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Get Mo Cool Inc - Miami
Recent Review: Get Mo Cool gave the most knowledgeable and thorough estimate of the four HVAC companies we consulted. They quoted the lowest price. The installation technicians were professional and took pride in their work.
SunAir Cooling & Green Solutions
Business Description: SunAir Cooling & Green Solutions - Residential & Commercial - Air Conditioning & Solar Hot Water, Geothermal Air Conditioning , Geothermal Pool Heat and Solar Electric for you home or business. We offer up to 100% financing for all products. You may be surprised of the FPL and Federal Government rebates for Air Conditioning, Solar Hot Water & Solar PV Electric installations. Just hit the Financing Link on our website. We are an approved FPL AC contractor, Member of the local Chamber of Commerce, US Green Building Council.
Symbiont Service Corp
Business Description: Symbiont Service Corp. strives to provide the most cost-effective, energy efficient pool/spa heating and cooling systems available today at a satisfaction level far beyond the customer’s expectations. We serve as a dealer/contractor in the State of Florida. We specialize in GeoThermal swimming pool and spa heating and cooling, as well as residential and commercial pool/spa heating and air conditioning installation and service. Symbiont Service Corp is your Lennox Premier Dealer for Charlotte and Sarasota County. Check our website for first time customer coupons.
HVAC Network of Miami
Business Description: HVAC Network of Miami is a hvac contractor / air conditioner service serving the Miami, FL area since 1980.
Go GreenWize
Business Description: Go GreenWize is a energy conservation company. Our goal is to save our customers money by reducing your energy usage and energizing your home with the help of our line of green energy products and tax saving strategies. Most of our customers save in excess of $10,000 the first year with 0 money down! With the help of our Solar Panels you never have to pay FPL again. Get energized, Go GreenWize!

Reviews in Perrine to Install Geothermal Heating

AGet Mo Cool Inc - Miami
Get Mo Cool gave the most knowledgeable and thorough estimate of the four HVAC companies we consulted. They quoted the lowest price. The installation technicians were professional and took pride in their work.
- Oliver S....
FSunAir Cooling & Green Solutions
Terrible. They outsource key parts - Jim (the owner) doesn't know how to do any of it himself. Nor does he oversee the work thoroughly. They have to dig a well (two, actually, but I already had one that had been used for sprinklers) Then run pvc lines from the well, to the unit, and from the unit to the second well. Jim hired a sprinkler guy to do all that, and the guy cut the internet cable and through an outdoor electrical outlet; he also did a crap job on the trenches (they were like 4 inches deep in a couple places). Jim wasn't here when they did this, wasn't overseeing it. My wife and I both work at home, so we NEED internet, and we were out for three days because of this. Jim's response? His first response for any complaint, btw, is to first blame you, the customer. Which is what he did - he told my wife "well, why wasn't your husband out there watching them?" that is a quote. So the customer is supposed to watch all of his hired hands. That same guy put the crappiest pump imaginable in, a sprinkler pump from home depot. I think he wired it wrong, bc it was always boiling hot to the touch, and within a month was very discolored looking like it had burned, looking 20 years old, not one month. Jim finally sent the well guy out and he put a much better pump in (a Goulds pump). That one has worked fine. The agreement was to have this system hooked up to the pool (to heat it during winter), but after the initial experience I didn't want them out for any more work, I was not confident it would go well. Jim refused to refund any of the money back when we decided this. The setup of the inside unit is suspect - the heat recovery (which heats the water in our hot water heater) works, but two plumbers have looked at it and said that is not how it should be hooked up. A geothermal expert said an auto-close valve (Taco valves - look them up) should be installed to keep water int he unit when it turns off, bu this was not installed. A plumber also said that the water connections were cheaply done, not something that would be lasting; so I paid the plumber to convert it to steel pipes on the outside. Most egregious of all, is that he sold us on a "5-ton" unit...the manufacturer and every a/c guy that comes here says this is a 4-ton unit. Even the manufacturer says it's a 4-ton unit. But Jim insists it's 5-ton...he's the ONLY person that says it is. We may go to court over this one, because it cannot cool the house during the summer - by 4pm it's 81 degrees in the house (and it's set at 77), so it just runs constantly. The energy savings is marginal, as well. One thing not accounted for is the pump used to move the water - the newer one is as good as it gets energy wise, and it draws 5.5 amps on a 220-volt circuit...that's ~1100 watts, or basically 11 100 watt lightbulbs...on all day. So, don't believe this "SEER" and "EER" stuff...that may be for the unit itself (under the absolute best conditions, which it won't be), add in the cost of running the pump. Not worth it. We should have gone with a regular a/c and not had all this trouble. But we got sold on this, and we regret it. Jim will surely write some defensive response to this, so wait for it. But don't believe him. If you're smart, go with a regular a/c, just get a modern high efficiency unit, and you'll save a lot of money on electricity and won't regret it.
- Sean M....