then started to come to the job less & less.  The owner would call and ask them when are you going to finish the lanai - they would say they were coming down today but would never show up.  They started out nice but soon became argumentative, defensive, and would say anything to get you out of their face.  The amount of lies and b******** they would say was unbelievable.  This went on for 4 months: Larry would show up at 7:30 am and talk very loudly on his cell phone; we would ask him to keep it down and he would say "on a construction site we start at 7:00 am".  Well you're not on a construction site, you're on private property and we are asking you to keep it down.  Then Tim would show up around 8:00 am - probably waiting to see if RICO was going to bust them so he'd wait to get the "all clear" from Larry.  They are NOT licensed contractors so they were always looking over their shoulders to make sure RICO wasn't driving up.  They would work for 2 hours, then leave for lunch but they wouldn't put their tools away.  Two hours later they would come back, pack up their tools and leave.  They were doing as little as possible each week.  The owner finally had to hire an attorney to get rid of them and then hire a "licensed contractor" to finish the job.  Tim drives a black Toyota Tacoma and Larry drives a blue Toyota Prius. We know this is their mode of operation, i.e., they get a job, start out nice, then after they rip your home apart & get money, things slow way down to a crawl.  When you call Tim, he'll give you one excuse after another.  We know of another family that had the same results that we did.If you run across these two guys - don't be fooled by their talk of working on the most expensive homes on the Big Island.  They are going to be a hassle and you're going to regret ever hiring them.
- Chris R....

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Recent Review: It was great. Jesse took my house from ugly and dysfunctional to superb