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Recent Review: ldOne garage door was totally out of alignment and would not open and close properly. Both garage doors were quite noisy during opening and closing. Repaired doors operated smoothly, quietly and efficiently. Our Precision Door technician, Patrick Stockton, was friendly, courteous and very professional. He inspected the doors, diagnosed the problems and explained them as well as required repairs before he fixed them. We were quite happy with Precision Door's work and would use them again. We highly recommend them to people who need garage door repair services.
Recent Review: The service went well. O'Brien Garage Doors were professional, they came on the day they said they would, and they were on time.
Recent Review: My experience with them went excellent. I highly recommend them. About two years ago, they did my windows.
Recent Review: It went better than expected and my street noise problkem was elimnated.
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Business Description: Choose the Window Replacement company in Southwest GA that makes new windows easy! We provide up front, factory-direct pricing on Windows, Doors and Siding. We are proud to provide a lifetime warranty with every one of our windows. We are locally owned and serviced by hard-working families in SouthWest GA. We offer low monthly payments!
Business Description: We have two groups of this business, we are 3 people in each group. You won't have to pay anything until the job is well done, and that you and I like the job well done. price includes labor and materials. Includes pressure washing, scrape and prime where needed and caulking.
Recent Review: I first saw this company many years ago when they were preforming a demonstration at a local event. I was highly impressed with the durability and the energy savings they showed. I would always push it off as the price seemed really high. When it came time to replace my windows i decided to give them a call. They sent over a company member to do a in home demonstration. It was a good demonstration and then it went into a car sales person negotiation mode. I felt extremely pressured so if you are not strong minded you might end up getting extras you do not want. I had interior shutters on all the windows and apparently those had to be removed to install the new windows. Not wanting to have to do all that myself they graciously quoted me a price to do that and replace them. They quoted me around $800 to remove/replace the shutters. Seemed a little high but I went for it. We set a date that would allow me to be home from work for the install. I decided to get out a second mortgage as financing through the company was like 12.5%. I advised them I would need time to get things taken care of with my bank. They agreed to start the order and to give me around a month to get the payment in order. I made a down payment and I was excited and looking forward to it. Around two weeks later I start getting phone calls from the man that sold me the windows. He stated that I needed to sign their finance agreement until I got my loan from the bank. I advised him I really did not want to do this as I did not want to get stuck in an agreement with such a high interest rate. He kept pushing and told me that the order would have to be stopped and turned into a super pushy sales person. I questioned him why all of a sudden it was so important as two weeks ago they were willing to wait? He never answered and just kept saying either I sign it or I do not get the windows! This did not sit well with me especially when I realized I would lose my deposit if I backed out now. I agreed and he immediately drove an hour to my house. He showed up around 7:30 pm and had the paperwork in hand. I again explained I was not happy with his tactics and he should explain this better up front. They scheduled a time later that week to come measure my windows. They then scheduled a time to come and install the windows and doors. The time came and went for the install and I was not even notified about the delay. I had to call them several times to try to figure out when they would be coming as someone has to be home. A second time was scheduled to install the windows and doors. This also came and went with no phone call or install. Again I called and was told it was taking longer than expected to get the windows and doors back from the factory. So a third time was set. This time the windows arrived and were installed. The install crew however did not remove the interior shutters and even made comments of why would they need them removed. I contacted the office and stated I would like my money back for paying to have them removed and re-installed. They gave me back only $200 of the original $800 because he said that is all he charged me. I then realized that he had not given me a detailed quote and only told me verbally that it would be $800. Yet another horrible business practice on their part. The doors took another two weeks to arrive and install. The french doors do not close right and I dread having to call and have them come out and fix that ! The installation was fast and very professional. The windows do seem to make a big difference in temperature control. They look great and if I could have avoided everything else I would have enjoyed this experience. The windows are great and helpful. I can not say the same about the company and its tactics.
Recent Review: The whole process was very painless. The company is very professional and anytime we called or emailed with questions they communicated very promptly. We went to their showroom and picked the door we wanted which wasn't very easy because they have so many beautiful doors to choose from, finally choose the Pietra with kick plate. The salesman/owner told us about a new feature- screens so when the windows on the door are open we still have some privacy. We love them. We also wanted an additional deadbolt besides the regular door handle - no problem. We were told the lead time for the delivery of the door would be 3 months from the day we ordered it - and that's exactly what the timing was, we put in our order on Aug. 9th and the door was installed Nov. 11. That is an A+ in our book. The installers came right on time. They said that the whole installation would take approx. 7 hours. They were installing a double door entry and taking out our existing doors. They arrived at 10:30am and finished at 4:30pm with maybe a 1/2 hour for lunch. They did a wonderful job. We were very happy with our whole experience. We would most certainly recommend Universal Iron to anyone.
Business Description: Langham doors is a Professional Gates & Garage Door, Repair and installation company serving Rome, GA. Langham doors is always willing to go the extra mile to provide you with the quality work and excellent customer service that you deserve. Langham doors is dedicated to offering affordable service, when you need it. Langham doors Specializing in repairs and installation of all makes of garage doors and gates. Would you like to schedule an appointment to have your new garage doors / gate installed or repaired? New weather seal Custom Wood Doors Program your homelink compatible Built in car remote Garage Doors Installation Spun or broken cables Garage door repair Garage Door Installation Highest Quality Garage Door Parts Door Openers Door off track
Business Description: We design and handcraft custom furniture including dining tables, farm tables, living room and bedroom furniture and sliding barn doors and barn door hardware. Our styles are rustic, farmhouse, industrial and contemporary modern.

Reviews in Brookfield to Install Peephole

ALarry Thompson
Strong winds from recent bad weather had twisted and warped my back storm door. I contacted a handyman from a nearby city and waited several weeks for him to work a small job into his schedule. Forcing the door to open and close for that length of time continued to damage the door. After waiting for weeks, I decided to find someone else to install the door. That same afternoon the local shopper had an advertisement for a local handyman service. I called and reached handyman Larry Thompson. He scheduled installation of the door for the next morning. When I explained the door was stored at my brother's business and I needed a day or two to have the door brought to my home, Mr. Thompson offered to pick up the door for me. Mr. Thompson and my door arrived on time the next morning. The installation was completed and the old door hauled away in no time at all. His degree of knowledge and skill placed him in the category of "not your average handyman" in my book. He has been designated as my official handyman to call for the next repair project!
- Kathy C....
Door did not fit up well. Adjusted screws, checked all connections, WD-40. Door fits better now and works smoothly.
- Beverly C....
- John M....
AScott Smith Specialties
Scott came out to do a free estimate and evaluate where I wanted the doors. I had previously went to Home Depot and Lowes and gotten estimates, turns out this was for the wrong type of door needed for the space, I needed a set of french doors. Scott explained what was needed and provided a prompt estimate which was very reasonable. He came and installed the doors, touched up whatever paint was stripped in the process and cleaned up after the job was done. I am very pleased with his overall service, professionalism and how my new doors look and would highly recommend him.
- Melissa B....
AOne Way Home Repair LLC
Mr. King did excellent work. He took out the old doors and frames, cleaned and prepared the area, and installed the new doors. He insulated the open areas of the frame to keep the outside air separate from the inside air. As he installed the doors, he kept checking the frame and door to make sure everything was aligned properly and that the door opened and closed properly before securing the frame completely in place. Once securely in place, he sprayed foam in the open areas of the frame for insulation and then added the inside trim. He then caulked the doors and frames in all the proper places and made everything look perfect. He then had me check out the door installation for my approval. Once I gave my approval of the installation, he knew he did not have to do anything else and vacuumed up the work areas. Note: He worked on one door at a time and completed the process before moving on to the next door. Also, he cleaned up his work area as he worked and did not leave a mess. He allowed me to ask questions while he worked and he answered my questions fully and to my satisfaction. I will definitely use this company in the future for any work needed.
- Gene C....
ATotal Home Repair
I chose the new door and storm door. Brent picked them up and installed them the same day, finished installing the frame and made a seamless join to the drywall. He painted the door inside and out. He also installed the new lockset and tested them. The work area was left clean and in good order, and all debris and trash from the old door was taken away. I am very pleased with the work.
- Frances R....
ACasebier Construction-The Whole House Doctor
Bob was very professional and punctual with reasonable prices. Will be my go to handyman for future work needed.
- Brandi M....
AUnlockit Locksmith & Security
I had just purchased a new home and only had one key and 6 doors. The key only fit the front door. I was a little of the way than their normal customers, but because I was an Angie's List member they were more than willing to come and help. They explained to me the current coupons that they had going on and what would benefit me the most. The day of the visit they called to confirm my appointment and to let me know that they were running a little behind because someone had called out sick but wanted to ensure that they would get to me as soon as they could and they would call when they were on their way. 30 minutes prior to the visit, they called to let me know the technician was on his way, along with his name to assure me that the right person was showing up at the door. During the process they rekeyed the front door and then were able to change the all the other doors to match the existing front door. I also had a specialized key that that had been given to me that they cut to match the front door. They even realigned some of the locks that were off kilter in the door. They were extremely courteous and professional. I couldn't have had a better experience.
- Stephanie W....
the technician replaced the spring. He was very professional. He also went above and beyond by following my husband to our rental and estimating how much it would be to repair or replace the garage door at that location. We will always use this company and recommend them to others.
- Lyn C....
ADavenport Remodeling & Construction
Bruce and his son, Matthew, did a good job on this replacement project. They gave me several options for door types and explained our options for doing the work. Because the door size was a special order I agreed to pay their door vendor directly so all they were responsible for was the labor. It took a week or so for the door to arrive. They picked it up, brought it over an quickly had it in place. They even painted the exterior for us. Very well done. Since then I have hired Bruce for several other small projects around the house and each one has been handled professionally and with a smile. He's our Handyman now!
- Rob P....