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Bertie Heating & Air Conditioning Inc
Business Description: At Bertie Heating & Air Conditioning, our customers are our family. For over 20 years, we have been part of Gainesville’s community. Our strong values and quality workmanship help make us leaders in the HVAC industry. We are a company you can rely on, much like your own family. Every customer is a priority to Bertie Heating & Air Conditioning. We look forward to working with you soon. To all of our old friends and new ones. Welcome to our Family! License# CACO58522. See our website for rebates, specials, and other details.,, Additional fax - (352) 331-3677.
Goodman Plumbing & Heating
Recent Review: The boiler repair job was done timely and well with several helpful features added in the course of the repair. The geothermal job was awarded after a total of six bids were evaluated. This contractor was neither the lowest nor the highest bidder, but the one that had the most expertise. Several suggestions were offered during the bid process which upon further evaluation (the internet has a wealth of information to use to double-check and inform) proved to be advantageous. In addition, this was the only firm that stated they would perform duct efficiency as well as structure infiltration tests as a part of the job. This step yields objective data to aid in sizing the system. A followup duct test is done at the end to assure that duct work meets or more preferably exceeds industry standards. In these regards and others, this firm closely follows procedures which are recommended in published "advice" articles. On the day scheduled for "tear-out" more men than we might have expected arrived on time and were introduced by name. They all turned out to be friendly people who otherwise would be welcome to come around. Where needed, protective coverings were put down--they were always very fussy about having things covered even when advised that in a particular location it wasn't necessary. The tear-out was promptly accomplished and the mess well cleared during which there was a friendly team work that was a pleasure to see. The installation began shortly after with only certain of the men we had met before since this work was more specific. It took about three days and the same work attitudes continued. The system was started at the end and worked quite well even without final tuning. This turned out to be important because before they could return to put the final touches in place, we had a hurricane which caused a large tree to fall on the house. There was significant damage but we were able to remain in the house while repairs were accomplished. However, some of the work on the new system had to be undone so other repair work could proceed. Goodman has been very cooperative and helpful during the whole process such that the system has never been a problem and we have been comfortable throughout. In addition, we have gotten to know some of the service personnel and most of the office staff better than might otherwise be the case. We have found them to be very customer oriented, friendly, and interested in doing a first rate job. We recommend this firm without reservation.

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AGoodman Plumbing & Heating
Initially, Chris Lockhart of Goodman HP came out to do an energy audit/assessment of my home, which as one can imagine is not the best insulated. His assessment coincided with what I expected: He measured the dimensions of each space, took into account the number and type of windows, etc, then plugged it into a software program that made recommendations. (If I recall correctly, this assessment was done on a second visit as the first appt. was a meet and greet.) Then after sitting down to discuss our needs and wishes, we came up with a workable solution, albeit a pricey one - which was a downside. As previously mentioned, we decided to have Goodman install heat pumps in each of the bedrooms and the two large common areas as well as place two air purification units. Once the parts arrived, over the course of two weeks or so, Art and Brad (I believe that was their names) came out daily to do the installation. After a while, I felt comfortable leaving my home to run errands while they worked. Art and Brad were always professional and quiet and considerate whenever there was issue or decision that deserved my input, such as "do you want us to run the wires through this wall or over here?" As an aside, the sub-contracted electrician, Demp or Dent (spelling?) and his workers were also very courteous and had a few helpful suggestions for outside electrical outlets. In conclusion, the experience overall went well. I say that despite the fact that two of the heat pump units failed after two months in use. It took about a year to get them fully fixed. However, given that they never once give me a hassle and promptly came out on numerous occasions, I am more than satisfied with their post-sale service...and it's the service after the sale that distinguishes a company in my mind. Eventually, they fully replaced both units and not once was I charged (of course, it was under warranty). Do I wish that their prices were lower? Yes. Would I retrofit my home the same way if I could do it all over again? Maybe. I might consider regular ducting of A/C and heat in from the attic and the basement and attaching the air purification units directly to them. Cost and personal finances would be the main factor in such a decision. Would I call them first for other HVAC or water heater installation projects? Yes. Why? Service after the sale is second to none.
- Donald A....