Yeehaw Junction Dog Door Installation

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Award 2018Super Service Award
Business Description: Family owned business since 2006. Work on the Treasure Coast and State Certified. My work speaks for itself (high quality, very neat and punctual). Most of my work has been thru referrals, which says a lot to me. My clients are Always very happy with my work and tend to have me do additional work and/or keep me in their contacts going forth. I charge everyone the same prices and have discounts for larger jobs. I re-screen enclosures, build entryways, close in covered patios, add doggie doors, install covered patios and install accordion shutters. Let me know how I can help you and thank you for the opportunity to work for you.
Award 2018Super Service Award
Recent Review: well done from start through project cleanup.
Business Description: We are a full service Handyman Service

Reviews in Yeehaw Junction to Install Dog Door

Tom has been our handyman for 9 years. He is very neat and tidy, meticulous in his work and always cleans up a job site to its previous condition after he's done. In September of 2007, my wife and I had been given a huge lump sum from one of our friends to get the house tiled. One of our other friends had given us some money to go on one of the first vacations we had had in many years, and yet another friend had agreed to work at the house while we were gone, to supervise another painter who had agreed to a certain price to paint the inside of the house. We were on the first day of the vacation, when our friend called and informed us that the painter was not putting down drop cloths and was spilling paint and generally making a huge mess that would not be able to be cleaned up later. We called Tom who was supervising the tiling and shower installations which had not begun yet, and he fired the painter for us and agreed to finish the job at the price we were going to pay the painter. He told us, "Don't worry about this. Go and have fun on your vacation." Needless to say, he did a marvelous job. It was like having a complete home makeover. He kept us appraised as to how every thing was going with the other installations being handled by other companies. He made sure a lot of the messes that other companies were leaving was cleaned up for us when we got home. He is always on time and has reasonable prices for what he does. We highly recommend him.
- Rick S....
AJC Handy Inc
From start to finish very professionally . Asked me how the job looked when he had completed the job. Went on to the next job from my list. Up front on the price and what extra materials were needed for each job. Showed the receipts for materials and gave them to me at the completion of the job for work done. The overall experience was excellent. I recommend " JC HANDYMAN SERVICES" to any body looking for an all around person, this is the gentlemen for you.Honest, trusting and excellent workmanship in all fields of the trade. The owner/operator came over to the house when he said he would and brought over his employee and both looked over the list and gave me a price and how long the jobs would take. Called before he came over to the house to start the job. Travis, his helper called me to say he was on his way. The owner came over to finish a small job and to check to see if I was satisfied with the work. Gave me the statement which included all necessary materials and it was as he stated to me. No surprises at the end of the job. .
- Janis J....
FR&R Home Helpers
He came out to my house and told me he could easily replace an exterior door and install 60 feet of baseboards in less than a day. After soliciting other bids, he impressed me the most; he was not the cheapest. He showed up on time but bleary-eyed with a reluctant helper in tow saying he was hung-over at Home Depot to help me select the needed items and said he?d come out first thing the following morning. He called the next morning (I had taken the day off already) to say he had a plumbing emergency but would be out first thing next morning. The next morning he called and said he would be out around noonish. He arrived at 1:30pm and spent a few hours putting the door in. He said he was done for the day (what he actually said is ?I drink beer?), but that he?d be back the next day after he made another run to home depot. I met him at Home Depot the following morning, but he said they did not have what he needed and he would have to look elsewhere. I told him I would meet him at the house later. When I arrived home, the door was nearly finished and they were working on the baseboards. He ripped up a 13 foot section I had specifically said to leave intact. As he hurried to put his tools in his truck, he said he had run out of baseboard (despite the extra 15 feet I had bought), but would come back to finish the job when I had more baseboard. He left a big mess. While cleaning up his mess, buried underneath a scrap pile, I found enough baseboard that he could have finished the job. There are multiple places where there are large gaps and one prominent outside corner has one 45 degree angle meeting up with a 90 degree angle; he used a lot of caulk in these areas in an apparent attempt to disguise it. In other places he did not use any caulk. The door is in shoddier shape though. The doggy door is crooked. The door knob was not installed correctly; I had to redo it. Instead of informing me that there was rotted wood below the threshold, he covered it up with fiberboard instead of real wood or other suitable exterior material. Worst of all, THIS DOOR LEAKS A LOT from the top where there is visibly a large gap between the top of the door and the door jamb. I have called him numerous times. Each time he tells me he?s working a job and cannot come out. Now he will not return my phone calls. It?s been over a month. I only wish I had not paid him before he had completed the baseboards and installed the door correctly.
- Cassidy M....