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Paris Pool Service
Business Description: Paris Pool Service provides weekly and bi-weekly service as well as one-time clean-ups to Tallahassee, FL and surrounding areas. Do not hesitate to call us today! Pool Inspection, Pool Cleanup, Pool Cleaning Company, Affordable Pool Cleaning, General Pool Cleaning,
Glamour Services
Business Description: swimming pool maintenance and pressurer washing services.
Business Description: Design and construct inground swimming pools, renovations, repair service.
Barrier Reef Pools, LLC
Business Description: Our one piece in-ground fiberglass swimming pools are constructed using only the most proven gel coats and vinyl ester resins available. This, combined with an average thickness that is greater than industry standards, allows us to produce what we believe is one of the strongest and most reliable in-ground fiberglass swimming pools on the market today. Our confidence in our fiberglass swimming pools is backed by our Lifetime Warranty, in addition to a 10 year non-prorated internal finish warranty.
Barksdale Custom Pools Inc
Business Description: Barksdale Custom Pools is a family owned pool company that strives for success, using top quality products and the newest construction techniques to build the best swimming pools possible. We serve Tallahassee, FL and the surrounding areas. Our services include: - New swimming pool construction - In ground vinyl liner pools - Salt water chlorination systems and pool cleaners - Vinyl over concrete steps - Swimming pool renovations - Pool equipment upgrades and repairs A standard swimming pool construction includes: custom shaped pools, custom built in vinyl over concrete stairs, swim-outs, and tanning shelves. We provide salt sanitation systems in lieu of chlorine and automated pool cleaners to virtually eliminate the need for daily maintenance of your pool. Along with new construction, we also specialize in renovations, liner replacements concrete deck repair and pump and filter installation and repair. We can work within any budget, making suggestions for cost savings as well as offering energy efficient options, saving you money and making your swimming pool as maintenance free as possible. Call Barksdale Custom Pools today for a free estimate.
A-1 Pool Service
Business Description: Pool Maintenance by A-l Pool Service, Licensed, Insured and Certified by the National Swimming Pool Foundation, the finest and friendliest pool service company. We keep swimmers safe by using only the cleanest, safest chemicals when we clean your swimming pool. We are committed to providing the highest quality pool supplies and chemicals to maintain the proper chlorine, pH, alkalinity and stabilizer. Weekly cleanings include: checking of chemical balance; skimming the water surface; vacuuming; emptying skimmer and pump basket; brushing walls and floors; and back washing filter systems. Let pool maintenance be a thing of the past by leaving the worries to us. We'll care for all of your pool cleaning needs and upkeep while you concentrate on the pleasures your pool was intended for. Standard weekly swimming pool maintenance consists of: Skim poo/ spa Vacuum pool Empty baskets / check equipment Brush pool / when needed Backwash filter / add earth Furnish chemicals to maintain balance of pool/ spa water
Symbiont Service Corp
Business Description: Symbiont Service Corp. strives to provide the most cost-effective, energy efficient pool/spa heating and cooling systems available today at a satisfaction level far beyond the customer's expectations. We serve as a dealer/contractor in the State of Florida. We specialize in GeoThermal swimming pool and spa heating and cooling, as well as residential and commercial pool/spa heating and air conditioning installation and service. Symbiont Service Corp is your Lennox Premier Dealer for Charlotte and Sarasota County. Check our website for first time customer coupons.
Pools by Jack LLC
Business Description: Build and renovate vinyl liner swimming pools
Recent Review: The girl in the office was polite and so willing to help! Great employee. Thank you
Pool Tech
Business Description: Pool Tech has been cleaning, servicing, renovating, and repairing swimming pools in the Big Bend area for over 30 years. We have a fleet of five service trucks to give you the best service available

Reviews in Wacissa for Pool Installation

ABlue's Sandblasting
Scott and his crew did a fantastic job in removing the old surface of our swimming pool to prepare it for a new finish. They worked almost non-stop and were extremely responsive to our questions. The clean up when the work was finished was very thorough. All involved appeared to be very experienced at this work and knew what they were doing.
- Martha H....
AGulf Coast Leak Detection
I had a serious leak in my concrete swimming pool.  It is an older pool, built over 30 years ago.  I was losing over two inches per day.  I was unable to pinpoint the source of the leak on my own and decided to call in professional help.  On the advice of a local pool supply company, I contacted Brent at Gulf Coast Leak Detection. Brent came in and started by pressure testing all of the plumbing lines.  He also dove to the bottom of the pool and checked the main drain.  It was determined that the pvc piping was ok, but the hydraulic relief valve inside the main drain was defective and causing most of the leaking.  There was also some leaking around the perimeter of the main drain. Brent replaced the hydraulic valve and also puttied up the leak around the outside of the drain.  It's been some two weeks now, and the pool is holding its' water.  I am very pleased with his work.
- Michael A....
FSalvo Pool and Spa
I hired this company to remove a stain (probably algae) from my pool. The technician was extremely nice, and he recommended we first treat the pool for copper staining. If that didn't work, he said that they could acid wash it. I asked the cost of both treatments. He said the copper treatment would be about $150, and the acid washing would be more but without specifying. I agreed to do both unconditionally. I want the job done! The treatment left a white powder precipitant on the pool floor, and this made the water appear blue and beautiful, but it required vacuuming. So I agreed to pay for vacuuming, though the price was unstated. The chemical treatment took three weeks and was a dismal failure. No improvement. The technician said the company would call me to schedule the acid wash, but I received no call. After that, the technician did not return my phone call message, but the company receptionist said that a manager would call me back. I never heard from anyone. The following week I received an inflated bill for approximately $450 for the failed chemical "treatment". Salvo never called me back to follow up with the acid wash. Bottom line is, inflated billing and very poor service. Seems like a rip off to me, but you make the call. I would never recommend this company to anyone.
- Carlton G....
Swain Pools resurfaced and remodeled our pool and deck, installed new pump and cleaner equipment and installed a new drainage system around our pool and deck. The people from Swain were friendly and professional. The owner Jeff Swain was involved from beginning to end. Not just a salesman but a craftsman, a true professional and a very hard worker. Excellent customer service. Felt like they took a lot of pride in their work and were grateful for our business. We designed a comprehensive plan together, with their professional input (they were not pushy at all) Then Jeff Swain and his crew did exactly what they said they would do and did in on time and on budget - no problems, no hitches. Very friendly and cooperative and trustworthy. The finished product was outstanding - met all our expectations. Once the pool was completed we even signed up for their monthly service. We wholeheartedly recommend Swain Pools to our friends and neighbors - without hesitation or equivocation. Would use them again in a New York minute.
- Kimberley W....
After almost 6 months of excuses, the pool is not repaired and the liner has never even been ordered. All he did on the pool is make a mess that I will have to pay someone to fix. He did some other things of much lower cost, for which I will not pay him until he does the work he has already been paid for. He now claims we are even and finally admits he has no intention of finishing the project
- Tim H....
FThe Pool Shark Pool and Spa
We've had problems with the sand filter from the beginning. We couldn't get them to come out to look at the filter to tell us the problem. They also installed a metal ladder on our deck and the screws pulled out of the deck when we used the ladder. They wouldn't take responsibility for the ladder.
- Karen B....
A total nightmare. Unbelievable combination of hubris and crappy work. Shameless overbilling. We were billed $12,000 for repairing a pool leak that Swain caused when he repaired a faulty pool light. We refused to pay. As he has a habit of doing with many of his former customers, Swain sued us in a Leon County small claims court and we requested a jury trial. He could not produce records to support his exorbitant charges and the jury ruled in our favor. It didn't take the jury very long to decide that Swain's charges were Not justified.The judge assessed Swain $12,000 for our legal costs and he also had to pay his own lawyer. We have been using a different pool service company that unlike Swain keeps our pool water clean. Unfortunately Swain intimidates many customers who would rather pay him than fight. We fought back and won.
- James B....
CPool Tech
It did not go well and we did not use this company.  First, it took a total of three emails to get a reply phone call.  Reason for not calling? "I've been busy."  When asked if his company repaired cracks and painted pools, the answer was "No."  He said the paint would wash off in 6 months.  I know that's not true.  We've painted before, and it lasts at least 3 years or longer. Gave up on the pool, and asked if they repaired leaks in spas.  "NO."    So with us, this company is 0 for 2 tries.  Apparently this was NOT a "match made in heaven."  We won't be using them, and it's clear they won't miss our work since they're so "busy."
- Michael R....