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Business Description: Tommy's Glass & Mirror Co, Inc. is the only full service glass company located in Bay County,Florida and has serviced Bay and the surrounding counties for over 39 years. As can be seen on the company's website, it services both residential and commercial customers with a full line of glass products, including auto glass. The Company's commercial customers include retail outlets, malls, shopping centers, restaurants, hotels, motels, condominiums and local and national contractors. Residential customers include local and regional contractors and homeowners in Northwest Florida. The Company provides services to auto insurance companies in the replacement of windshields and other auto-related glass items for their insured, both those insured living in the area and those who are traveling thru on vacation. The Company's auto glass service covers an area extending 60+ miles in three different directions from its base in Panama City, Fl. As can be seen on the company's website, it provides a full line of commercial products including all types of glass storefront, window walls and sliding doors for hotels, motels and condominiums. Not only does the company provide installation for new structures, it normally has a number of retrofit contracts during the off season, as the hotels, motels and condominiums focus on the off season for major repairs of this sort. The company services residential customers in several ways. Tub and shower enclosures for new homes or remodeling jobs are a large part of the company's business year round. Customized mirrors and mirror walls, table tops and glass in cabinet doors are among the other products the company provides to residential customers on a regular basis. Replacement of broken or fogged window units for residential customers is another service provided by the Company.
Business Description: Oasis employees 4 full-time employees. One full-time in shop as manufacturing window screens and screen doors. 3 full time technicians installing, replacing hardware, screening porches.
Recent Review: The quality is good but not for the price, as it was much higher than other companies. They seem like a really good company. They make their own windows so we couldn't compare them, but we wanted to go with a known window maker company.
Recent Review: Outstanding!  Tim Porter is versatile, professional, prompt, persistent and personable.  I recommend him highly.  The work was completed in 2.5 days.  Tim accepted and completed a part of the job (the skylight shafts) that two other "handymen" had refused to consider.  When through, he left the work areas spic and span.

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DEcoView Windows and Doors
SECOND UPDATE:  Regardless of the quality of the product they provide, Ecoview is not a company we would ever recommend to anyone based on their customer service, responsiveness and professionalism.  We had an additional slider and 3 additional windows replaced.  In the process we were horribly dissatisfied with the communication and responsiveness of the company, as well as the professionalism of the installer for this particular set of hardware, and the owner for his lack of follow-up.  Previous rating indicated grades of A for professionalism and B for communication and responsiveness, which were generous and given in deference to the particular installation team for the original windows and doors...those are lowered to F for all 3 at this point.  We still do not have a functioning screen door on one of the original sliders, installed in September 2013.  They have failed to order, ordered the incorrect item, then failed to order again.  When the additional windows and slider were installed, the screen for the slider was not included, as it should have been. It took my husband at least 4 phone calls to get that screen ordered and for him to schedule someone to come install it (no proactivity on the part of Ecoview to do any of this). The installer failed to come on the indicated day, which resulted in my husband being at home all day waiting with no contact from Ecoview until after 4pm that no one was coming. When the installer came with the screen, he screwed the lock catch in place through the door frame, such that the screws are visible and not anchored in the wall.  Again, another 4+ phone calls to find out the status of the September 2013 screen door.  Finally, my husband called the owner, explained the saga to him, and asked him to take responsibility.  The owner ASSURED my husband he would work the screen replacement and repair of the incorrectly installed screen personally.  Here we are 2 months later, and the owner has been no better than the rest of the people we've been talking with on the phone.  It explains a lot about the reason they act the way they do.  A month ago, the owner was "sure" the screen would be in the next week and they'd be out right away to install.  They should have installed today, but alas, no one checked to see which city the screen had been shipped to...not the city the installer went to in order to pick it up.  Of course, the owner didn't check his voicemails until nearly 6pm, and no one else at the company had a clue, so again, my husband spent the day at the house waiting for Ecoview.  If you tally up all the phone calls, all the days at home with no show service, all the mornings waiting for contractors to make the drive from Pensacola to Niceville to start their day, etc, my husband has easily spent a week of his time waiting for Ecoview.  Owner still can't tell us when someone will make the effort to come install the required screen and fix the poorly installed screen.  UPDATE:  All the windows and sliders are in, and we are extremely happy with the quality of the product.  The sliders move so effortlessly, as do the windows.  The crew took great care to clean all the glass surfaces very well when they were done, as well as the window frames, etc.  Everything was very well caulked and sealed when they were done.  Our biggest frustration was the punctuality of and communication by the installation team.  Bottom line:  if the installers are coming from Pensacola to Niceville/Ft Walton/Destin, they probably will not arrive at your site until 9am, which was definitely later than we were accustomed to for the contractors we had been dealing with for other work around the house. The demonstration was very thorough and informative.  He walked us through every option and every upgrade individually so we could understand price drivers.   Finally, he did research for options for EcoView to replace a large 4-door slider to determine if and how they could replace that opening as well.
- Maria W....
AReliable Handyman
Outstanding!  Tim Porter is versatile, professional, prompt, persistent and personable.  I recommend him highly.  The work was completed in 2.5 days.  Tim accepted and completed a part of the job (the skylight shafts) that two other "handymen" had refused to consider.  When through, he left the work areas spic and span.
- Robert W....