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Business Description: The Yard Stop Lawn & Pest Control company is a full service division of The Yard Stop. We can provide you with all of your lawn application and pest control needs. The Yard Stop is also Ocala’s premier equipment and landscape supply store. We offer in-stock merchandise ranging from mowers, edgers, blowers, sprayers, trimmers, chainsaws and more. To visit our showroom and garden center come see us at 4160 W. Hwy 40 Ocala, Florida 34482
Recent Review: Great job. Am hiring him for front yard too!!!

Reviews in Sparr to Spread Gravel

Terry was never on time for appointments or just didn't show up at all and never called to keep us informed as to when he would be arriving. It took him 6 weeks to complete a job that should have taken a week or less.  Terry had assured us verbally that he guaranteed everything for one year and that he would replace any plants that died free of charge (which is not uncommon, since even some large retail chains have a 1-year guarantee on live plants). We sent Terry an email in which we questioned the fact that his guarantee was not in writing.  He seemed offended that we had even asked and stated in his reply email that he had given us a verbal guarantee, but that he would put it in writing, but he never did.  In April, we contacted Terry because some plants had not lived and the fountain had again stopped working. After he ignored our voice messages for several weeks and failed to show for 2 appointments, we filed a complaint with the BBB. Terry scheduled an appointment for June 4 to do the work, saying he wanted to resolve the issue, but texted 2 hours before the appointment to say he was "running behind as usual". He rescheduled for June 5.  Once again, 2 hours before the appointment on June 5, he texted to say that he would not be here that day or any other day because there was no written guarantee. Blue Creek missed the first BBB deadline of June 6 to reply, however a reply was filed with the BBB by Terry on June 19 in which he claims there was no guarantee in writing (even though there are emails and texts from him confirming the guarantee and several upkept appointments made by him to honor it) and that the plants died because we didn't water them.  It's hard to understand why any business would risk their reputation because of a few dead plants and a fountain repair.   In short, you cannot rely on any appointment or verbal guarantee you are given by Terry O'Dell.  Make sure you get everything in writing so he cannot deny it later.  Public records indicate a fictitious name registration for Blue Creek Nursery Landscaping  was filed with the State of Florida on 6/10/13, by Terry O'Dell.  If you are in the market for professional landscaping, our advice is to save yourself a lot of hassle and headaches and find a business that has a proven track record. The business card for Terry O?Dell of Blue Creek Nursery Landscaping which we were provided indicates "state licensed and insured", however, we were never provided with any copy of the license and/or insurance.
- Diane G....
ASunshine Pavers
Sunshine Pavers came out to get some ideas of what we were looking for in our backyard. Budget was a huge concern, basically we didn't have much money to spend! We wanted our above ground pool to look nice and we mostly had a big sand pit instead of grass.  They came up with some neat ideas for a patio design that included a raised area by the pool. They suggested to minimise cost to use pavers bought from the manufacturer that were "ends of runs" and they would blend them to look really nice. We did buy our own pavers that we got at a crazy low price (Sunshine told us where to go....thank-you! And thank-you for not making money on the pavers from us!!) True to their word, Sunshine Pavers made a fantastic blend out of the pavers we bought, it looks like the pavers all came from a professional blend! They also created a retaining wall and back filled it with stairs leading up to the pool. These guys worked with us every step of the way, even having us draw with spray paint the curved design of the patio. I wish I could post a picture of our yard for all to see.....looks incredible. They even stayed one night until 10 pm under lights to finish the job. After all was said and done, we had them tear out the bit of grass around the patio and install landscape fabric covered with gravel. It looks great with no weeds or maintenance required. As a final step, I had them clean and seal the pavers to protect their color. I highly recommend giving this company a try! They are very reasonably priced and will work with you on any budget. I didn't think I would be able to get the yard I now have on my budget and I can't say thank-you enough!!!!
- Nicole S....