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Recent Review: Sylvie and Michel are true professionals who care about the quality of work they do and making sure you are happy with the results. They installed outdoor lighting for our front property, along the front beds and two spots away from the house. Sylvie came originally to explain about the company, what they did and take photos. She and Michel returned one very cold evening to set up a demonstration and give us an opportunity to see how the lighting looked. At that point we could change some things or modify what we wanted or where certain lights should be placed. The actual installation took place a week or so later and went very well. Michel showed up to make sure the process was moving along smoothly and the number of lights we requested were there and being installed in the proper locations. We called back after a day or so to ask that a couple of lights be re-adjusted since it's hard to determine that on daytime installations and Sylvie came that same evening to make the proper mind adjustments.  If you are looking for a professional outdoor lighting installation company that uses top line commercial grade products and takes the time to insure you get what you paid for, Outdoor Lighting would be hard to beat. Oh?.and they look great in the snow. I've made a point of going out after every snowfall to expose the lights (not an easy task with the amount of snow we've had) and they look great, just as Sylvie said they would. Thank you for a job well done.
Recent Review: Irrigation repairs resolved, creative ideas with lighting. Enhances homeowner's ideas.

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AOutdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern NJ
 I would highly recommend this company.  Their first question is about your budget, which is thoughtful.  They then work within that and ask what your main goals are: aesthetics, security, what things do you most want accented (walkways, plantings, etc), as well as show you pictures to try to determine the "style" you are going for.  The company then designed a demonstration which they set up at my home at night so I could see nearly what the finished product would look like as well as make adjustments to their design concept.  You did not feel (like you do with most decorating or landscape design work) that you were ordering something with very little idea how the finished product would turn out.   At that point, I approved the installation and they ordered and installed the equipment.  They were very careful with our existing landscaping and did very subtle markings of all electrical supply lines so that future contractors would not accidentally cut them.  I indicated that the pricing was fair.  I think that is reasonable.  I would not indicate this as cheap but I do think I got what I paid for, which was a very high quality product.  In addition, they were lovely people, highly responsive and just a complete pleasure to work with.     
- Kristin S....