Venus Sump Pump Replacement

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Budget Waterproofing Inc
Recent Review: Called on Friday, came out to survey on Saturday, installed on Monday. Cant ask for better service.

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BBudget Waterproofing Inc
UPDATED. Let me start by saying that when I bought by house, the basement would flood with every rain storm.Then, I got downspouts fixed up, and then it would be a little damp after each rain storm, maybe a puddle in the corner. After budget waterproofing came, my basement has been dry. So, satisfied customer, right? Well the only issue was a misunderstanding between the sales person and the team doing the job. The sales man was a nice guy, who promised everything would be great and he would get me a great price for the work. He said it would be "glass board" running 4 feet up the walls (he did explain that this was tiles made of plastic). He showed me pictures of what the finished work would like, he emphasized the great deal they offered on these premium quality products. We agreed to $5500 total quote. Then a few weeks later, when the team came to do the work, they said that these plastic glassboard panels would not work on my kind of foundation, that was "really just for concrete block walls. Instead, we should put up high quality "fiber-reinforced sheeting." Well, they did, and it works. Not the best aesthetic result, but will work with lifetime guarantee, they say. They suggested I could put up drywall and really finish it, and I think I will. There has not been a drop in the 6 months since I did the work. I complained about the appearance and the fact they it was nothing like what they had told me during the sales pitch. They said the materials they used were good and the price difference for using this reinforced plastic sheet material was only $250 less that putting up the panels. They also gave me a further $200 discount for the misunderstanding regarding glassboard. All I said, it looks like it will keep out the water, but will have to put up drywall over it to achieve a finished look.
- Carol S....