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R and K Pool Service
Business Description: We are a full service swimming pool and spa cleaning, renovation/remodeling, resurfacing & repair company specializing in EcoFinish™ refinishing for both concrete and fiberglass pools as well as pool/spa automation, and heating systems for both commercial and residential swimming pools and spas.
The Pool Man Of Key West
Business Description: The Pool Man of Key West services, refinishes, repairs and maintains pools and spas. Our technicians are factory trained to service your entire filtration system needs.
Barrier Reef Pools, LLC
Business Description: Our one piece in-ground fiberglass swimming pools are constructed using only the most proven gel coats and vinyl ester resins available. This, combined with an average thickness that is greater than industry standards, allows us to produce what we believe is one of the strongest and most reliable in-ground fiberglass swimming pools on the market today. Our confidence in our fiberglass swimming pools is backed by our Lifetime Warranty, in addition to a 10 year non-prorated internal finish warranty.
Aquatic Art Pools & Spas LLC
Business Description: We build commercial and residential custom in ground swimming pools. Custom pools, Spas, and Water features. Remodels. Free Estimates.
All Season's Pool Builders
Business Description: At All Seasons Pool Builders, our mission is simple — build your new swimming pool, or renovate your existing swimming pool to the highest standards of quality – quickly and within your budget. We are multi-talented and capable of handling residential and commercial pool construction throughout Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties. All Seasons Pool Builders is a family owned & operated swimming pool construction company. ASPB has invested in the latest advances in construction and operating technology and built a management and ownership team with a combined 60+ years of experience and a solid record of success in the pool construction industry.
R & L Mobile Home & RV Supplies
Recent Review: My pool had turned green and not ever having this happen they explained each chemical I needed to use and the times to apply.  I have used R & L many times in the past, I purchased my 24' above ground pool from Mr. Mathis, he gave me the date it would come in and when it didn't arrive he threw in a pool vacume for the inconvenience.  He gave me a persons name that would install it correctly.  This man stands behind his word.
Hawaiian Tropic Pools Inc
Award 2018Super Service Award
Recent Review: Excellent installation and service.
Symbiont Service Corp
Business Description: Symbiont Service Corp. strives to provide the most cost-effective, energy efficient pool/spa heating and cooling systems available today at a satisfaction level far beyond the customer's expectations. We serve as a dealer/contractor in the State of Florida. We specialize in GeoThermal swimming pool and spa heating and cooling, as well as residential and commercial pool/spa heating and air conditioning installation and service. Symbiont Service Corp is your Lennox Premier Dealer for Charlotte and Sarasota County. Check our website for first time customer coupons.
Peeler Pools Inc
Business Description: We are a Certified Residential Swimming Pool contractor with over 25 years of experience in the construction industry. Peeler Pools, Inc. is a family owned and operated business. We build custom pools and outdoor living spaces. We take pride in quality work and our reputation in the community and set the highest standards. Our goal is not to build the most pools, but to build the absolute best pools. We look forward to speaking with you and working with you and your family in the future. Contact us today at or email us at
Fiberglass Pool Doctor LLC
Business Description: Fiberglass Pool Doctor LLC is a small company with many connections to industry leaders. We are able to maintain quality and a personal connection while offering the best solutions. We strive to utilize the latest advancements in composites ensuring we will remain the leader in fiberglass swimming pool solutions. All of our finishes are spray applied to ensure a factory like finish and at thicknesses that will leave the pool with many more years of problem free service. We can fix a leak once a professional leak detection company comes in and finds the leaking area.

Reviews in Chiefland for Pool Installation

DIsland Paradise Builders
Wtarted well until we found he was loading the material prices by up to 40%. Then found he did not have qualifications for some of the work done and did not call for inspections when needed. I sacked him and found a wall built curved when the permit was for a square. Had to get new engineers' drawings for curved wall before we could build the screen room. AVOID THEM.
- Eric M....
FSouth Wind Pools
This was the worst experience with a contractor I have ever had!! The owner is rarely in town so uses this as an excuse to put off doing work. They would say I will be there tomorrow at 2 and never show up. The pool leaks in several places. Have had to take the waterfalls apart and repair slabs underneath because design was horrible. It has been over a year of dealing with these incompetent people and we are finally bringing in someone else to fix the leaks and design a waterfall that looks right. They just threw rocks up on the slab without much concern for how it looked. Please do not hire this company. I have waited to write this review in hopes that the work might someday be finished but they will never finish this project. If you are a woman they will treat you like you have no idea what you are talking about. I cannot save myself from the many days I've lost waiting around for workers that will never show or the blatant lies to my face but hopefully I can save someone else the aggravation of dealing with this horrible company.
- Kim C....
FFamily Pool, Spa & Billiard
This company installed a pool for us, Gene York sold us thing that did not exist. His installer Ken installed the pool without foundation blocks and did not roll the bottom so it looked and felt like the moon cratered and rough. The pump burnt up after on week because it was not the correct pump according to the manufacture of the pump.The second pump which was exactly like the first began leaking after a week.  After a 3 weeks they replaced the pump and after another 10 days they came to redo the liner.  When the tried to do it the walls fell and they had to take it all out and start over. The different installer did a great job this time. They even brought out the right pump.  They left when the water was about 6 inches deep.  The next morning the pool was leaking. it had a hole in it by the seam. I called them to tell them about it. They told me to patch it. I told them we paid for a new pool not a patched one or defective material. they said they could not come back for a week. When they finally came back it was 2 in the afternoon and they told me they had another job but would be back in 3 hours. 7 hours later after dark they arrived to replace the liner, I asked them to come back the next day to do this in the daytime but they told me that wanted to do it that night, to they could go back to Tampa. I again told them it would be better to do it in the daytime. The liner will not stretch out to install properly cold at night. They did not listen and said it would be fine. While they worked with the headlights of their truck and flash lights the metal wall collapsed because they could not see what they were doing. Tracey had to help them to hold the wall so they could clean out the tracks and try to redo it now. They did not lever the bottom or roll it before the liner was put in as they did the second time which was done correctly. While they were fighting the wall they tore up the bottom with their feet pushing and pulling on the wall. Once they got the liner in and water starting in the pool they rolled the bottom with water in it. then they left around 2AM. Two days later when it was full be saw the results. of this night install. The bottom is now worse then the first install, moon crater bottom with roller lines across the pool numerous time and many wrinkles where there was no sun to heat the vinyl for the wrinkles to be stretched out. Now to get it right I will have to buy a new liner and have it installed again. Shawn will not answer his cell phone or return my calls. The owner will not return my calls. gene York is harassing me after being told not to contact us because he lied to us and sold us things that do not exist and a pump not made for this installation. He also told us he was a licensed pool contractor. He was not at the time he sold us the pool. I have tried to work this out with them but they do not want to. So I guess they wish to settle this in court on here on their web page. My offer still stands, TAKE IT OUT OR REFUND $2000 DOLLARS SO i CAN GET IT FIXED RIGHT OR WE CAN LET A JUDGE DECIDE.  Shawn has had this offer for over a week now and refuses to call back or answer his phone. His worker at the store has taken 2 messages and promised me he would call back. HE HAS NOT. I have done all I can do to resolve this but Family Pool does not take care of their customers. on the 18th the installers supervisor cam out and stated the installation was not done properly and it should have not been done at night. He also stated the wrinkles would not come out and the liner would have to be replace to get them out.  He was suppose to be back in touch with us and has not done so either I have just found out Mr York wrote a letter stating I am satisfied with the pool. He has now lied in writing. the owner of this company has yet to return a call or contact me about this.
- George D....
BSerenity Pools LLC
There were like, do-overs on the material I had laid down around the pool. The punctuality of the people showing up was unpredictable. I still have an issue I have to discuss with them. The training they provided to me for managing the pool was really not provided. They just sort of said here was the instruction book, go through it.  
- Elmo P....
ATropical Pools of Central Florida
After contracted the pool was started the following day.  Within 3 or 4 days we had the shell of the pool poured.  And now, the pool is perfect!  They even helped us put our flower beds in.  I would definitely use them again.  Do miss them being around.
- Greg W....
CSouth Wind Pools
Everything went fine, except they are apparently spread too thin with their work crews & they did not allow time for a well-known annual event which they say made them get further behind. This pushed the finish date even further. Finish date was supposed to be Sept 15th, 2012 but they didn't even start 'til Sept 17th. Start to finish had a 4-week time-line. Today is Oct 29th, finishing is now scheduled for Nov 1st. We have renters coming in same date so how can we even test the pool before they arrive? Not happy.
- Elizabeth W....
CReef Tropical Pool & Landscape
Getting Reef Tropical to respond has been an issue from day one. I guess that we are one of its smaller customers and are not important. With the first contact, I was supposed to get a return call from David, the pool manager. No response. After a few weeks I tried again, office staff promised a call back, never happened. Then I sent an email to the owner, which got a response. He lauded his company's customer service and promised to find out what happened and get back to me with an explanation. Never happened. My wife and I decided to persist, so it was my wife's turn to try to get a response. She was finally able to get in touch with David, and he did come over to give us an estimate. We thought that the price was reasonable and decided to proceed. We explained to him that we were going up north in a month and would like to have the work done while we were here. He said that it should be possible but it wasn't. The work was done while we were away and we only found it out after it was done. However, only the tile work was done, not the heater hookup nor the rail. Plus, our pool is now loosing water at a rapid rate and there is air in the return lines. We have called and emailed David, no response. The office manager promised to have someone come over to look at things but did not give us a date. After a week with no appointment, we called again. Now the office manager has not responded. Overall, getting this work done has been an ordeal. The only reason that I checked that I would use them again is that the work that was completed was done well, but communicating with the company is very frustrating. And my guess is that, after this review, we won't be hearing from them.
- Andrew G....
Asugarmill woods pool and spa
Initially, (October, 2015), the original contracted job to lay pavers around the pool deck and patio area was done in a shoddy, hasty, and incomplete manner - by workers who seemed impersonal, careless, and unprofessional,  However, when we later notified the owner of our marked dissatisfaction, he himself immediately came to inspect.  He was most professional, courteous, and apologetic, and he promptly authorized other laborers, who corrected and properly completed the project.  The last of the laborers whom he later sent to finish the project was very conscientious, respectful, and attentive to detail.   Ultimately, we were very satisfied with Sugarmill Woods' paver job.   We appreciated the cordial readiness of Joe, the owner/manager, to do all that was necessary for our complete satisfaction.
- Priscilla P....
DFamily Pool, Spa & Billiard
The installer of the pool was an independent contractor and they did an okay job. Beyond that, the company itself was supposed to complete the installation of the deck and steps. THEY DID A VERY SLOPPY JOB AT WHAT THEY DID. They sent somebody out to us with no tools or hardware, and we ended up hiring our own people to complete the work and we had to pay extra for it. We are missing covers for the openings between the pump filter and the pool. The sales person said he would send it by UPS, which should have taken one day to get to us, and we have not received the parts. It has been close to a week.
- Roberta K....
AT.A.D Pools, LLC
John, and other representatives of the company have always been courteous, conscientious, and fair in their charges.  My wife and I are fortunate to have found such a good company to take care of our pool.
- Charles B....