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Business Description: Randy & Ray’s is an award-winning hardscape designer. Our specialties include custom paver driveways, complete outdoor kitchens, and unique paver patios accented with fire pits, sitting walls and hand-made pergolas. Our fireplace remodels, flagstone and stone veneer designs revitalize the look of your home from curb to hearth. Our expert paver creations provide long-lasting beauty and functionality for your outdoor living space. Randy & Ray's has proudly served the people of North East Florida since 2003. As recipients of seven consecutive Angie’s List Super Service Awards, our success is clearly accredited to meeting our clients’ needs while providing the utmost in quality service. Our installations are completed by licensed, insured experts and include an impressive labor warranty to clients for added peace of mind. 2-4 employees. Uses subs for larger jobs, electrical, plumbing. Cost is determined by the job. Travel charges may apply.
Business Description: We have 3 locations to serve you, Jacksonville, Middleburg and Bunnell (Palm Coast). Our company was established in 1993 and has grown to 3 storefronts and a corporate office, also in Jacksonville. We do local & worldwide delivery. We have approximately 10 employees at each location (30 total) including counter personnel, yard workers and truck drivers, all of them are very knowledgeable about stone and related products. We accept cash, check (with ID), Visa & Mastercard. A/R accounts for contractors with approval.
Recent Review: They did a great job. We were very pleased with the work. They showed up on time, kept in contact about the job. They are priced fairly.

Reviews for Stone Veneer Installation in Orange Park

APaver Plus Jax Inc
They did a great job. We were very pleased with the work. They showed up on time, kept in contact about the job. They are priced fairly.
- Denise L....
FBill Scott
Upon removing the base cabinet from the sink area, Mr Scott along with his 20 yr old son (later found out neither were licensed) broke the cold side faucet pipe coming from the sheetrock.  Mr Scott did not shut off the water before attempting to remove the base cabinet.  a Large amount of water spilled on to the floor before the main could be shut off. Mr Scott capped the broken pipe and cleaned up the standing water.  Since the new cabinets were not installed yet, we had to wait nearly a week to ensure the area was completely dry before continuing.  This set the project back a week. The next day we noticed water standing below the broken pipe and alerted Mr Scott by phone since he didn't showed up on time of the issue.  He came by and indicated the cap he used was defective and replaced the cap. After the new base cabinet was installed along with the new sink and goose-neck faucet everything was fine until one morning we noticed the carpet in the living room (other side of the kitchen) was soaking wet.  Again, we called Mr Scott since he was late again coming to our project of the issue.  He now had to cut the back of our brand new cabinet to reveal the sheet rock and to open it up to determine where the leak was coming from.  He indicated the weight on the goose-neck faucet that he installed was hitting the water pipe and caused a crack and leak.  He repaired the leak, moved the wet wall units from the wall in the living room back, pulled the carpet and padding back, and brought in a few personal fans to dry the area.  Unfortunately, the amount of water in the carpet and that soaked up into the bottom of the wall units caused mold to begin growing.  We didn't realize the mold until later when a professional mold testing company found it in their investigation. A few months later, we noticed the wood veneer on the panels under the peninsula (opposite side of the hot/cold water pipes) was buckling from the wood.  We called Mr Scott again to look at the issue.  He came by after many times of re-scheduling, and determined the only way to fix it was to remove 6 inches from the bottom and replace the lost wood with the granite matching the peninsula counter-tops.  We were not happy with this and wanted 2 new panels to replace the damage, but he would not comply.  Approximately a month later we noticed the remain panels starting to "bow" out from the peninsula wall.  We notified Mr Scott several times, and he came out to look at it.  From that point on he agreed to fix it, but never completed the work. A few months later we noticed a specific smell coming from the base cabinet when the door was open.  A musty type smell.  I purchased several mold test kits from a popular home-repair store and placed one inside the cabinet and several in the previously affected areas.  The dish placed in the base cabinet created mold in 24 hours.  The other 3 took the normal 72 hours to produce mold traces. We have since hired a mold detection company, who provided a detailed report of the extensive mold along with the remediation process. A mediation company was hired and our kitchen was tented off for over 3 weeks.  All the lower cabinets were removed on both sides of the faucet pipes.  We no longer had use of our sink, dishwasher or cooktop.  A total of 23 linear feet of sheet rock was removed from the kitchen, 12 linear feet from the living room, 12 linear feet of base molding, and the carpet and padding was removed as well. We have been without our kitchen since October 2014. We have since filed a suit against Mr Scott and are awaiting a trial.
- Jeffrey N....