Cottondale Roof Leak Repair

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Business Description: RC Lichy & Associates is a firm of Roof Consultants, Waterproofing Consultants, and Building Envelope Consultants assisting architects, engineers, building owners, property managers, contractors, and insurance companies with their roofing, waterproofing, and exterior wall systems needs for over thirty years. RC Lichy & Associates offers our roof consulting, waterproof consulting, and exterior wall system consulting services across the country and internationally. In addition to preparation of roofing, waterproofing, and exterior wall systems specifications, drawings, and construction management services, RC Lichy & Associates offers extensive survey and inspection services designed to determine the best way to extend the life of your roof, waterproof, and exterior wall system. RC Lichy & Associates, Inc. was founded by Robert C. Lichy in 1976. RC Lichy & Associates has no affiliation with manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, or installers of roofing, waterproofing, exterior wall, or restoration materials that might create a conflict of interest. Our work includes failure investigations, surveys and inspections, design, and construction management. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies such as Rockwell International, PPG Industries, NA Hoganas, United Technologies, HJ Heinz Company, Emerson Climate Technologies, Irving Tissue, SCA Tissue, and Nabisco. We also consult with real estate development and management firms such as Intercostal Company, Buncher Company, Lamar Companies, NCHP, and others around the country. We work with insurance companies such as Erie Insurance Group, State Farm Insurance, Farmers Insurance, Selective Insurance, and several others.
Recent Review: Davis Roofing replaced rusted/ corroded metal  vents, rotten wood,  plumbing boots, damaged shingles, and painted exterior wood areas that were replaced.   They made interior paint repairs as well.  Pictures were taken of all repaired areas.   Absolutely professional and extremely courteous.  I have complete confidence in Brian Andress and the Davis Roofing organization. Highly recommend to everyone. JMB
Recent Review: I've been using them for a while.  My experience with them has been good.  They have always done a fine job.
Business Description: At Kenneth Bedsole Roofing in Dothan, AL, we are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality roofing services. We are a roofing company that has been in business since 1993.
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Business Description: Stephens Roofing and Repair is a full service Contractor specializing in shingle roofs. We have been servicing Enterprise, AL and it's surrounding areas for many years and are dedicated to giving our customers the highest quality possible to both Military and civilian alike. We also work with your insurance company to assist you with your claim and to take the stress off of you. No job is too big or too small for us to handle. We offer a 15 year written labor warranty with 30 thru 50 year architect style shingles. TAMKO shingles have a 10 year algae resistant warranty and 110 MPH wind warranty. Your labor warranty is also transferable should you sell your home.
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Business Description: When a natural disaster strikes your home, trust Triad Restoration Inc. We make it our goal to see that your residence is brought back to life after a fire, wind or water damage claim.

Reviews in Cottondale for Roof Leak Repair

BMike Goodson Roofing LLC
I've been using them for a while.  My experience with them has been good.  They have always done a fine job.
- Mary C....
DKenneth Bedsole Roofing
I have had them out three times to have the roof leak fixed and it was still leaking, tried to contact several times and did not return a call, had to have another service provider fix the leak and they did it on the first visit.
- Jimmy B....
FB & K Renovations
Kelly Blansit did not perform any of the quoted work. He required 50% of the total cost up front. He was been unreachable by phone, text, or email. He has not returned the money to date. Criminal charges for contractor fraud will be pursued.
- Melissa D....
FTriad Restoration Inc.
I had a roof leak that caused damage to hardwood flooring in a bedroom. They replaced the ridge vent, repaired the ceiling and replaced the hardwood flooring. I would never use them again. I had found better quality of flooring for less than the was charging but they said they had to use it. I had surgery and been out of town and they kept bugging me that they needed to hurry and get this work done. It took several months for the repair to be done but that was on me. I still have issues with some of the flooring not fitting together correctly.
- Melba M....
FMike Goodson Roofing LLC
Not happy with them at all.  The guys that installed the roof must have been straight off the street.  These guys used my yard as a toilet (we have a gas station a half mile up the road), left the shirt (aka the toilet paper) for the dogs to find, left candy wrappers all in the front and back yards, and left the gutter shields off the gutters when they left.  The roof leaks now and has been for a while.  The first leak was in my bedroom, which moved to my closet.  I have no idea how long the closet was leaking before I found it.  The tubs on the shelves which contained pictures, books, photo albums, and other childhood items were half full of water and covered in black mold.  The first time someone came out they said it was from the leaf build up in the valleys (what happened to the valley metal on the invoice).  The 20+ year old roof that was on the house before these guys got a hold of it never leaked from leaf build up.  And the shed has leaves and pine needles all over it's roof and no leaks there.  What about all the houses around us that have leaves in their valleys?  We've been having quite a bit of rain the past few weeks, so guess whose closet is leaking?  Yep, mine...  The sheet rock on the ceiling is sagging and there is now a hole in my closet.  Yet again, the guy that comes out a couple weeks ago say it's the leaves in the valley.  There is also a big brown spot in the guest room from a leak (no valley there) and a leak in our living room from the water leaking where the porch and the house meet.  He proceeds to tell us that the shingles weren't nailed down in a spot (ya think?).  We asked about the hole in my ceiling and the new insulation in the attic, which is probably covered in mold and mildew, he proceeds to tell us that's not his problem and they don't handle stuff like that.  Um, if it wasn't for your crap roof, we wouldn't have this issue.  My sister told him that every time she came home for lunch and from work or school the "roofers" were sitting around doing nothing.  Dude says, "why didn't you get a broom after them and make them get to work?"  To make matters worse, this is the same company which put on my grandmother's roof a couple months earlier and her roof leaks in 3 places.  No valleys or trees to cause "leaf build up in the valleys".  When my mom ask what they were going to do about my grandmother's roof, he says we didn't do that roof.  In response, my mom says yes you did I have the receipt and that's the only reason I called you to do our roof.
- Lisa C....
FKlein and Son Construction and Excavating
Sloppy work components used were lower grade than we had agreed to and we were never informed of the change. Discovered it a year later when I tried to open my double hung windows to discover they were not double hung windows. The top window was a permanently constructed to not open. Roof leaked after he put a new roof on. Came back two additional times to repair with an attitude so horrible that he would not speak to us like it was our fault. Finally called someone else on third leak same place as previous repairs. Klein senior brought alot of family drama everyday with his red-neck attitude and slip-shot quality of work which neither were appreciated. Paint peeled on every wall inside the house that he painted. Always asking for advances to make payroll which was not the original agreement. Klein jr. is awesome and professional but spread thin. Could not get him everyday. Laborers were friendly and polite but quality of work was just not there. Since then we hired another contractor and the additional 100,000.00 in renovations was well spent and no drama and each day when they left they actually cleaned up no traces of construction. We used A Cut Above Construction and were so pleased we are hoping to get them for our new home construction. Their prices were right on and we found them thru an employee of Home Depot. One more thing after living here 50 years we've never had trespassers. Three days after publishing my negative comment on AngieList concerning Klein and Sons we started having trespassing issues. All that stopped when I removed the negative comments. Im sure it was just a coincidence.
- Deboraha B....