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Business Description: We don't just clean for you we neutralize your home! We fill it with Peace & Harmony. We are a Certified Asthma & Allergy Friendly Company, so we only use the best name brand products. Why settle for just clean? Regular cleaning products can seem clean to the untrained eye, but they can leave behind toxic chemicals.We pride ourselves in the research we do to get the best, natural, and Eco-Friendly products for you. So give us a try! We won't let you down!
Business Description: Registered with the Division of Corporations; Insured with USLI; over 15 years experience in the housekeeping/janitorial industry.
Business Description: SOLID & EFFICIENT??!! SANITY BEGINS HERE!!! Office and home ORGANIZING and/ or CLEANING!! COOKING or juicing available!!We customize our wonderful service and staff!! ABC Services began (1996) as a mother & daughter service & grew! We've always customized SERVICES & PRO-RATE hours --you get what you're paying for, not a FLAT-FEE! Real Estate Move-In / Move-Out's, Offices / Homes / Filing / PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, We can feed pets & water PLANTS! It's a WIN-WIN for BOTH!! 615-428-6575
Recent Review: Susanna has made my home a pleasure to live in. Myself and my two children have efficient working rooms, bedrooms closets bathrooms kitchen living room and even my garage space for my crafts.. Unbelievably I even have extra space. My office filing system and paperwork my office filing system and paperwork have been organized filed. There is no don't to hiring Susanna only do!!
Business Description: We are a full custom manufacturer of home organization solutions. We do not buy pre- made or pre-cut parts and install kits! We design, manufacture and install all our products, direct from our factory to your home. Everything is built in our Orlando and /or Tampa factory using Florida based employees and materials. Standard and exotic stained wood materials are available as well.
Business Description: Goodwin Home Organizing is a professional organizing company missioned to help you and your family make sense of the mess. We offer residential decluttering, commercial organizing, move organization, garage and home clear-out, as well as, helping you maximize your home and storage space. No matter the size of the job, we are here to make sure you feel peaceful where you are at. As a married couple devoted to family, we are passionate about making sure that you are able to enjoy your life with your family and friends, free of the clutter and stress that disorganization brings. We are an owner-operated small business and cannot wait to work with you in the future!
Business Description: Energetic Organizing is a professional home organizing business. We specialize in organizing with energy principles such as Marie Kondo's method.
Business Description: E-Organizing offers home organizing service in just about any area in your home. Our goal is to come up with a personalized organizational system to help you stay organized.
Recent Review: I have used Kirsten at Imagine Home Organization several times since I moved to the area, and plan to continue to hire her to help with home organization. She is excellent!

Reviews in University Of South Florida to Organize Homes

- Criss S....
AHome Joy
My wife and I were doing our best to maintain our home in a balanced manner, without acquiring unnecessary items nor allowing much clutter. Yet we continued to feel like we were not satisfied. The we hired Field Play and Mr. Christopher Beers guided us skillfully and patiently through the Konmari method to truly upgrade our physical living space into a clean and harmonious sanctuary. Additionally, a benefit I had not expected was the emotional clearing that we experienced as we let go of attachments to items that did not “spark joy” and felt the freedom of release of these lesser things in order to receive a higher quality lifestyle. Over a year later, our family is practicing the methods we learned with Field Play and truly are enjoying our clean, tidy, magical home. We are forever grateful to Christopher for helping us to see the benefit of living light.
- Jamie B....
AThe Functional Space
I am so happy that I hired Olga to take care of my cluttered home (including garage). She did such an amazing job. She had great ideas and did a fantastic job of getting me organized and putting stuff in order. She also help me with some interior design that ended up looking great. I love coming home to my new space and relaxing. :-) I HIGHLY recommend hiring her.
- Lee D....
ACreatively Organizing
Very well - Judy is the best. She’s gets it! She has the ability to see things in an orderly fashion so that your possessions are located and placed in your home where they should be... a skill that I seriously lacked!
- Linda H....
AFairyDust Services Inc
Donna came to my house to provide her organization skills. She listened to me, observed my needs, and by the time she left we had developed a procedure to prioritize the projects that would effectively maintain the order in my home.  I expect to consult with her in regard to her many services.
- Roseann P....
AImagine Home Organization
I have used Kirsten at Imagine Home Organization several times since I moved to the area, and plan to continue to hire her to help with home organization. She is excellent!
- Stacey W....
ATampa Bay Professional Organizers
I met Doreen who was very pleasant and professional and friendly to my dog. We met initially to assess my situation and she gave me ideas how to organize my sewing room. She also had brochures offering organizational products but did not pressure me to buy anything, preferring to utilize what I already had on hand. I scheduled a followup session to tackle my sewing room. Within four hours we had everything in its place and I had a functional sewing room again. I was very pleased with Doreen's services and hope to use her again when I am ready to tackle my home office.
- Sarah L....
AMission Organizing
She is very good. She knows what she is doing. She is very friendly, nice, and is very flexible with the schedule. She is located 2 hours away from me. She is very knowledgeable in this type of work as well. I would highly recommend her.
- Carmen B....
ASusan's Organizing Solutions LLC
Great! I am so glad I hired Susan. I could not have ever gotten those rooms organized or everything ready for the yard sale. I wanted to stop so many times when she was here but she was so energizing I just kept plugging on. Thanks Susan! I hope I never need you again but if I do I have your number! ;)
- Amber S....
AProfessional Organizing Services Inc
This company offered a deal on Angie's list.  I purchased their services as a gift to my husband to organize his study.  They came in and gave suggestions that we actually could complete ourselves.  While at our home to assess the project Tammy and Jim looked at the garage and laundry room.  We decided to have them start in the study and if any more time was available move to the next project.  They work fast!  You get your money's worth and then some.  There is little talking without working at the same time.  The ability of these people to multi-task places them head and shoulders above the rest!  Because we are organizing kind of people, they made suggestions and we followed them.  Also, they came prepared and worked every minute - not even breaking for lunch!  The garage has all our tools in a logical place and accessible.  They know their stuff and what works and they work in an economical way with the brackets and design of the space.   Daily I walk into my home through the garage into the laundry room.  They came up with a solution that makes doing laundry a breeze.  Doing laundry has always been a chore.  Their willingness to listen to MY concerns and then make a recommendation based on how I live and work made this chore easier than ever and took away the dread.   Often as we drive into the garage, where we park both cars, we comment on the help Tammy and Jim gave. This year we retrieved all our outdoor Christmas decorations from the attic and they were organized in such a way that it made putting them up easier and saved us a huge amount of time. We liked their work so much that we hired them for MORE time than just the Angie's deal and, even at their special extended Angie's list rate, were the best bang for the buck I've ever experienced in the Home Organization arena.  I've worked with 3 others and deleted them from my IPhone.  There's only one name now.  You will have no regrets and their talent and willingness to teach one how to "keep it up" makes them the only choice for me.
- Ruthie P....