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Recent Review: Larry and his assistant do one heck of a great Job. Fixed my Bumpy Lumpy slider. These guys are very pleasant and professional and don't replace anything that is not needed. Highly recommend.

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Poor attention to detail and I felt as if he seemed I was nagging him to get things done right. Overall work is good, but had to do a lot of things myself to make it meet my standards of finishing. Example: did not place strike plates on doors and paint primed doors. He also told me he worked alone which I clearly understood. Then showed up with 2 other guys. When I asked him about it he shrugged it off, like many things I had brought to his attention.
- Kirsten D....
On 26 Oct 11, I contacted Dan Gauthier, owner "Quality Home Repairs", while he was doing lawn work at my neighbor's house as I had observed advertising for home repairs on his truck. Although he wouldn't approach me until I put out my cigarette, he was polite and seemed very accommodating ("We work from early morning until late in the afternoon, seven days a week." "I won't leave your job to work on anything else until your work is completed."). He strongly recommended I check out his ratings on Angie's List and consider his 30 some odd years of experience. I asked for a written estimate, which he delivered that evening (materials: $858, labor $1200 less 5% for cash payment - material costs to be paid in advance and balance upon completion). Dan advised that if he didn't complete the job Sunday, 30 Oct 11, "by the time the Cowboys game comes on" he would finish it off on the morning of 31 Oct 11. I signed the contract which bears the preprinted statement, "All work to be performed in a timely and orderly manner, clean work habits." On 27 Oct 11, Dan shopped for the supplies. On 28 Oct 11 ( Day 1), Dan and "Donald" (painter/helper) arrived for work at about 0800 hours. The job started off well enough with the removal of the swinging doors and by noon they had installed the lower half of the insulation. However, work had to be delayed while my wife was dispatched to Lowe's to return the remain insulation and purchase the correct size for the ceiling (walls were 16" on center - ceiling was 24" on center). Following her return, installation of the insulation continued and they installed the bottom row of drywall (about 3.5 sheets). Dan apparently did not have a chalk line and/or extended straight edge, so he made all drywall cuts freehand. Work ended at about 1530 hours. On 29 Oct 11 ( Day 2), work commenced at about 0800. Dan continued to cut, freehand, most of the remaining drywall. When my wife and I expressed concern over the large gaps and inconsistencies in the drywall joints, Dan assured us that after Donald finished mudding and taping, the gaps would be perfected. The exterior trim boards were installed around the base of the building; however, Dan cut the left side board about 8" too short (toward the front) and "patched" it with an 8" piece joined butt-to-butt (vice a mitered joint). Work ended at about 1430. On 30 Oct 11 ( Day 3), work commenced at about 1000. Dan installed a 2" X 4" door frame - to the exact size of the sliding door - leaving no space for required shims.  Donald began mudding the drywall seams and Dan departed for the day. Donald worked until approximately 1600. On 31 Oct 11 ( Day 4), Dan and Donald arrived at approximately 0830. Donald began sanding the drywall joints and Dan installed the sliding glass doors.  Unfortunately, it was impossible to adjust the doors to make them plumb across the width of the door guides because the door frame wasn't square. NOTE: On 5 Nov 11, after Dan's final departure, I readjusted the door so that it was plumb when closed. At about 1200, Dan departed and left Donald to re-mud all of the drywall joints. Dan returned a couple of times that afternoon with his fiancee, Kathy, to check on Donald's progress. Donald departed at about 1500. (NOTE: Prior to his departure, Dan asked my wife if he could get his check so he could "pay my rent." Payment was not rendered at this time per the conditions of the contract.)   On 1 Nov 11 ( Day 5), Dan arrived at about 0830 (Donald had taken his vehicle to a repair shop and was waiting for the work to be completed before he was to return to work). Dan lamented that he couldn't continue to work until Donald had finished the mudding and taping. I suggested he could repair the windows in the meantime; however, he declined to do that work at this time. I suggested he could stain the interior trim moldings prior to installation and Dan opted to take them home to stain them while he watched TV. He departed for home at about 0930 with the moldings. At about 1200, I called Dan to inquire about Donald's status and he said Donald was still waiting for his vehicle. I called Dan again at about 1530 and he said neither he nor Donald would be back today. On 2 Nov 11 ( Day 6), Dan, Donald, and Kathy arrived at about 0800. Dan expressed his displeasure that I had called him twice the previous day. Donald went to work sanding drywall joints. I noted that some of the cut outs in the drywall around the electrical outlets looked too large to be covered by the wall plates. Dan said Donald would "fill" those cut outs that were too large with mud. (NOTE: The cut out for the 220v outlet was so large that we had to purchase a 6" X 9" oversized wall plate to cover the hole.) Dan said he hadn't yet stained the trim moldings. My wife and Kathy offered to stain the moldings to expedite the remaining work, so Dan went home to retrieve the trim moldings and returned in about 45 minutes. In the meantime, I mentioned to Kathy that this was the sixth day of work and she nodded. When Dan returned with the moldings, my wife and Kathy began staining them. I reminded Dan that the windows still needed repair and so a short time later, he made the 15 minute repairs. Dan remained at the work site checking on Donald's progress as he began applying drywall tape and the third and "final" coat of mud. In addition he "supervised" the staining of the moldings. Around 1430, the moldings were stained and drying. Donald continued applying the tape and "last" coat of mud to the drywall joints. Dan and Kathy loaded up the debris and departed at this time. Later, during a break, Donald confided that this was the first time he had applied mud to drywall, emphasizing that his expertise was as a painter. Donald continued to work until about 1730.  NOTE: A total of about 12 pounds of drywall mud mix was used to patch seven (7) sheets of drywall. On 3 Nov 11 ( Day 7), work began at about 0800. Donald started painting the interior walls and ceiling. As Donald was painting, much of the tape began to come off of the walls. Part of the reason for this was that the previous three coats of mud were by now so thick (due to the amateurish application of the drywall and subsequent large and inconsistent joints) that it never had an adequate period to dry. Dan and Donald did their best to improve the joint work; however, by now nothing could be done to make any of the joints anything close to smooth, indistinguishable, much less "perfect." Despite this, Dan told me not to worry because, "perfection takes time." He then reassured me that  all of the imperfections would be covered by trim moldings. Donald did a good job painting the interior walls, ceiling, and exterior trim. After lunch, Dan asked to use my DeWalt radial arm saw so he could begin the installation of the interior trim. After I brought it out he began cutting and putting up the trim. For the most part, this work went smoothly and quickly; however, despite my specific request that ALL interior joints be mitered and/or joined at a 45 degree angle (as appropriate), Dan responded that that "wasn't the way I (he) install interior trim", as HE preferred to use butt joints. Despite my insistence, he refused to cut these joints to my specifications. NOTE: At this point I considered terminating the contract; however, upon a moment's reflection, I opted not to do this as the job was very close to completion. A 2" X 4" board was installed at the apex of the ceiling to not only cover the one inch gap in the drywall, but also to as a solid surface for mounting the 4' florescent light. Dan installed the overhead light, linoleum flooring (without pre-sealing with Thompson's Water Sealant), and baseboard.  NOTE: Prior to the installation of the linoleum, I suggested that it might be easier to place about 2.5 sheets of 1/2" plywood down first (not included in the contract) so as to avoid the tedious work of scrubbing the existing plywood floor free of accumulated dirt and dust allowing for a proper surface upon which to apply the Thompson's (included in the contract). Dan said if I wanted that done, I'd have to do it myself. Dan installed the pre-primed baseboard (NOTE: Dan neglected to ask Donald to paint the baseboard so my wife painted it the following Sunday.) Work ended at about 1600. On 4 Nov 11 ( Day 8), I immediately noticed that the stained 2" X 4" to which the florescent light had been mounted had fallen off of the ceiling and was hanging by a couple of screws at one end. At about 0930, I called Dan to tell him the news. He said Kathy was en route to pick him up from an auto repair shop and would arrive shortly to repair it and do a final inspection of the job. Around 0830, Donald arrived, did some touch up painting and departed. At 1230, I again called Dan as he had not arrived. He said Kathy was at a job interview and he didn't know for sure when she would be able to pick him up and that there was no need to call him again. He finally arrived at about 1530, and sarcastically said, "you like to push numbers" (implying his displeasure that I had called him twice that day and that he might "change his number." Eventually, he reattached the fallen end of the 2" X 4". Due to the weight of the overhead light and wood, a bow immediately developed between the ends of the board. I requested Dan install a few more screws to secure the wood to the ceiling. He said he didn't have any more screws of that length and would have to go get them. I gave him the check for the balance of the contract (labor charge) and he left at about 1600. On 5 Nov 11 ( Day 9), Dan arrived about 1030 with one 6" screw. I told him that I would prefer not to use screws that couldn't be countersunk. Dan departed forthwith and did not return. (NOTE: Later that day I obtained appropriate hardware and secured the  board; my wife applied a decorative wallpaper border on all 3 walls above the chair rail to cover the still visible flaws.)
- Daniel B....