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Recent Review: Susanna has made my home a pleasure to live in. Myself and my two children have efficient working rooms, bedrooms closets bathrooms kitchen living room and even my garage space for my crafts.. Unbelievably I even have extra space. My office filing system and paperwork my office filing system and paperwork have been organized filed. There is no don't to hiring Susanna only do!!
Business Description: We are a full custom manufacturer of home organization solutions. We do not buy pre- made or pre-cut parts and install kits! We design, manufacture and install all our products, direct from our factory to your home. Everything is built in our Orlando and /or Tampa factory using Florida based employees and materials. Standard and exotic stained wood materials are available as well.
Business Description: We're here to help you do more. Provide the know-how you need. Give you the resources to get it done. Unleash the doer in you.
Business Description: Closet Systems Closet Envee builds custom closet systems based on your budget. Our systems are built for maximum storage, meeting all of your home organization needs. Work closely with our professional friendly designers to create a closet that's right for your home.
Business Description: Clutter free, organized living makes you more effective in everything you do. When you’re organized you free your mind, enjoy relationships more, feel happier, and have greater meaning in life. In short, being organized is a great resource for living a happy, effective life. Let Francella Lewis, expert professional organizer, help you achieve your effective lifestyle.
Business Description: Jane Cole, a Certified Professional Organizer®, is the owner of Happy Home Organizing Solutions, LLC and has provided organizing services to her clients since 1998. Happy Home Organizing Solutions is licensed, bonded, and insured. Packages are available at discounted prices. Acceptable forms of payment are personal check or PayPal. Payment plans are available upon request.
Recent Review: Roula is so friendly and comfortable with organizing that it really put me at ease and allowed me to focus on the stressful task of cutting clutter and organizing.  She asked me a bunch of questions and helped me come up with a plan about how to accomplish my goals. My immediate goals are to get some rooms organized for when I have family coming into town to stay with me in a couple weeks.  My long term goals are to slim down all of my "stuff" and have it organized.  She is able to focus on the big picture so we're not wasting a lot of time on redundancy, while also being able to see the small picture of individual tasks.  If left to my own devices I get overwhelmed and then want to take a nap. She has made it possible for me to see that I really can get this mess under control!  I thought this was a mountain of a problem and she's helping me take it one little step at a time and it feels great!
Business Description: Residential and Resale House/Apartment Cleaning Service
Recent Review: Julie came up with many ideas for the unorganized areas that have been cluttered for many many years. She created a system that got me on right back track, trained me during the sessions and also helped me pared down. I really liked the outcome. I recommend her to anyone who looks for a reliable, creative organizer. I will hire Julie again.

Reviews in Kissimmee to Organize Homes

- Criss S....
AEasy Transition Organizing Services
Julie came up with many ideas for the unorganized areas that have been cluttered for many many years. She created a system that got me on right back track, trained me during the sessions and also helped me pared down. I really liked the outcome. I recommend her to anyone who looks for a reliable, creative organizer. I will hire Julie again.
- Gigi G....
AEasy Transition Organizing Services
Bottom line up front: Easy Transitions is an outstanding company owned and operated by a wonderful, personable woman who truly enjoys her work. This company was the best fit after several interviews, and I am very happy that I made the choice. If you need assistance packing up, moving in, getting control of clutter, setting up systems, or any other areas or aspect of home organizing, Julie and Easy Transitions is a wonderful option. Full review: I am a single dad with majority custody of my two children. We live in a 1200 square foot condo in downtown Orlando. We moved in here after selling a large house as part of the divorce. I was completely unable to get a handle on getting my place set up, boxes unpacked, systems for keeping the much smaller place managed and under control. We wound up living in a constant state of clutter and mess due to our very busy schedule packed with extra curricular activities and the usual interplay and balance of work, school, fun that anyone with children understands. Finally, I decided to hire a professional home organizer to get a handle on everything so that we could truly feel at home. I interviewed three separate companies for this project, including Easy Transitions. At the scheduled time, Julie met me at our home for a free, no-obligation consultation. She evaluated the project, estimated the number of hours it would require, and gave us an outline of what the end result would look like. What surprised me the most following the consultations was that Julie's estimate was much lower and far more realistic than what I was told by the other two companies. Also important to my decision was that she did not require a large purchase of a bundled hour package but rather offered to work in four hour blocks, paid at time of service. That, combined with the very competitive rate, sold me on hiring Easy Transitions. We are now halfway through this project and I am extremely happy with how things are going. Julie is a consummate professional and a pleasure to work with. I finally feel like I've got a plan in place to get a handle on my home and will soon be in complete control of our space. Conclusion: If you need to move, or have moved in but need help setting up a new home, or if you are like me and just can't seem to get control of your living space, I highly recommend reaching out to Easy Transitions and asking for help. It is affordable and the stress relief you will feel after knowing you've got a professional on the project is worth the cost of the service in and of itself!
- Adam S....
AHome Joy
My wife and I were doing our best to maintain our home in a balanced manner, without acquiring unnecessary items nor allowing much clutter. Yet we continued to feel like we were not satisfied. The we hired Field Play and Mr. Christopher Beers guided us skillfully and patiently through the Konmari method to truly upgrade our physical living space into a clean and harmonious sanctuary. Additionally, a benefit I had not expected was the emotional clearing that we experienced as we let go of attachments to items that did not “spark joy” and felt the freedom of release of these lesser things in order to receive a higher quality lifestyle. Over a year later, our family is practicing the methods we learned with Field Play and truly are enjoying our clean, tidy, magical home. We are forever grateful to Christopher for helping us to see the benefit of living light.
- Jamie B....
AThe Functional Space
I am so happy that I hired Olga to take care of my cluttered home (including garage). She did such an amazing job. She had great ideas and did a fantastic job of getting me organized and putting stuff in order. She also help me with some interior design that ended up looking great. I love coming home to my new space and relaxing. :-) I HIGHLY recommend hiring her.
- Lee D....
ACreatively Organizing
Very well - Judy is the best. She’s gets it! She has the ability to see things in an orderly fashion so that your possessions are located and placed in your home where they should be... a skill that I seriously lacked!
- Linda H....
AFairyDust Services Inc
Donna came to my house to provide her organization skills. She listened to me, observed my needs, and by the time she left we had developed a procedure to prioritize the projects that would effectively maintain the order in my home.  I expect to consult with her in regard to her many services.
- Roseann P....
AImagine Home Organization
I have used Kirsten at Imagine Home Organization several times since I moved to the area, and plan to continue to hire her to help with home organization. She is excellent!
- Stacey W....
ATampa Bay Professional Organizers
I met Doreen who was very pleasant and professional and friendly to my dog. We met initially to assess my situation and she gave me ideas how to organize my sewing room. She also had brochures offering organizational products but did not pressure me to buy anything, preferring to utilize what I already had on hand. I scheduled a followup session to tackle my sewing room. Within four hours we had everything in its place and I had a functional sewing room again. I was very pleased with Doreen's services and hope to use her again when I am ready to tackle my home office.
- Sarah L....
AAbundant Services
As always, Margaret arrived on time and excited to start all of the projects I had for her that day. Before I left the house, I gave her a list and explained what needed to be completed. She took notes and asked a few questions during our brief meeting, she then called and scheduled appt times with several vendors to conduct various services and repairs to the house (gutter cleaning, carpet cleaning, garage door repair), after which she ran a couple of errands for me (book store and grocery store). Margaret returned the next day to compile a database listing all the books I've have collected in my library, created and e-mailed/mailed out invitations for our neighborhood upcoming holiday party and meet with all the vendors. She throughly checked after each service had been completed to ensure I would be completely satisfied. She also took care of our dog making sure she was walked and fed throughout the day. Margaret has such a pleasant "can do attitude" and I would recommend her to anyone. She has certainly made my life so much easer over the last 10 years and I know she will do the same for you too!
- Shannon R....