Crawford Lawn Aeration Services

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Business Description: Turf Treatments, aeration, top dressing, irrigation, retaining walls, design and installations
Business Description: TruGreen is the nation's largest provider of lawn and landscape services. We make it easy for you by delivering customized care solutions that are effective, innovative and responsible. TruGreen® provides a full suite of tailored lawn and landscape services. From fertilization and aeration to tree & shrub services and much more, TruGreen delivers superior results backed by our Healthy Lawn Guarantee.®1 We also offer effective solutions to help control and prevent lawn damaging insects, like chinch bugs and grubs. Our passion for lawns sets us apart, and we’ll help you achieve a lawn you love. Contact us today to start your tailored lawn plan.
Recent Review: I have used them for several years and have always been pleased. Last September, I had them core aerate and overseed my lawn and the results were good.
Award 2018Super Service Award
Recent Review: Excellent, couldn't have asked for a better experience
Recent Review: Very well. I requested extra aeration core plugs removed per square foot (because of packed clay soil), and my request was honored.
Business Description: At Total Lawn Care we are a small business that offers Total Lawn Care. We are experts in keeping your lawn healthy and vibrant. What we bring to you is honesty and convenience. When our customers call us they have the peace of mind that their challenges will be handled promptly and professionally, by the most qualified experts that are both licensed and insured for our customers safety.
Recent Review: The service has been adequate but not great. They are good about coming out and doing the service, I just wish they would give more suggestions on how to improve the lawn.
Recent Review: Scheduling was easy and they came when they said they would.
Recent Review: Joel Harris and his crew have been caring for my lawn and garden for more than two years. Their work has consistently been of the highest quality. ?In addition to routine lawn mowing, they have also taken down trees for me, planted and transplanted bushes and perennial plants, rejuvenated my rose bed, aerated the lawn, pruned trees and shrubs, and planted and maintained a difficult ?high bank that encloses part of my back yard. Joel is knowledgeable about lawn and garden care and is quick to find out about anything he isn't familiar with. ?The company is fully insured. His crew is business-like, courteous, and skillful. I can recommend Quick Cuts to anyone who wants dependable high-quality ?lawn and garden care.

Reviews for Lawn Aeration in Crawford

FLunsPro Home Inspections
After visual inspection of my lawn (no soil test) they said I needed liming, fertilizer but since I had warm season grasses they would do it in the spring. They have now missed two appointments, and it is too late for seeding, crabgrass prevention and soil pH correction (although since no pH test was done, who knows if it is even needed). I also cannot get a refund since they delayed past Angie's List's 30 day refund. I am out $130. DO NOT DEAL WITH THESE CROOKS!
- Jeffrey E....
AHouseman Pest Control
Very well. I requested extra aeration core plugs removed per square foot (because of packed clay soil), and my request was honored.
- David A....
ALunsPro Home Inspections
We postponed until the fall because the best type of grass for my yard (soil and sun/shade) is a shade tolerant fescue - which the technician told me was best to wait until fall in order to Erradicate the existing grass/weed bed and seed in the fall when temps cool back down about 15-20 degrees. Very helpful and friendly, informed. Now I just have to reschedule and hopefully the grass responds as well as the service has been from inspect-all.
- Carey V....
AKing Green
They've been excellent! They call beforehand and follow-up. My lawn looks great and I've never had any problems! They've also been incredibly nice, too.
- Cynthia S....
CTotal Lawn Care LLC
They didn't show up on the day scheduled and we waited all day and they didn't even call. I had to call the next day but they had no excuse why they didn't come.They came the next day but didn't tell me a time. I looked out in the yard and someone was there aerating but this person never talked to me. They just did the job and left.
- Jim R....
BAll Turf Inc
I got two different opinions from them- one person saying that my yard would look great this year, and another said they wouldn't be able to aerate until the fall. I was put off by the difference in information I was receiving from them.  But aside from that, they have been professional, and always come out when they say they will, and seem to be doing a great job
- Judy G....
CAll Turf Inc
I had some bad problems with them for a period of time; however, they have seemed to turn things around and been quite good of late. My ratings were for the whole period, but if they continue as they have for the last couple of months it would have been a solid B+, so hoping it continues this way.
- June D....
AMagnolia Lawn
I am very pleased with this company.  I took a chance and contacted them based on the "A" rating I saw and so far have been impressed with their service.  When they come out to discuss any possible work I want done or issues with the lawn, they actually listen to what I have to say and don't try to push needless products.  They also make sure I understand what they are talking about, but don't talk down to me.  My yard was in terrible condition yet after only about two to three months, I can already see a huge difference.  The flower beds also turned out much better than I expected and are wonderful.  Now my lawn and landscaping are something I am proud of.  It also makes me very happy to know the lawn service crew hired by the HOA for our subdivision are not happy because Magnolia is making them look bad.  The HOA lawn service crew have been working on the lawns for over three years and most of the lawns continuously have large brown patches, dead areas, moss, weeds, etc.  My lawn used to be included in that group, but no longer.  Amazing how when someone who knows what they are doing comes along, things can get turned around for the better pretty fast.  Will definitely continue to use this company's services and have also recommended them to friends and family.
- Candis B....
AKing Green
They call the day before they are coming to do the service.  The technicians are very nice and knowledgeable.  Anytime I have called the office, they are very helpful.  My neighbor told me about them.  I am so glad!!
- Suzanne H....
ATotal Lawn Care LLC
My experience with them was great.  It was fine.  I think I purchased the big deal coupon for this service because they didn’t bill me.  I think I paid for it, but I’m not sure.  They did a good job, and it’s nice and green again.  They were on time and the price was reasonable.  They took about 5 days I think to come out and do the job from the time I talked to them.
- Jerry S....