Vero Beach Ductwork Replacment

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Able Air Inc
Award 2018Super Service Award
Business Description: Able Air has become Brevard County's largest residential and commercial service provider along with being Brevard's installation specialist. We have 65+ team members and 37 vehicles all working toward the same goal - Able To Be There When You Need Us. Gary Whitlock has a simple philosophy when it comes to business - Listening. Able Air, Inc. has taken that simple concept and used it as the foundation on which to build one of the largest air conditioning sales and service providers. We care about our customers and employees. We listen to our employees. The 65 team members employed at Able Air have ideas that help make our business and reputation grow. Mr. Whitlock also believes in loyalty to employees and customers. In the business world of buy-outs and consolidations we have established a hometown business devoted to providing sales and service without having to answer to out of town corporate heads with their minds strictly on the price ledger. We go out of our way to make sure our customers are happy with all our products and services. "Able To Be There When You Need Us" is our motto and Able Air has kept that promise for more than 27 years. Able Air provides 24-hour service with 37 vehicles on the road.

Reviews in Vero Beach to Replace Ductwork

FAble Air Inc
The work initially appeared to be professionally done, the crews were freindly and appeared to be knowledgeable. 1. Nine months later, the downstairs condensate pump refused to evacuate the condensate, causing A/C unit to keep shutting down and condensate to backup and overflow into the garage. Able aire designed the A/C system and put in the wrong condensate pump then tried to charge me $458 to identify their problem and replace the inadequate pump. I refused to pay and asked to speak to the supervisor. After multiple invoices and no return call from the supervisor, Able Air dropped the charge. Now for the fun stuff.2. Able Air installed a new plenum upstairs but undersized the new air return. The tech onsite knew it was too small and expressed concern but proceeded as directed. We had mold and mildew on our shoes and clothing in the closet so I installed a 20 x 20 air return myself and that corrected the upstairs mold and mildew problem.3. Approximately 2 years later we started having a musty smell in the downstairs which grew progressively worse until it became intolerable in 2011. We had nasty black mold in the majority of the downstairs ductwork that was so thick you could scrape it off with a knife, about 1/8 to 1/4 inch in thickness depending on how close the ductwork was to the air handler. As it turns out, Able Air increased the size of the downstairs A/C unit without adding the necessary additional ductwork required for a unit of that size. In addition, the ducting from the new addition was kinked and pinched almost inside the drywall covering the ductwork, causing poor airflow into the Air handler. It has cost me $2,300 to have the proper additional ductwork installed, ductwork cleaned of heavy mold, sealed to prevent regrowth of mold and have new humidistats installed to replace ineffective and cheap thermostats speced by ABle Air. I may have to ultimately have the downstairs ductwork replaced at a cost of upwards of $10,000 for drywall removal, new ductwork and new drywall and painting. I am less than happy with the work that was done and it has been a very costly error for me to correct.
- Gary M....