Singer Island Termite Treatment

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Recent Review: They performed a termite treatment.
Business Description: Family owned and operated fumigation company.
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Recent Review: I think it went well? Representative was very professional and knowledgeable. I did not follow him around to see what he did but I'm pretty sure my termite infested ficus trees are doing much better (some I thought were dead are reviving). I have to assume he did the house and that I'm good (I did not have a problem in the house). I did have a palmetto bug problem where I was throwing out 10 bodies a week (at least) he said he could fix that problem too. Not sure what he did (fogged the attic?) but I have seen a big improvement. Maybe I throw out 1-2 bodies a week now if any. So I would recommend them. They did a better job than my monthly exterminator service has done in 14 years!
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Award 2018Super Service Award
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Recent Review: Super experience. I called for an appointment, Rene came out after phoning ahead to let me know. We discussed what I needed, he measured the house and the detached garage, gave me an estimate in minutes. We called a week later to schedule the appointment. Within days Rene was back with Vikane proof bags and instructions, he walked the perimeter of the house again to check for any potential problems for his crew, and answered any questions I had. A couple of days later (Tuesday) I got the call that the tenting crew would be showing up the scheduled day between 2-6 pm. They came around 4 pm (Wednesday) after Chris called and said they were on their way and had the property tented and gas in by 5:30. Only one crew chief enters the structure to place the lines, fans, and doorlocks. This was the first company we have used (third tenting in 25 years) which injected the gas in two separate locations in the house (flat roof, no attic), so I'm more assured that the Vikane spread through and covered the entire structure. I checked the property several times on Thursday. The tent stayed on a full day. I got a phone call from George on Friday morning letting us know it was safe to occupy the home again. We came home to find the keys where asked him to put them. If you did not see the tent on the house, it would be difficult to know that Captain Termite was even there. Nothing broken, no clips left on the ground, house secured after they left and all windows closed. We're very pleased as it seems difficult to find a tenting company with good reviews. I'd highly recommend Captain Termite.
Recent Review: We just bought a house, and used to use this company in our old town. We got four estimates including one from them. Their estimate was about 1/2 the cost of the next closest bid. When the service people came out, they did a complete inspection of the property and did a really great initial service. Looking around the house 3 days later, I see thousands of dead ants and other bugs that we were providing room and board to without our knowledge. Definitely worth the money, and we'll be using them for our regular pest and termite service.
Recent Review: I then was referred from a neighbor about Action Pest and Termite Control. So, I then contacted them they where so friendly and assured me they will take care of the roach problem. Within 3 days Action pest control came to my house to spray. The mans name is Jeffrey. He was so nice and assured me they will go away. Within a week I did notice a BIG difference. He said we will have to spray again in a month to make sure they don't come back. I then called them for a 2nd visit after a month. Jeffrey came out again and sprayed. Just with these 2 visit I have noticed a tremendous difference. I will continue to have Jeffery come out every other month to spray inside and outside to keep these roaches away. I finally wasn't seeing these nasty roaches anymore. There service was beyond what I expected. If you have a roach problem definitely contact Action Pest Control.
Recent Review: So far so good.  Did it take care of the issue?  Time will tell. Palm Coast responded in a timely manner, called me ahead so that I knew when to expect the technician and appeared to have experience with this problem.  The technician impressed me as knowledgable.
Business Description: Additional phone numbers - (800) 222 8250, (561) 393-1213, (954) 421-9097, (954) 421-1729, (954) 421-9286, (954) 427-8552, (954) 753-5321.
Business Description: Family owned and operated, over 15 years of experience, Specializing in general household pest control mosquito suppression
Recent Review: JOE really does good work. We recommend them highly! Their professionalism and courtesy shine through.? EXCELLENT SERVICE EXCELLENT RATE

Reviews in Singer Island to Treat Termites

AAmerican Pest Solutions
JOE really does good work. We recommend them highly! Their professionalism and courtesy shine through.? EXCELLENT SERVICE EXCELLENT RATE
- Newman M....
APest Eliminators Inc
Just recently saw a deal posted on here for termite treatment for half the price that I paid.
- Vincent L....
AHulett Environmental Svcs-Pest & Termite Control
The company and representatives were very accomodating and responsive.  I needed the work done quickly for an ispection and they were out the next morning exactly when promised.  It was a small job but they had a $150 minimum which I did not think was unreasonable especially at such a short notice.  The only thing that bothered me was that they would not honor the Angies coupon due to minimum cost.
- John Z....
The Terminix home inspector found dry wood termites. He explained to me that they would apply a spot treatment as well as treat the entire attic. He took my credit card info and had me sign several signature boxes on his tablet and told me the agreement would be emailed to me. 3 days later, the technician arrived to perform the treatment. I told him I hadn’t received the contract yet & he told me it would be emailed later. I asked him to confirm that the entire attic would be treated and he assured me it would. After he left, I received a document that said “Local or spot treatment only”, and that the area treated was only 2 feet x 2 feet. I placed multiple calls to Terminix customer service requesting a written document confirming that the entire attic was treated. They gave me verbal assurances that this was done but never provided me with any proof. I was charged $1344.00 for a 2x2 foot termite treatment. They deliberately concealed the details of the service agreement from me until it was done and they had charged my credit card. It’s nearly a month later, and they won’t return my calls or provide me with the documentation I asked for. This company is fraudulent. Don’t hire them!
- Natalie F....
ANozzle Nolen Inc
I have a monthly service with them. I paid about $900 for a one time termite treatment and I pay about $60 as a monthly fee. The price I pay and the quality of their work have been good.
- Sandra T....
FShip Shape Pest Control
This company did the termite inspection on the house we bought. We called them to come out to treat the termites and rodent problem. They arrived an average of 45 minutes late all 6 times they had to come out to complete the job they originally said should take 1 hour. While in the attic they put a hole in our bathroom ceiling which none of the workers wanted to own up to. They did spray for termites the first time they came and they said they completed the rodent treatment but after looking in the attic they clearly did not. They said they would remove all the hazardous rat waste from the attic, seal the entry points, leave bait and sanitize the attic. The next day I spoke to the owner and he assured me they would be back the next day but they were so late I couldn't wait any longer and needed to go to work. They came back on saturday but the guys who showed up said they were told they needed to fix the bathroom fan. They were not prepared to fix a ceiling or finish the rodent treatment so they took pictures and said they would speak to the owner and call me back. The guy called me back 2 hours after he said he would to say he hadn't heard back from the owner yet but someone would be there monday. Monday morning came and they called to say they couldn't come out that day. Tuesday they sent out Curt (who seems to be the best employee they have) but he also wasn't given the correct info and wasn't able to complete the job that day but he did repair the hole in the ceiling. Curt assured me he would be back wednesday to complete the job and he did. If it wasn't for Curt I was ready to give up and call another company to come out and redo what wasn't done by the other guys. Curt definitely saved the day!
- Kerri F....
AHulett Environmental Svcs-Pest & Termite Control
The company sent an entomologist to the initial meeting and performed a thorough inspection of the property.  If they find termites at any point during the contract, they the area at no additional cost.  Hulett has always been very prompt, responsive, and professional on all of its subsequent visits.
- Karen R....
ABeach Environmental Pest Control
They are thorough. They have a great prices. There are two guys who come. One checks the bait stations. They other checks inside. They are dedicated to checking until there are no more termites in the bait stations.
- Joan L....
APetri Pest Control Services, Inc.
Petri was helpful, professional, and knowledgeable of all areas of pest control. They continued to work with us as the ticks did not go away until 5 treatments inside of the house and 2 treatments outside of the house, all included in the initial price. When we had the house assessed for termite preventative measures, they were up front and honest that we did not need it as it had been provided prior treatment. Another company actually tried to sell us the same treatment we already had in their quote for the ticks. I would DEFINITELY use Petri again, and will in the future.
- Kellie M....
CHulett Environmental Svcs-Pest & Termite Control
I wasn?t too thrilled with them because the guy couldn?t find the termites and so I didn?t use them. He didn?t perform a thorough inspection as the other company did. I didn?t feel comfortable in using their services. I wouldn?t use their services in the future.
- Sandra T....