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Infinite Aqua
Business Description: Commercial swimming pool spa contractor. Commercial / residential Swimming pool, spa and fountain construction / renovation.
Pool Check LLC
Business Description: Our company Specializes in SWIMMING POOL SERVICE for residential clients . We provide SWIMMING POOL SERVICE IN FORT MYERS, CAPE CORAL, LEHIGH ACRES, ALVA, BONITA SPRINGS and throughout all areas of LEE COUNTY and for any size and type of swimming pool, hot tub or spa.
Business Description: Maintenace & Service swimming pools & Spas
Pinch A Penny
Recent Review: They come out every Friday of the month to perform the work. I would use them again in the future.
Business Description: Florida State Certified Pool and Spa Swimming Pool Service and Repair Contractor. License # CPC 145775. Swimming pool cleaning, swimming pool monthly service plans, pool equipment repairs, screen enclosure and lanai pressure washing. Woman Owned Business with 475 satisfied customers. In business since 2003. We are a consistent, reliable, honest company. We say what we do and do what we say.
Barrier Reef Pools, LLC
Business Description: Our one piece in-ground fiberglass swimming pools are constructed using only the most proven gel coats and vinyl ester resins available. This, combined with an average thickness that is greater than industry standards, allows us to produce what we believe is one of the strongest and most reliable in-ground fiberglass swimming pools on the market today. Our confidence in our fiberglass swimming pools is backed by our Lifetime Warranty, in addition to a 10 year non-prorated internal finish warranty.
True Blue Property Maintenance
Recent Review: It was great would recommend. He did a leak detection for my swimming pool. He did a great job at finding it and repairing it fast and was a good price.
jandy aqualink repair
Business Description: New and Used Jandy aqualink Rs Zodiac Swimming pool automation systems Swimming pool builder for over 15 years eBay store for 7 years 100 percent positive feedback 100's of new and used parts in stock for quick shipment Telephone support
Mid County Pool and Spa
Business Description: Mid County Pool and Spa, Inc. is a family owned and operated swimming pool service company. We offer weekly pool service for Lee County.
Hydrotech Pools Inc
Recent Review: HydroTech 's Steve came out found the leaks around the skimmer and 2 old cracks in the wall of pool and patched them up. Good Job Gary S

Reviews in Pineland for Pool Installation

AColonial Pool
We contacted Colonial Pools soon after taking possession of our new home. We have never owned a large swimming pool and naturally had lots of questions about it's operation and what maintenance was required. Colonial Pool's personnel seemed genuinely happy to answer all our questions and explain the entire procedure.
- Thomas M....
I did not have a good experience with this company. I will list the matters that I feel might be important to other homeowners who are looking to have a pool installed. The company website advertises a fast turnaround and professional customer service. I did not receive either. I hope the company views reviews as constructive so that they might provide better service in the future, for the benefit of themselves and for the homeowner: • This project took a very long time. To the builder’s defense, 2 months of the time-line was taken up with a flood-zone county requirement delay, but outside of this the project was supposed to take 60 days. The entire project took 9 months. I would think that if this builder had been in business the length of time stated, that he would know the flood-zone process, and have a written notification for those owners in specific flood zones saying the time frame may take longer. I had to handle getting the extra engineering paperwork completed and to the county; the builder should have known how to step through this process. A lot of homes are in flood zones that require extra inspections and this builder should know the process and also prepare the homeowner with details of what to expect. • The workers left trash everywhere after each visit. Every time the crew left I had to go out with a garbage bag and pick up trash. I had to dispose of the trash because they would not take it. I would suggest that the owner make it clear to his crew that it is very important that all job sites are picked up, safe, and clean before they leave. • The owner and workers had no regard to existing trees, plants, and planters on the property. • There was no schedule provided to me and workers would show up out of the blue without notification. Likewise, when a date was set that I could expect them to be there, they would not show up, sometimes for weeks. Toward the end, I did not hear a word from the company for two months and so I thought they were done, but then they showed up out of the blue and everything was a rush to get a CO. • Communication was not good. When I had questions or needed explanations the owner always appeared agitated that I was even asking. The explanations were always short and not always clear. Through the process I felt like my project was not a priority or very important to this company. • The warranty for each piece of the setup is not clear. I was told to just call when I had a problem. Warranty should be be in writing and given up front. I would suggest that the company have this information in its brochure content to the homeowner. I think this company’s problems are all related to lack of customer service skills, limited communication with the homeowner, and scheduling issues. The company and the homeowner would benefit if the company would focus more on each job and homeowner instead of having so much going on that they cannot give each of these 100%. In the end, I like the pool and hope we will enjoy it for a long time.
- Sandra T....
DCabana Pools of Southwest FL Inc
Did not show up when promised, repeatedly did not answer calls, workmen bad attitude and language. Work still not completed
- Nancy M....
ADabco Pools Inc.
Excellent. After 3 years we are still very happy. George is always quick to answer the phone or call us back. His techs are top-notch! Will continue with caring company
- Jackie W....
AGrand Slam Pools
Someone comes weekly to test and adjust chemicals in the pool. He also vacuums, empties the skimmer and whatever else needs maintenance. The management team is very responsive on the rare occasion I've had problems, usually due to something I didn't understand on the new heater or pool pump purchased and installed by them at a VERY good price - yes, I checked prices from other companies first! They also send helpful tips via email and offer discounts for frequently used items such as filter cartridges. Great company and team! I have no pans to change companies or cancel my contract any time soon! At that price, I really could hardly provide the chemicals. Plus, I don't ever have to worry about testing or .... well, ANYTHING! If I have a concern Dalton or Matt are just a phone call away. If they aren't readily available, I typically receive a call back within an hour - VERY responsive! I've never had an emergency, but I have no doubt, they would be there immediately if such a thing occurred. Thank you GrandSlam for making my life so much easier!
- Brenda H....
BHydrotech Pools Inc
HydroTech 's Steve came out found the leaks around the skimmer and 2 old cracks in the wall of pool and patched them up. Good Job Gary S
- Susan S....
AAccurate Swimming pool Leak Detection
He did a perfect job. Although he had to cut through the pool deck, he made very little mess and did a great job patching the hole. It's almost unnoticeable.
- June F....
FBack Bay Pools, LLC
We dealt with Josh (1/3 owner of company) originally and everything began smoothly. Josh knew his stuff and brought some workers to do job. Josh was on site for part of the work, but unfortunately it was not done properly. The overfill was leaking and had dirty water and they left the work area a mess. Per our call, the workers returned the next day to try to fix. Shortly after their arrival, Mike, the majority owner, stormed onto our property and began yelling and screaming at us the customer. He accused us of being rude to the workers (including his son). This is not true. We were not rude to his workers We were concerned that since the job had not been done correctly and since there was no experienced lead person on site, it would not be done properly again. Mike stated that everyone has to learn the job and I suggested that OJT with supervision would be best. They were here with no supervision. His volatile temper tantrum continued. My wife suggested that he was not setting a very good example for his workers, especially, his son. He was in full "Raging Bull" mode and told his workers to cut the equipment out and left. He clearly stated that we didn't owe him any money. This was at least a $4000 job which also was to include replacement of our propane heater. I have seen his responses to a couple of other negative reviews and it's denial, the customer is wrong and of course he is right. Once one of his work trucks was involved in aggressive and reckless driving and he responded that it was a family emergency. Sounds entitled to me. Beware, if you use this company and everything turns out fine, then fine, but, if you have a problem, you may end up dealing with Mike! The pictures attached show he did not re-install the overflow for our pool and the sod, which could have been easily removed in one piece, was left in chunks. Mike informed me that I could get new sod with the money we didn't owe him!!! Two or three pavers also needed to be re-set. .
- George M....
FINTO H2O Pools & Spas LLC.
In my personal opinion I feel Into H2O Pools did not satisfy my needs nor my expectations of what a pool company should do during the months of building my swimming pool and attached spa. If you would like my complete opinion, please call [Member Information Removed]
- Sue H....
FTropical Pools Construction LLC
The salesman was helpful but it was all downhill after construction was started. The interior of pool is not a quality job, area of roughness, large egg shaped lumps and the finish around the main drains had missing finish with dark sealer showing. They attempted to patch the defect around the main drains but it looks like a bad patch job, the other complaints about the finish ignored. They sold a Hayward salt generator system with the pool stating it would save me time maintaining the pool....but it has never worked right since it was installed. The pool would not generate enough chlorine to keep water in guidelines, water was tested 1-2 times weekly and chemicals added as necessary, water was tested at a pool store for verification and results called to office requesting that a tech check system. After a month of calling the office they sent a tech who didn’t find any reason and took a sample of water to test. A text came to my phone from servicr tech Brent and said that the water was fine and to set generator down to a 50 ratio and leave it and keep a high stabilizer level of 80ppm. After 3 weeks the only time the pool had chlorine was when it was added by me, I continued to call with there promise to speak with the tech or owner. Continued the techs plan for several more weeks no improvement or returned calls. The company didn’t resolve the issues and my last conversation with Susan at the office I was told that Joe (owner) was not going to warranty the system, I asked to speak with him (not in the office) but he would get back with me. No return call from owner or company. Now I have a pool thats only 4 months old with a 3 yr warranty on equipment that not being repaired and I am wondering if any part of the pool is going to be covered. WARNING................Buyer Beware !!!!!!
- Paul F....