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Recent Review: He work quick and on time repair that in less than 30 minutes

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DChoice Home Warranty
1. Called in Friday afternoon. As of Saturday evening has not heard back regarding a serviceman. I'm lucky, I'm way up N.W. for a 60th class reunion. But my daughter is back in Valdosta Ga. in unbearable stifling heat, which seems to be effecting her breathing. 2. Policy number 840494061 Claim number a/c - 76336008 Claim number dishwasher - 76336038 3. On Claim number - 76336038 called in for both dishwasher and microwave oven appliances, was told that both dishwasher and microwave oven would be on same repair ticket. On e-mail from you, you only list the dishwasher. repeat - it is suppose to be for both the dishwasher and microwave oven! Please correct! 4. On initial contact with you, you were given both her e-mail and phone number for notification purposes as I'm away from the area for a class reunion. E-mails were sent to me regards to items, but nothing was sent to her to let her know what is going on. I received a call from her crying, not knowing what to do. 5. I called in to your office to complain about this. they told me that they now changed it, but than that is what they told her also when she called in and nothing had been done. 6. Can you please check to see if they now list her also and if you will only send to one e-mail address or call one number, make her e-mail "" and phone number 701-330-5533 the primary contact numbers for now. Thank you. Sincerely Dennis Kulas P.S. Please get her an A/C serviceman out there ASAP
- Dennis K....
AAnytime Handyman
Bill Casey and his son arrived on time on the agreed upon date. They carried in the new microwave in its box and got right to work. In less than an hour the job was finished and they hauled the old oven away. Marked down to "B" in professionalism because clean up of work area wasn't thorough.
- Daniel B....