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Recent Review: This fence is wonderful!  We have a new German Shepherd puppy and wanted something more secure than an electric fence, which we had with our previous Shepherd.  We priced chain link fencing, which  was over twice the cost and, in our opinion, not at all attractive.  This fence is barely visible and blends well with the landscape. Now our dog has lots of room to run and we do not have to be concerned about her getting out of the yard.  We also hope that the fence will keep the deer out, which would be a big plus.  Additionally, it gives us the option of taking in rescue dogs should we choose to do that. Victor was very responsive and the job was done promptly after we signed the contract.  He also offered the great suggestion of extending the fence into a wooded area of our property beyond our yard which gives the dog more room and puts that portion of the fence completely out of sight.  His crew moved wood and trimmed back bushes at no additional cost. I highly recommend Pet Playgroundz to anyone seeking secure a yard for a pet at a very reasonable cost.  
Recent Review: It went incredibly well. they came out and gave me an estimate and within a few days they were back onsite installing the posts and the next day they installed the fence. As this was for a dog fence, i had requested a wire across the bottom of the fence, which the installers forgot to put in. i called and asked about the oversight and the problem was fixed the next business day. Quick, quality work. The girls agree. :)

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FSouthern Fencing
ive used this company in the past for a dog fence installation.  They were great.  When we moved they were the first people i thought of to do our new dog fence.  i called and spoke with them and we made an appointment to meet at my new place (a 30 minute drive from my old place) at 11am on 9/4/2015.  About 11:15 i texted and inquired as to whether or not they were on the way.  a few minutes later i got a voice mail that indicated that he had been in a meeting and that his notifications did not go off.  which i understand.  he indicated that it was now 11:17, he could be there by 12 if he left now.  call or text if that is what i wanted him to do.  i replied via text for him to please come out.  keep in mind i had a deadline here...my dogs and my family had to be out of my old place by 9/15.  i didnt have time to mess around with here.  2 pm rolls around and still nobody but me and the bugs are there...i texted, called and left repeated voicemails (i left enough to know that he needed to change his message as it indicated that he was going to be out of the office at the end of august).  i finally had to give up as i had to go pick children up from schools.  i called again later and was extremely nice on my voicemail, asking him to please get in touch with me so we could reschedule...never heard a peep.  not a text.  nothing.  as this was the complete opposite of my first encounter i was perplexed.  if he didnt want to do the job all he had to say was sorry, booked up, cant, etc.  no problem.  i would have asked him for a reference to another company.  i feel he could have found a way to get in touch with me regardless.  he had my email from the last fence he put in, etc.  i was extremely disppointed.  so i ended up calling around and finding another fence company, who if nothing else at least calls me back.  as i STILL dont have a fence yet as they are having to squeeze us in i ended up buying a 10x10 pen from Lowes in the meantime as it is cheaper than boarding.
- Donna R....