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Business Description: We offer Professional Metal Framing, Drywall and Acoustic ceiling services in Tampa Bay and it's surrounding areas. We do all phases of Drywall; Hanging, Finishing, Texturing, Popcorn Removal and Drywall Repairs.
Recent Review: Pete was great.  He was punctual, neat, super nice and so was his assistant.  He had great ideas on how to fix things and I'm sharing his contact information with neighbors and friends.
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Business Description: Husband and wife service team, since 2004. Residential interior re-painting specialists. Walls, trim, ceilings, texturing, wallpaper removal, concrete painting and epoxy floor coatings. Service areas include northern Pinellas and Hillsborough as well as west Pasco and Hernando. Visit us at http://www.EdStaibPainting.com.
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Recent Review: I was blown away by the professionalism and sheer quality of the work.  The very first thing Eric did was prep the room to ensure none of my daughter's bedroom would be damaged by debris.  He hung a 360 degree shield of plastic around the spot to be repaired.  He spent approximately an hour prepping the site and than the ADS owner showed up and checked all the work and finished the product.  I will definitely use them again in the future for any drywall job, big or small. 
Business Description: We are Family owned and operated. We accept cash, checks, and most Major Credit Cards.
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Recent Review: I needed a fair amount of work done quickly.  ATI's prices were not as competitive as another contractor but they would have required a 4 week wait to start work.  I believe their pricing structure is fair with respect to other companies that specialize in remodeling, but not as competitive as smaller companies.  There was some minor touch up to the garage painting after the initial work and I would have liked to have had a better surface prep. That being said, the surface prep was not called out in detail in the work order, so ATI did meet their contractual obligations.  Jack Z was very responsive and the crew was great. Would hire again.
Recent Review: Their work is always excellent. Top quality. They show up when they say they will and they keep in communication through the life of the project. Our home is over 50 years old so there have been a few unanticipated problems which Phil and his team have dealt with, most of the time at no additional charge and with little to no delay. I am so satisfied with their work I don't even call anyone else any more.
Recent Review: 1080 Communications was a pleasure to work with from start to finish.  They designed, quoted and installed everything, including tv mounts, blu ray players, video receiver, audio amplifier and speakers.  Good problem solvers.  The technician was very professional and easy to work with.  The results exceeded our original goals.  Would highly recommend this company for any home theater, audio or video installation work.
Business Description: At The Southeast Team we specialize in all aspects of residential home remodeling and renovations as well as lawn care and moving. We have the Team to fit your needs.
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Recent Review: Chris was professional and did a great job. Will definitely use him again.

Reviews in Riverview to Remove Popcorn Ceiling

ABill Livingston Inc
They were great. Bill returned my calls from the start. He came and provided a awesome quote. Was able to start quickly and on time. Did a great job on the ceiling and replaced drywall where we took down the soffit in the bathroom. He also touched up a few other odds and ends and did not charge any more. Left the house cleaner than when he started. We will be using him again in the future.
- Craig G....
ATLC Flooring
They did a wonderul job.  They were a lot cheaper than other places.  They know what they're doing.  They are very polite and professional.
- Gary P....
DJDS Remodeling and Handyman Service Inc
JDS Remodeling and Handyman Service was contacted and I met with the owner and his wife.  The owner inspected the job and an estimate was given to me.  A starting date was obtained and his worker arrived at date that was decided. The popcorn ceiling was removed and new mud was put on ceiling where needed.  After the first day, the closet where one of the jobs was done was left a mess where the popcorn ceiling was taken down and was left after removing the popcorn; we actually chose to leave it there to see if it was ever cleaned up...it was not. I questioned the worker as to how he was going to proceed with the painting of the ceiling and the walls and how the knockdown texture was going to be applied  He gave me suggestions as to what paint I should use and I did go take a look at the sample but was not my color choice as it had a gray tone to it.  I provided him with the paint which was purchased from a professional paint store.  Prior to painting the ceiling, the worker applied the knockdown texture to ceiling. The knockdown texture was very spotty and uneven and it was very evident he did not know how to apply the texture correctly. There was overspray of the texture on the walls and was never cleaned up after applying to ceiling which left the walls with too much overspray.  He proceeded to paint the ceiling even though the texture was not applied evenly.  After multiple attempts of painting the ceiling it was evident that it needed more coats of paint because the ceiling was not properly prepped before painting.  I consulted with a professional painting store and they suggested that a primer first be used because after removing the popcorn it left the drywall bare. In addition, there was a spot approximately 8"x8" on the ceiling where the knockdown had been smudged leaving the drywall exposed; that was simply painted over. Prior to the worker starting the wall painting, I asked at the paint store the proper prep for a semi gloss paint. I was told (which I already knew) that semi gloss paint needs to be properly prepped before a paint be applied and that included a light sanding.  I shared this with the worker who contacted the owner of JDS and in return the owner told me that it would be an upcharge of 100.00 for the light sanding.  After I told the worker that JDS was nickel and diming me the job .....the owner of JDS proceeded to tell me that it was not in the contract to do the sanding. This left me baffled again because it seems that it was common sense to properly prep the walls. Later the next day JDS decided not to charge me for the sanding.  After the walls were prepped, the worker painted the first coat of paint on the walls.  He asked us to come in and give our opinions. We pointed out that parts of the wall were in different shades.  I also pointed out nail holes that were not covered and that the large bedroom window was not painted or prepped correctly. He took a short break outdoors and proceeded to talk on the phone to the owner of JDS and was making fun of me "the customer" about my foul language I used and was laughing excessively over the whole ordeal. Now I was even more irritated with the whole ordeal. Especially when no foul language was used as he said. So I contacted the owner by text and at that point I did use explicit language. He said he was on his way over. JDS arrived and wanted to know what was going on. At that point my partner took over and discussed the current situation of the worker and the issues we had pointed out. I told JDS that I did not appreciate a worker making fun of a customer! JDS answer to all this was "Do you want me to fire him on the spot?" I found this to be unprofessional by an owner to even ask me this!!  We gave the owner the full list of issues we saw. My partner stated that if the workers could stay and finish what they needed to do, we would stay in the area of the house they were in and we would stay in ours. He assured us that if the problems were not fixed and the job did not meet our satisfaction, he would come back and do the job himself with the assistance of his Vice President. But after the workers had left and we walked through the room, we found the big smudge on the ceiling, the inconsistency of the knockdown and various shades of white on the ceiling from where it had not been primed. And while the worker did put a second coat of paint on a small section of the wall that we pointed out, he did not put a second coat on any other section of the room. There were spots where the original tan paint showed through and there were specks of white paint on the new wall paint from the ceiling. And we still had our popcorn mess in the closet. Because we had flooring and trim in the next Monday, we had to put the second coat of paint on the wall ourselves so that project could stay on schedule. And we did make the decision to not have the owner back to work on the ceiling. He felt it was a touch up of a couple of spots but we feel that the ceiling needed to be completely redone to get the consistency we expected. We had completely lost our trust factor with the company and felt it best that we hire someone else to do the job. Addendum: It was never agreed to that we would allow the owner to come to the house to fix the issues. He did ask us to give him the opportunity to make it right. We stated that we would talk about it and let him know our decision the following day. After we discussed it, we felt that with the owner stating the ceiling was a couple of "touch-up issues" and us feeling it was a complete redo (and this was after we had a couple contractors look at it), we felt we would never come to a mutual agreement so it would be best if we had them do nothing further with the ceiling and find someone else to do it. As for the finishing of the painting, we needed to do that at night after the contractor who was doing the flooring had left. We needed to do it so he could continue with the project. The "added work" filling holes, lightly sanding semi-gloss, doing two coats of paint shouldn't be "add-on services"; we assumed all would be done. I guess that would be our fault. As for pay...we were quoted $1,700 with a 5% Angie's List discount coming to $1615.00. On 6/23/15, owner was given a check for $807.50 leaving $807.50 as a balance. When all of this transpire, we were sent an email from the owner stating that he expected at least $500 additional dollars for the work he did. But then in a text after the decision was made, he stated he expected at least $400 for the work. On 7/15/15, a check in the amount of $500 was sent to the owner leaving us not paying $307.50. We now have an estimate of $600 to redo the ceiling.  Bottom line, we aren't sure who the "foreman" really was on the job. If it was the employee who did the work, he saw no issues with the job he had done. If it was the owner, he stuck up with the employee initially and the job he had done until we started listing the issues and why it wasn't meeting our expectations. With all of this in mind, we made the decision to not continue with the service and get it done to our satisfaction without having to fight about it.
- Gary R....
Excellent!!!  This job took two days to complete.  When they came to give us an estimate, he removed the shelf brackets, spackled them, & it looked great!  The next day they came out & removed popcorn ceiling, taped seams & did a fantastic job!!!  Hubby Richard finished painting the inside of the garage a pretty bright blue color & I love it - it looks great!!!
- Richard A....
ACanelli Remodeling VanMar LLC
The popcorn ceiling repair look great , it matches pretty good. The painting was clean and straight. He was able to repir the window to save me $. Thanks
- Frank P....
Ai-assemble, LLC
Great, did exactly what I expected. Had some popcorn ceiling damage in the garage and i-assemble, LLC re-taped and patched as needed.
- Dale D....
ALarry The Handyman
I had designed a ceiling for the master bedroom and needed someone to install it. Larry came and helped me bring it to life. It is absolutely beautiful. It is beadboard with 1 x 4's in a design and then 1 x 2' over that give it some depth and make it look a bit life a coffered ceiling.
- Sara P....
A2nd2none Home Improvements
Lamont, Gave me a quote and schedule. Said job would take 4 days. Every thing nicely finished in 4 days. He covered items to protect them, he cleaned up He did a very nice job. Professional, and very nice to work with.
- Peggy V....
ABeecon Home Improvement Services Inc
We love our new tile and the work he did with our popcorn ceiling after water damage exceeded our expectations. He was always professional, punctual, and kind. Very understanding and patient with us and walked us through many options. Will most definitely hire again.
- Sarah T....
FHandyman the Fix-it LLC
did an awful job, looks the same as before. Text to come back to look at the job and redo the job. Get no answer.
- Halien L....