Lake Helen Central Humidifier Installation

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Recent Review: Owner of the company (Frank?) did the install himself.  The install was well done.  The first hole he cut ended up being partially blocked by a baffle, so he selected a second location and sealed up the first one.  Since he had to go out and get a piece of sheet metal at the hardware store he picked up a new condensation pump and just passed the cost through, so that was installed free. Once he was ready to close it up the heater would not start and it is still a puzzle as to why.  Won't bother with the details but he went through every possible solution and then just gave us a $200 thermostat to replace out $35 one on the off chance he might have damaged it.  While it took longer then anticipated, his work and dedication were outstanding and I cannot recommend them strongly enough for taking the time to make sure it was in right, not just in. We will call them first for all out HVAC and plumbing needs.

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They gave a time frame to show up and it was the very end of the time frame when they showed. It was however for a heater tune-up and the cold weather did show up early this year so I am sure they were busy. Our tech was polite and effecient. We paid for a filter to be changed on the humidifier (an extra $20 + the $49 orignal deal and what a difference that has made! We have been warm even though the weather has been much colder than normal for this time of year. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone.
- Pamela S....