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Business Description: Household appliance service in-home, no carry in service
Recent Review: I contacted vendor from a name in the yellow pages, honestly. I live in a small town outside of Orlando and hoped they would service my area. I called at 8:30am and spoke with a wonderfully nice lady on the phone who was extremely helpful. She confirmed they would service my area but the service charge would cost a little more for them to come. Normally $59, but added $20 more to go 3 more miles out of their service area for a total of $79....fine. The lady on the phone said they had a special where if we repaired the oven, they would take $20 off service call and another $20 off just for the special they were running. I was given an appointment of 10am-1pm....on the same day I called....really? who does that anymore? I was thrilled. They called ahead of time, confirmed address and were at my house at 10am sharp. One guy was the technician and the other was in training. Both very nice, polite, and fast. Determined the computer board on the oven was bad. Manufacturer had the part on back order and would cost $400. They would deduct the service call from the $400 and I would owe $320ish if I wanted to repair. They were prompt, clean, professional and great to work with. We decided not to have the part ordered as the over is already 15 years old and I can buy a new one for $800. I would definately use this company again for any appliance need. I was disappointed in the extra $20 to go the 3 extra miles...literally 3 miles and was surprised that the $20 off special was not honored so I still paid the $79. If we were getting the oven fixed, I would call them back in a heartbeat....just thought the service call was a little much, but grateful they came to my area.
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Recent Review: Perfect and flawless. Awesome company
Recent Review: They came out 2 days after I called because they had to order the correct part. It was an older appliance so it was harder to find the part. They were here on time and fixed it quickly. I was pleased. The pricing included labor and material.
Business Description: Cost is determined by the job.
Business Description: Appliance Repair in Kissimmee
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Recent Review: Excellent...it just took time to get the parts in which was beyond his control. Michael was most professional and explained thoroughly what was wrong and how he was going to fix it. He was most apologistic for the delay in getting parts. He was also punctual and did not cancel any appt. Highly recommend his company, I will never call another.
Recent Review: We played phone tag for a bit, and then they ordered the part to my oven. When the part came in, they called me and we set up a time for the install. The install was quick and they were very professional.

Reviews in Mid Florida for Wall Oven Installation

AVic's Appliances Repair
We played phone tag for a bit, and then they ordered the part to my oven. When the part came in, they called me and we set up a time for the install. The install was quick and they were very professional.
- Bethany G....
They were prompt, courteous, and very knowledgeable about appliances. The problem was user-error, and he just charged a service call.
- Robert F....
Repairman met his promised date and time, was very courteous (even commenting on the fact my oven was clean). The work did not take any time to finish. They were in and out and we were cooking by nightfall.
- Susan W....
My oven's hinges broke and the exterior glass panel shattered the Sunday before Thanksgiving.   Expecting a house full of guests, I called Jeff in a panic.   He arrived the next day to assess the damage.   Since there was no time to order new hinges, he found hinges locally the next day.   Before catching his own flight out on that Wednesday, he came over and replaced the hinges.  The new glass had not come in yet, but Jeff said it wouldn't affect my use of the oven since there's an interior glass panel.   Jeff saved my Thanksgiving and I am extremely grateful!
- Susan H....
ATechno Appliance Repair
I called Wayne this morning around 10 a.m. I explained the problem. He knew exactly what the issue was and the brand of oven I had, without me even telling him. He explained that that model has issues with the doors. He said he could be over in about 45 minutes to fix it. He called about 40 minutes later to say he was running a little late and would be here soon. He showed up before noon and fixed the oven door rather quickly. He saw that I was disabled and gave me a 20% discount. He understands that money is tight for people living on disability. The stove is rather old and I was debating whether or not to just buy a new one, but with money being so tight, I didn't want to do that as the stove itself is working OK. With the holidays approaching, I was expecting the price of the repair to be much higher. You know, supply and demand and people needing their ovens for holiday cooking. Wayne seems to be a very fair and knowledgable person. He told me if I have any concerns, he would be able to help me, just call him. If I had anything in the house break down, he knows people that can help me, for a reasonable rate. He was a great help to me and I will definitely contact him in the future for all my home repairs.
- Mary L....
- 12/14/09 Thermostat was checked and confirmed working - possible poor contact/connection - tech said if problem persisted oven would need a new control panel/board. During this visit I also had them chk the freezer to see why ice maker wasn't dispensing crush and cubed ice. There was a part broken on the ice bucket and that would need replaced - they would call me with a price. Never heard from them... - After the holidays we noticed the oven error was back and never received cost on the ice bucket, so I contacted them, had to look at 12/14/09 service receipt to read my oven model info and then look all over my freezer and the manual for that info, because the office staff either lost my record or was to lazy to figure it out. Never called back with cost...had to contact yet again. We used them once before...so I gave them a chance, but did mention I was concerned about their responsiveness. - They called back with pricing on the wall oven board and freezer ice bucket - gave individual cost for both - then presented a price for having them both repaired and finally a price that would deduct the 12/14/09 service call. It sounded good enough to have them both done. Said repair would take a few hrs and I prepaid $130 on my CC to order the parts. - Scheduled first AM appt 1/15/10 - they called twice to delay - I then rescheduled - Rescheduled for first AM 1/19/10 - same tech showed up - replaced the ice bucket in 15 min and then told me that the oven control panel was not available...and they should have told me that on the phone. He was going to tell me what the charge would be when I stopped him and told him to have the office contact me I wasn't paying him anything until I spk with someone about it. *Remember the cost to have both appliances fixed was to include the 12/14 service call $77, plus I had already paid $130 for the freezer and oven parts to be ordered. The office did not call me back that day....I called an left a message that evening with Charles. 1/20/10 - I called them in the AM, left message with Charles again, he said no one was available to spk with. Then Charles called me back (strange huh...I left messages with him twice now) and I told him what happened - he said they ordered the thermostat and that's what my money was for and that I owed him an additional $25 for the freezer bucket and he threatened to make the additional charges to my CC, he said they already had the CC number. I reminded him that the thermostat was checked on 12/14/09...and that was not the part that was supposed to be ordered. Needless to say, this issue was not resolved - Very unprofessional.
- Cindy A....
AService America Enterprise Inc
- James Y....
AVic's Appliances Repair
The trouble started when I neglected to turn off the breaker to the oven before attempting to remove the top element in order to clean the oven. There was a spark, there was a hum, there was a puff of smoke. I had to wait until after I finished cleaning the oven to discover that the oven would no longer get hot. I called Vic and left a message. He immediately called back and said he was in the area and he could stop on the way to his next job. He was here in a half hour. He removed the oven and tested the element that I had trouble with. He reported that the element itself was still good. He then checked the junction box where the power was distributed to the oven and the cooktop and discovered one half of the 220 supply line had a burned wire nut and was no longer supplying the power required. I never would have thought to check that. It was clear to me this man had plenty of experience. I would have assumed a much more elaborate problem such as the control board ($$$). But, he dealt with the problem honestly and 30 minutes after he arrived our oven was working again. He charged a fair and honest price for his time and experience.
- Glenn W....
AThe Appliance Doctor of Central Florida Inc
Excellent...it just took time to get the parts in which was beyond his control. Michael was most professional and explained thoroughly what was wrong and how he was going to fix it. He was most apologistic for the delay in getting parts. He was also punctual and did not cancel any appt. Highly recommend his company, I will never call another.
- Patrice E....
AA Thru Z Appliance Service LLC
The bottom element in our oven burned out in a spectacular and smoky fashion. We thought we needed a new oven. Mr. Velilla was able to determine what the problem was and to give an estimate over the phone. He had appointments available the next day (on a Saturday!), and was able to get the necessary part for our elderly oven quickly. He was prompt, pleasant and we will call him again if any of our other appliances go flooey.
- Philip P....