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Business Description: I install raw and prefinished wood and laminate flooring
Recent Review: Chris, the owner, was great to work with from first point of contact to set up the first appointment for the estimate, all the way through a quality installation, to the final clean up. Chris and his people were professional on respectful of every request we made. These guys are a legit flooring company, that I highly recommend.
Recent Review: Beautiful product, good prices. Only issue was a delay in shipping of several weeks due to inventory. This delay caused issues with scheduling on a whole-house renovation and it would have been quite useful to know about upfront, rather than having to call them repeatedly for updates. When the flooring finally arrived, weeks late, it was beautiful and in very good shape. I would use them again, but I would order much earlier than needed to allow for any delays.
Recent Review: This is the second time we have used Carpet Connections, the first was to purchase carpet to be installed. Chuck our salesman was very knowledgeable and helpful. The installation was perfect, they cleaned up all the mess and helped move furniture back including putting our bed back together. The second time was just this past week when we had new hardwood flooring put in. We worked with Chuck again and also had the same installers, again everything was perfect. We will soon be using them again for new tile in our kitchen, I know we will have the same service as we have had in the past. I will only use Carpet Connections from now on.
Recent Review: Provided free and accurate estimate. Reasonable and fair price compared to two other estimates I received.  Removed all my existing carpeting, padding, and tack strips and linoleum flooring, accompanying me first to local building supply store of my choice to select and pick up tile, backer board, mortar thinset, grout, as well as a new toilet I had already  purchased (saving me $79 delivery fee).  He is sole business owner and manager and a very experienced professional  tile installer, does  all work himself, and takes his time to prepare floor and  do top quality work,  rather than using inexperienced helpers,  and  rushing to get the  done in order to get to the next job.  He has previously installed ceramic tile flooring for me in a rental unit more than 3 years ago, and I had retained his business card all that time, having been very pleased with the results then.  He had been referred to me by my condo association manager at that time as several other owners had used his services in the past.  I plan to use his services again in the near future for installing ceramic floor tile in my master bathroom. Highly recommend him if you are looking for high quality work.
Recent Review: Absolutely Amazing job! Professional, quick, and tidy! We are renovating and began tearing up the floors ourselves. When it took about 3 hours to remove 15 square feet- bits and pieces of the 20+ year old laminate, and glue stilled remained, with dust everywhere, we called Charles who immediately came to our rescue! They just finished the job and it was worth every penny! We cannot thank Speedy Floor Removal enough!!
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Business Description: Let your first step be ProTech! Established in 2000, Pro Tech Water Restoration has served residents of the panhandle area for over 18 years. We are a locally owned company specializing in hardwood flooring. Our projects include installing new floors and hardwood floor recoating, water restoration as well as refinishing existing hardwood floors. We care about our customers and have a great deal of pride in the work we do.Making Every Customer Happy Our goal is to make every customer happy, so that they refer us to their friends. That's how we built the business. Joseph Machado, owner of Pro Tech Water Restoration, is involved in every aspect of the job. He even does estimates of the job himself. Our hands-on-approach has helped us win client trust and satisfaction
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Recent Review: John is absolutely amazing. He arrived on time, worked quickly & efficiently, cleaned up each day and actually finished ahead of time. The floors look beautiful, a real professional job. I will be seeking his services for other jobs we need done.

Reviews in Panama City to Install Laminate Flooring

ATracy Roberts Handyman Service LLC
Ours was a unique situation in that we were not on site. I spoke with Tracy on the phone throughout the process. Tracy took care of us! We discussed ideas; settled on price, products, and got through a few snags along the way; easily over the phone. We are really happy with the outcome. The installer for our job was Will and he was very professional and pleasant. We spoke a few times on the phone and he did what he said he was going to do and didn't hesitate to go beyond. The job was done in two days as promised. Great customer service, I can't wait to see the new flooring myself. I did have a few people check in out and they all told me it was done very well. Thanks guys!
- Nick R....
AThe Happy Ending Handyman & Flooring
The job went exceptional well.  The quality of the workmanship was excellent.  Jason was very prompt in responding to my request and doing the job.  The job was completed in a timely manner.  The entire crew was very professional and knowledgeable of their jobs.  Before they finished they had become like family.  I WUOLD HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEIR SERVICES TO ANYONE.
- Linda L....
ACustom Flooring & Handyman
John is absolutely amazing. He arrived on time, worked quickly & efficiently, cleaned up each day and actually finished ahead of time. The floors look beautiful, a real professional job. I will be seeking his services for other jobs we need done.
- Charmaine H....
FSouthern Flooring And Trim Llc
Initially, Ben was hired to remove laminate flooring and replace it withTravetine tile.  However, when he discovered the concrete underneath was already scored and sealed  he suggested it would be cheaper to to simply stain and reseal the floors The cost, $10,000.  In addition, for another $4500 he would clean the empty house so it would "look like new".   We moved into the house on Oct 3 and found the stain was poorly done and so was the cleaning.  Worse yet, the floors were not sealed.  He argued that he had sealed them twice?until we called someone in the business to look at them who told us unequivocally that the floors had  not even been sealed once.  Only then did Ben agree to return and seal the them. It is two months now and he still  has not returned. He keeps giving us dates that he will do it and then does not show up?It is obvious he has no intention  of fixing the problem.  Meanwhile we suffer from brown dust that the unsealed floors produce.  We have reported him to the Better Business Bureau and intend suing him.
- Phyllis T....
The job was poorly done. The floor was not properly sealed to prevent water from seeping in, and now the entire floor has to be replaced. US Installation Group sent a workman a week and a half ago who removed most of the flooring, so now we are walking on bare concrete. This was done with the promise that in three to four days, we would schedule a day and time for the replacement floor to be installed. We have not been contacted. My wife and I have left messages with no return calls made. I feel we have been deliberately lied to, at worst, or are the victims of a terrible inept company, at best. Either way, I would never do business with this company again. I will hold them to the warranty in order to get my floor replaced, but with their inefficiency and poor business practices, I will no doubt have to go to great lengths, perhaps legal ones, to see it done. DO NOT use this provider.
- Mike C....
ADirect Buy
The contractor's name was Mario.  The work looks gorgeous.  We had to wait till the electricians finished their work with a step-in tub.  I love the work they did.  They are fabulous people.  It's wonderful.
- Glenda S....
AHome Depot Inc
We got a decent price on it. Home Depot was ok to deal with. They have a company that you pay them to measure. They tell Home Depot the measurements and what you need and all that kind of stuff. I was not pleased with them and that is why I put the flooring down my self. Home Depot had a deal for $400 they would install flooring in your entire house. That was a good deal bit I just didn't like the way the guy came out and measured. They called me every three days to see if I picked up the flooring. It was a pain in the neck so I just put it down my self. There were too many people to deal with for the installation. It is a big hassle.
- Sharon L....
The Work Itself: Horrible. Chipped tiles in the showers. Chipped tiles on the fireplace hearth. Numerous chipped corners on the laminate flooring. Splintering on the edges of the laminate flooring. Work Habits: The owner underestimated the amount of materials needed and had to reorder, thus delaying completion, his workers periodically left the garage door open and doors unlocked and all the lights on when they left, they did not clean up after themselves, and many layers of dust permeated the house when they finished the job. Deception: They tried to cover up some cracked tile in the guest bath with something that looked like fingernail polish and also filled up other cracked tiles in the showers and on the fireplace hearth with grout, hoping we wouldn’t notice!. I’ve just recently discovered some of the flaws since it took time for the materials used to cover them up to wear off. Unresolved Conflict: We signed the contract with Independent Flooring on 9-5-12. The job was supposed to have been finished by 9-30-12 per the building permit. However, the crew did not finish until late October. Even then we could not move into the house because all the broken corners and splintering made the laminate floors too dangerous to walk on and for our grandchildren to crawl on. Not only that, but the floors could not be swept or mopped without additional splintering occurring. The owner acknowledged that the laminate flooring needed to be replaced—he’d almost ripped off a fingernail when he ran his hand across it. But rather than replacing the flooring as we urged him to do, he kept stalling and shifting the blame for the chipped corners and splintering on Mannington, the manufacturer. Without our knowing it, he had filed a claim with Mannington on our behalf. When we found out, we told him that we had contracted with his company, Independent Flooring, to supply and install the flooring and therefore it was his responsibility to replace the flooring—not Mannington’s—and if he had an issue with Mannington then that was between him and Mannington. Independent Flooring’s owner continued to stall however. On 12-7-12, Mannington sent out an independent inspector to examine the floors and determine the cause of the defects. Their report confirmed that the flooring problems were caused by improper installation—it was not a manufacturing issue--and therefore it was Independent Flooring’s responsibility to make things right. We then told the owner we’d give him until 12-31-12 to either replace the laminate or reimburse us so we could hire someone else to do it. January came, and the owner had still made no effort to make things right. We could not wait any longer to move forward because every day past the scheduled 9-30-12 completion date for the remodeling was costing us money that we simply didn’t have, which in turn caused me more and more stress. As a result, my health deteriorated to the point that my doctors told me I must resolve the issues causing my stress because it was killing me—literally. So we hired Lowe’s to rip up and haul away the laminate that Independent Flooring had installed and to replace it with new laminate. The Lowe’s crew was extremely courteous and professional and had the work completed within three weeks. After that, the owner called and told my husband he wanted to come by and pick up some more flawed boards to send to Mannington because he wanted to file the claim all over again. Another stalling tactic. My husband explained that we’d had Lowe’s replace the floors and haul off the former laminate and that we expected Independent Flooring to reimburse us for that expense. The owner did promise that he would reimburse us, even if he had to borrow money to do so, but as of 6-30-14, he has still made no effort to pay us back. The Total Monetary Cost: Not only were we out the $16,000 we paid Independent Flooring, but we had to pay Lowe’s $7,872 to rip up and replace the laminate flooring with a similar product. But that’s not all. My husband and I were working in different cities and living separately in our small individually owned homes we’d lived in since before our recent marriage. We urgently needed to get into our new home (new as in new to us) so that we could rent out our old homes in order to pay the mortgage on our new home that we’d bought jointly. Lost rent and the extra utility and insurance bills we had to pay added up to approximately $2,900 a month, for four months. Domino Effect: Nonmonetary Costs: In addition to the toll the resulting stress took on my health, I had to work an additional year to pay for all that extra expense Independent Flooring was responsible for. In essence, the owner stole an entire year of my life from me. What’s worse, never did he show compassion. Never did he apologize. Never did he make any genuine effort to repair the damage he caused. I wish there were a way to warn everybody in the universe to avoid dealings with Independent Flooring. I’d hate for anybody else to have to go through the nightmare the owner put us through.
- Ann R....
FSuncoast Maintenance, L.L.C.
The interior showers were not watersealed behind the tile, grouted incorrectly ant the tile was cut with a hand grinder not a tile saw, so the tile is chipped in both baths. The laminate has his high low spots because the subfloor was not leveled, has paint drippings throughout and scratches. We took the kitchen work away due to inferior work. Exterior stucco repair cracked and had to be completely redone by a professional at my expense. I caught them moving the electrical outlets without conduit cramming the electrical wire into the concrete crack and made the correct it before moving forward. They walked off the job without replacing the closet doors, so I have none. Gary Coccaro took $50,00.00 I prepaid to them and did not do the work or did the work unsatisfactorily. Gary refuses to refund the amount of money required to redo thier shoddy work. Work was to be completed by the middle of April and as of the middle of August is was not habitable. Handymen pretending to be contractors and dishonest. We are one of two elderly couples that I know of that this man has defrauded of money. Run like fire is at your heels from this company.
- Chris S....
ATracy Roberts Handyman Service LLC
Tracy and his helpers, Wilbur and Antonio, were punctual, polite, and professional.  This old house needed a lot of work as the previous owner had done a poor job of keeping the house in good condition, i.e., sloppy painting, flooring improperly installed, kitchen cabinets outdated, appliances old and dirty, formica counter top chipped and stained, etc. Tracy and his guys did excellent work--I am very pleased with the quality of the work and the integrity of Tracy and his men.  In fact, he will be doing some exterior work for me in a few weeks.
- Paula C....