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Business Description: At College Hunks Hauling Junk and Moving, our team understands that there are a variety of reasons why people call us. Whether you’re transitioning through a life-changing event, or just need a quick and efficient service visit, we’re always happy to help make your next local or long distance move easy.
Business Description: Family owned since 1992. Serving the greater Florida area. Veteran crew working to the highest standard.
Recent Review: Great job. Very nice family that worked together and got the job done. Very courteous and friendly. Even swept out garage when finished !
Recent Review: Excellent! They were on time, efficient and courteous. I will use again.
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Recent Review: Excellent. Got here on time, had enough crew to do the job, cleaned up afterwards and removed debris. Couldn't ask for better job!

Reviews in Saint Augustine to Demolish and Remove Structures

ALets go momma junk hauling & removal
Great job. Very nice family that worked together and got the job done. Very courteous and friendly. Even swept out garage when finished !
- Rhonda R....
ALets go momma junk hauling & removal
I will start at the beginning of my story and tell you why I called "Let's Go Mama".  I had scheduled a JUNK removal company that charges by the amount of space in their truck that you use up.  I told them I had old carpet, debris, yard waste and fencing.  They came 4 hours after the "appointment window" and arrived without shovels.  I was quoted $492, which was ridiculous for the amount I had, and I let them know I was not happy about the quote.  They couldn't do the job without shovels, and told me they would return with the "owner" the next day.  I guess that was so the "owner" could tell my why they were going to charge me so much.   At this point I was very irritated since the charge was so high and my garbage was still at my home, and I would be waiting all the next day for them to come back to pick it up.   After thinking about it, I decided I didn't want this company to send anyone back to my house.  I don't need to be argued with or ripped off.  I decided there had to be better options out there.  I cancelled the next day pick up, and started my search for a better service.   I found "Let's Go Mama" on Craigslist, and decided to give them a try.  I emailed Jenn and she responded back within 15 minutes.  I emailed her pics of the garbage and she quoted me just $200.  I got back to her and we scheduled a pick up for later that day.   Let's Go Mama, arrived on time with shovels, garbage cans, wheel barrows etc, all on a huge trailer.  It wasn't as "cute" as the truck from the other company, but it got the job done, and for a whole lot less!  Jenn introduced her husband and two sons, who instantly got to work.  I had forgotten to mention the fencing that I wanted hauled away, and when I showed her the additional materials she added a very reasonable $50 to the charge for a total of $250.  (1/2 of what the other company was going to charge). They quickly loaded all of the material to be hauled away and completely swept up the area.  They are a family business, and were easy to schedule, punctual, polite, efficient, and very reasonably priced.  Who could ask for anything more?  
- Arlene K....
ATree Work By Mitch Drake & Sons
Excellent. Got here on time, had enough crew to do the job, cleaned up afterwards and removed debris. Couldn't ask for better job!
- John S....
AWe Pull Weeds
We pull weeds showed up right on time. Was very professional. I had them remove junk from one of my flipped properties. Not only did they do a great job removing the junk, they also swept up and cleaned the area. I would definitely recommend and use them again.
- Chris B....
                  I needed a turmeric smoothie and 2 Aleve caplets for my headache after dealing with this company.  I found this company online for their junk removal service.  Their website clearly states " If you are looking to get your junk removed on a specific day and time please call our office in advance to schedule ahead."  Called on a Monday and was told that I would NOT be able to schedule a set time for junk removal.  I was also told I would NOT be given an estimated time of arrival either.  I explained that I am a property investor so I do not reside at the location where the junk removal will take place, and I live on the other side of town.  I also informed them that the house is without utilities, therefore it would need to be done during daylight hours.  They told me I would be given a phone call one hour ahead of time before arrival.  This company was also in a rush to get credit card info into their system a few days prior to junk removal.   So pretty much in a nutshell one has to wait the entire day for their phone call that they're on the way. I cleared out my schedule for this specific day.  Still up until about 4pm I never received a call.  I decided to call to inquire about the scheduled pick up I reserved 2 days prior. The girl on the phone asked for almost all of my info again and had no clue what I was speaking about.   I told her all of this had been provided already and credit card info was provided as well.  She then stated she didn't have access to the scheduling info. Hmmm I should have known then if the receptionist did not have info of my junk removal day, address, name, or card info it was a red flag.  I then explained the situation once more about this job needing to be done before dark.  I had been waiting all day on this company, so she stated she will call driver to get time of arrival.  She then tells me the driver will be at the location at 5pm.  I traveled from one side of town to another in a timely fashion.  I then sat in my car for 45 mins with no sign of any truck driving up or down the street.  By this time the sun is going down and this house is in a seedy area of town.  I then called the office back to back for 10 minutes straight to no avail.  I then blocked my phone number and tried a few more times and finally got someone on the line.  I explained my situation to the lady at the office.  She called the driver who stated he was just leaving oceanway heading to the westside in rush hour traffic.  I knew it would be another 35 mins or so by the time they arrive.  The lady then told me she would be in the office up until 6pm and to call her if I need anything else.  By this time the sun has gone down, and I am still waiting in my car. I figured I had been waiting on this company all day long like bozo the clown, so I might as well get out the flashlights so they can get to work when they pull up. At this point I didn't care about it being dark or being in an unsafe neighborhood alone waiting on these people.  Rain, snow, sleet or hail I wanted to get this junk removed asap! Another 20 minutes go by so I call the office again the same lady answered she called the driver again and gave him my number because they were closing.  At this point my total wait time was 1 1/2 hours.  The driver calls and tells me his gps tells him he will reach me in another 25 mins so I continue to wait in my car.   30 minutes later they pull up and the first thing the driver says to me is a complaint about the neighborhood, and two cops trying to get around the truck.  I then show him junk that needs to be removed expecting a price quote.  However, I am told that Arwood removes the junk, loads the truck, take pics of truck with junk in it, sends pics to office THEN I will receive a price quote. So a customer cannot be given a quote until after the job is complete??? I had to scratch my head on that one! Arwood's website clearly states  "Our rates are based on the amount and type of junk being removed. Until we see what is to BE removed, we can't provide you with an exact price. Once on-site, simply indicate what you would like us to remove and a service representative will provide you with a no-obligation free estimate. If you're pleased with the quote we come prepared to begin the job right away!"  I explained what I saw on the company website regarding the price quote.  They then explain to me how they were called all the way from palm coast to do this junk removal because all the other drivers had clocked out. (This statement alone was very telling.  I knew right away this company had NO INTENTION whatsoever of providing me with their service that I had scheduled 2 days prior) They also go on to complain about it being dark and the house having no utilities on etc.  I am then asked if I can reschedule for the next day.  The driver calls his boss Mr. Diggers on speakerphone he states how busy they are the following day doing recyclables in Amelia Island so they will try to fit me in later in the day.  OH NO!  I was done with this company!  I told the driver don't worry about it.   Upon taking 2 aleve and drinking my tumeric smoothie I was finally able to get some much needed sleep after a day wasted on Arwood Waste/Arwood Junk Removal whatever they are called.  I was awakened from my slumber by a phone call from none other than Arwood Waste.  Did I receive any apology or any concern from the events that transpired the day before? OH NO!  I was simply told that my "junk" would need 4 truckloads to be removed. A $1500 job? (I don't believe that).  Get this I was also addressed by my first name no decorum used to call me Ms.(last name).  I was half asleep and told them I will call back.  Will I call back? NOPE!  Later in the day I received a total of 7 calls and one message from the driver from the night before.  He goes on to state in his message that they are scheduled for a curbside pick up? LOL!  At this point I just pictured myself in Mongolia reciting Buddhist chants in the mountains with monks.  This is a joke right?  Curbside pickup???  From Arwood's Website: "We remove junk and unwanted materials/items from residential and commercial properties. Our rates include all labor, loading of the materials from ANYWHERE on your property, clean up and all disposal/recycling fees. We provide all customers with an up-front written estimate BEFORE any work begins." I come from a  west african/muslim  background so I have a very "ethnic"/non european name.  I'm not sure if this contributed in any way to why I was handled in this fashion by this company.  Junk removals seem to be at the bottom of the totem pole from what I experienced.  I will now use Salvation Army to remove the majority of the "junk" for free.  Salvation Army also gives you a 3 hour widow for time of arrival.  I recommend Salvation Army vs. going with Arwood.  If you have items that Salvation Army cannot accept take my advice and go with another junk removal company.  It will save you a lot of wasted time and a headache.  
- Aiesha A....