Beallwood Exterior Trim Repair

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Business Description: We are primarily a landscape company, who can also help tend to your other needs. Whether it be cleaning the leaves from your gutters, or fixing a leak under your sink. I will work side by side with you to determine the best options for your situation. I have 12 years of experience in various types of work, and 6 years experience as a Golf Course Superintendent. Being a smaller business w are more equip to give you an honest and fair price. We work fast and efficiently to bring you the best quality of work. Please call today to set up a free appointment. As always we appreciate your business.

Reviews in Beallwood to Repair Exterior Trim

I used Renfroe Diversified for several small to medium sized projects around my house. Didn't seem to have too much of an issue and the projects turned out well. Last project they were hired for included replacing trim and quarter round in my dining room that were water damaged. Trim was installed without difficulty, but they said the quarter round needed to be stained to match and would be done some time in the next few days. Seeing as how I'd had no issues before, I went ahead and paid. The check was cashed and the quarter round was never installed. I have two months of documented communication of "it'll be done this week, next week, etc." It got to the point of just requesting that the product be dropped off at my house and I would pay someone else to install it. This reply was met with hostility. To note, they were also hired to perform lawn maintenance and never showed up after the first time. I would use caution if using this company and certainly do not pay until the job is 100% completed! I learned my lesson.
- Brennan D....