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Tub Doctor Luxury Bath
Business Description: The Tub Doctor is the CSRA's #1 bathroom remodeler. By specializing in installation of BathPlanet and their flagship products including LUX-SEAL, decorative tubs, show bases, doors, and acessories, The Tub Doctor is able to transform your eye-soar to a beautiful and comforting oasis in your home. Additional email:

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FTub Doctor Luxury Bath
Don't trust your contractor if he is not listed on Angie's List!!!!  The contractor paid $120.00 to Tub Doctor through M & D Home Services to repair the damages he did to our brand new tub.  The man that repaired our tub from Tub Doctor never sanded the tub.  Common sense tells me there was no way the paint that he painted over our tub was going to bond?   But I thought maybe he knows something I don't?  It sure looked pretty when it was done?  But it is peeling.  Guess what happens when you don't properly prepare a surface to apply a coat of whatever they used on?  It peels! Guess that is why they only give a one year warranty!  
- Gene O....