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Recent Review: I personally think this is the best deal out there when it comes to monitoring your home via a security system. If you pay for the whole year it costs about 8.95 a month or 14.95 a month if you pay month by month. There is no contract! The reason they are so cheap is that you buy the monitoring equipment yourself either through them or through another company, and they do the monitoring of it. Most other companies give you some equipment but then you have to pay $40 a month for the next three years or some lengthy contract like that! NextAlarm lets you arm and disarm via the Internet, and provides excellent customer service. I highly recommend it!
Recent Review: Originally talked to them at a home show.  They came out and gave estimates as well as suggestions for the system.  No pressure, just a good product.  i did some shopping and came back to Pinnacle as the best value.  System works as advertized.  I eventually added a couple of additional sensors like for carbon monoxide.  Would recommend them highly.
Business Description: Cruise Security has been in business since 1994. Locally owned and operated UL certified company.
Business Description: CARVER SECURITY SYSTEMS, INC. is a full-service life safety company dedicated to providing its clients with custom-designed security systems, code-compliant fire alarm systems, state-of-the-art video surveillance and access control systems. We ensure that our clients receive the most reliable systems possible to meet their individual or business needs. We strive to provide prompt, efficient service and support in order to maintain our clients' trust. Our main goal is to protect our clients, their families, and their businesses.
Business Description: Cruise Security has been in business for eighteen years. We are a privately owned UL registered alarm company. Our company undergoes yearly inspections to maintain our registered status. I bring over 30 years of security experience to your front door. We are committed to giving you personal service while using only the newest most efficent equipment on the market today. Additional email -
Recent Review: Everything went great. I got the system a few days later and started to install it. All the devices were easy to put up all told it took about 45 minutes to get up and running. During the install I set the alarm off and Getsafe called me right away. I like the way it looks in my home and by that I mean I hardly notice it is there. I like being able to control the system from my phone and being able to check on my house with the camera when I am away.
Recent Review: The sales department was incredible and blew all other company's away.  Installation had a few minor glitches but they always fixed any  thing that went wrong.  Michael and the president Craig were very helpful and provided support that was unprecedented. Follow-up phone calls following purchase have been a little slow but overall a great experience.
Business Description: We install, maintain, and service home theater systems, security systems, computer networks, and phone systems. Specializing in custom home entertainment solutions. If you want to optimize your new technology in your home we can envision it for you.
Recent Review: Excellent--Tony Prestifilippo at TNT Security Systems (706-738-7241) had put our original system in when we built our home in 1996. He updated our system to modernize it. He is very competent and easy to work with, taking time to answer all our questions. Unlike other providers, who use high-pressure sales pitches, he is a local provider and takes his time to do everything correctly. He laid out our options and we selected what we needed. My wife and I are very pleased and feel more secure.
Recent Review: One man came in and installed the necessary equipment for our security system. The installer was very professional and installed everything in about an hour. We've had the system for about a year and a half and all is still working perfectly.

Reviews in Keysville for Security Camera Installation

The contractor called three minutes prior to the scheduled appointment to let me know that he was on the way. He arrived 30 minutes past the appointment time. That wasn't an issue for me because he called. Bart was very professional & I was very happy with the job he did. I was charged $150 an hour. Once installed, one of the cameras did not work so Bart told me that he would come back and install the new camera once I received it. The work was completed on a Thursday so I tried calling him 3 times & left messages to determine if he could come back on Monday to change out the defective camera. I could not reach him nor was my call returned. By Monday evening I had the job done by someone else. On Tuesday I had a dental appointment. When I left, I found a message from Bart that he had some time & could come by to install the new camera. I feel that it would have taken him less than a minute to return my call & tell me that he could not guarantee a day when he could come back but he could call me if the opportunity became available. The sad part is that my new to the area neighbor called me for a plumber reference. I could not refer him because I had no ideal if he would return her call if needed.
- T P....
ATNT Security Systems
Excellent--Tony Prestifilippo at TNT Security Systems (706-738-7241) had put our original system in when we built our home in 1996. He updated our system to modernize it. He is very competent and easy to work with, taking time to answer all our questions. Unlike other providers, who use high-pressure sales pitches, he is a local provider and takes his time to do everything correctly. He laid out our options and we selected what we needed. My wife and I are very pleased and feel more secure.
- Gary S....
AVivint Inc
We were using Vector but found that the technology used by Vivint was better and there response time when needed as been fantastic.
- Jessica P....
DSimpliSafe Home Security
I purchased a Simplisafe Home Security System through Angis's List. The price of the package through Angie's List was very good. The Simplisafe website is also very well done and easy to navigate. I was disappointed that it took Simplisafe 3 days to ship the order from their distribution facility. The system arrived with very clear and easy instructions. However the system did not work. Not only did they send the base unit with the wrong mobile provider card, the base unit would not work connected to my regular phone jack. I called Simplisafe customer service and after being on hold for approximately 20 minutes they informed me that they needed to send out another base unit. I asked how long it would take to be delivered and was informed that it could be up to a week. I am very disappointed that after waiting over a week for the initial system to arrive I will have to wait at least another week for a new base unit. At least if I would have contacted a company that sent an installer they may have been able to get everything operational without this constant shipping delays. I was very surprised that Simplisafe did not offer to expedite shipping on a defective part that was paid for days ago.
- Samuel S....
I was satisfied with one of them, but the other one I cancelled because I didn't feel like it was necessary. They were more than accomodating.
- Gerald B....
AADS Security - Augusta
Everything went so well and I am very pleased with them. I feel very secure with the system installed and the technician was very professional.
- Barbara R....
They’re fabulous. These people I get the insurance on it and it cost me less than the price of other security company and it’s awesome. My kids set it off one day and they were just as prompt as anybody else calling me that everything was all right. They gentleman that came out and did it he was wonderful. He went over the existing system that I had and told me that it was fine system and showed me some other security risk that I never thought about that the other companies had never addressed. He worked with me well. I had some issues at one point in time and he took care of it very quickly.
- Veronica P....
I have had Bates electric out 3 times now and Mr. Glenn is professional, prompt and you will not beat his prices at all!!!! Ran wiring and cut in ceiling fan in room with a light, changed timer on my pool pump and ran electrical outlet in attic/pool attic for ADT to hookup security cameras. Fast, cleaned up after himself and showed up each time as promised. Did not charge more than quoted and I am very happy with services. If you can find someone cheaper--u better hire them today! Free estimates too.
- Fran L....
ASimpliSafe Home Security
My experience has been very good, so far. They were very straightforward. They gave me the pro and cons about their product versus their competitors.  It was a very good and frank conversation. They answered all my questions politely and installation was simple.  They were very fast to respond so I have been very pleased with them.
- Gavin D....
FSafe And Sound Security
Mr.. Perkins made the original contact, promised installation, function and a remote, access key fob.  This was all in the written contract. When Scott arrived on August 3, 2010 with his installer, they did NOT HAVE the remote, but promised to get it for me.  A partial installation  occurred that day, and I was told that the remote was on its way. It wasn't!  I made numerous phone calls, when someone Finally promised to bring one, they never showed up, and when I called again, I was told they did not have the part! Finally on October 26. 2010 an installer showed up, with the WRONG PART!  It's now THREE months after initial installation and it's still incomplete!.  They are however, having no problem billing me for service! In February the system began to malfunction! I made several attempts to "fix" it,  reset it, etc., but was not successful.  And no one from the service was available to fix it! On February 19, 2010 at 2:00AM, I received 3 phone calls from Safe and Sound Security informing me that my battery was low!  When I inquired if they could fix it, they said "NO"!  I would have to call the company to do so!  I made numerous attempts to get someone to fix it, NO ONE would come, no one was available, there was no truck, numerous excuses, but basically a refusal to honor their contract, and fix their defective equipment.  A malfunctioning home security system is worthless and so is the word/contract of this company and its workers.  After several attempts to get my installation fee refunded, since it was still under warranty, and getting no assistance from the Consumer Protection agencies of North Carolina, I gave up! This has been a very negative experience. And I would NEVER recommend this contractor or his services to anyone!
- Dr. E....