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Business Description: Friendly Home Repair LLC is a small company with big results for all of your home repair needs. We are a drug free and background checked company. We accept cash, checks, visa, discover, and mastercards.

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DFriendly Home Repair LLC
We initially asked the installer if he could install our new microwave oven above our stove. Explaining in detail, that my wife wanted it higher so her large pots would fit on the stove top with enough sufficient clearance between the units. To have this done, we needed them to cut into the upper two cabinet doors half way, reattach the hardware and finish with a nice professional look. The two men, surveyed the job and said they could do it, and do the electrical also for around $250, and we agreed to the price. They worked on the job for about 2-21/2 hours. When done, we were excited to have the job done, and our oven operational, but cosmetically, there was/is much to be desired. Their cabinet work was very poor, crooked handle on one door, hinge was angled on the bottom of the other, plus they used off colored caulk to cover laminate panel gaps in the finished sides. They also scratched the top of our brand new range top control panel.  (Note:At the time of this kitchen work, we also had a new roof going on the house where the roofers were actively working.) As the kitchen repair men were working on the microwave vent duct, they were conversing with the roofers to duct movement and the repositioning. Repairmen had stated, they needed to push the vent pipe 16 inches up above the roof, and that the roofers could cut the remaining vent pipe to fit their cap, which they did. After another 1/2 hour the kitchen men said they were done, cleaned up all the dust, tools, and particle board fragments, collected their check and left. All in all, we were not at all thrilled with the finished appearance,and with all this, the roofers called something to our attention after the Friendly Home Repair crew had left. It seems, upon their completion with our microwave vent, the repairmen had pulled down the vent stack to fit their opening, and left a section opening in the attic with no connection at all. The roofers were done cleaned up and left, we called the Friendly Home Repair owner to please finish their job. They came back later, went in the attic, and added a piece to connect the vent, but they charged us for their supplies which we thought was not fair. That should of been included in the total price on the job plus we should not have had to call them back to fix their mistakes in the first place.
- Ann K....