Clarksville Crawl Space Waterproofing

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B-Dry Waterproofing & Foundation Repair
Business Description: CALL TODAY to get your FREE Estimate Angie’s List Members! Rely on our honest opinion philosophy, and our ability to ease your mind with a lifetime warranty on your new BDry System! There are traditionally five common ways water gets into your house. Call Today to get scheduled! Since 1958, BDry has been committed to making sure your basement or crawlspace is solid and dry. At BDry, you have the strength of a large, national organization standing behind the personalized service of your local BDry office. In addition, we don't use contractors or sub contractors for our work. All of our crews are trained professionals and are employees of BDry.
Adam Basement Inc
Recent Review: They were quick, efficient, and did an excellent job.
Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing
Recent Review: It was great!  We originally spoke to Ken, who inspected our basement.  He thoroughly explained what was happening in our basement, and what happens to water when it meets an obstruction (the house) to the natural flow.  He drew diagrams, and did a great job of explaining the situation.  He also explained various methods used to waterproof homes, and told us his recommendation.  Everything make sense to us, so we decided to go with it.  Even though it was late in the evening, he was able to make a call to the finance company that they use, and we were able to get a good interest rate for financing. The job went so smoothly, I can't believe it.  They had five guys, including the supervisor, and they worked almost non-stop!  They were done in two days, plus a few hours on the third day.  Once the job was completed, the supervisor came back to go over everything with us, and explain how the back up battery works.  They checked up with us a week later to make sure that we were happy with the work.  They were very neat and cleaned up everything as they worked.  I can't be more pleased with what they did.
DryZone LLC
Business Description: DryZone is Delmarva's largest basement and crawlspace waterproofer, basement finisher and foundation repair company. We serve all of Delaware and the Eastern Shore of Maryland