Bethany Beach Master Bedroom Remodel

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Recent Review: Everything went great. Rick was prompt, answered any questions knowledgeably, performed the work expertly to my eyes, and cleaned up before he left. I don't think it can go much better than that. I would use him again and recommend him to others.
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Reviews in Bethany Beach to Remodel Master Bedroom

Everything went great. Rick was prompt, answered any questions knowledgeably, performed the work expertly to my eyes, and cleaned up before he left. I don't think it can go much better than that. I would use him again and recommend him to others.
- Sarah G....
I feel this company devalued my home.  Sloppy, haphazard work was performed even after showing them and telling them exactly what I wanted.  They came into our home and didn't protect the home's hardwood flooring from their boots and construction dirt and grim.  We had to give them paper and tape to cover the hardwood flooring where they would walk through the house.   I really felt that these workers didn't care about our property and we wondered how much work was being accomplished since only one worker appeared to know how to do the work. The hardwood for the kitchen flooring was faulty, but the installer just kept nailing it in not stopping to tell us it was defective.  We happened to notice how bad it looked.  We stopped the installation.  The owner said our other room with this same hardwood looked the same and tried to find faulty seams there.  He pointed to seams that were just fine.   This company could have started to tile the master bathroom while we replaced the defective hardwood, but the owner pulled them off the job because it was raining.  (Note:  Our master bathroom is indoors and we have a 3-car garage in which to cut tile.)  Since replacing the hardwood would require letting the hardwood acclimate to our home's humidity adding another 48 - 72 hours to the installation, we decided to use tile and that day we found a suitable tile. We couldn't purchase nor pick up the tile at the store since the owner told us that he wanted to check the tile to see if it was an adequate product.  Later the owner stated that he had to pull his two workers off the job because WE caused all the delays and he needed them on another (much larger, bigger bucks) job.  While removing the kitchen island they gouged the kitchen wall, dented the wood frame around the pantry door, and put dents in the side of the cabinet on the island.  While removing their tile cutter from their truck they dented the aluminum framing around the garage door.  Tile cutter was placed on the driveway causing the driveway six weeks later to still have a white haze on it since they didn't rinse the dust and debris off effectively, even after being asked twice to do so.  By placing their tools on our kitchen counters long scratches in the counter were made.  Fortunately, we were in the process of replacing the countertops but had to live with the ugly scratches until our countertops were ready. The tile in the kitchen was installed without tile spacers.  Another contractor came into our house and without much looking noticed the different widths to the grout lines.  The haze on this floor was not cleaned up when this part of the job was done.  They walked over the grout residue for two more days while they tiled the bathroom.  As a result, the tiles in their walk path had to be scrubbed repeatedly to get this residue off. I took Quakertown's two tile installers into our main bath and showed them how I wanted my master bathroom tiles to be installed, with the same 1/8 inch grout lines.  None of the grout lines in the master bath is1/8 inch and they also vary in width, just like the kitchen's.  Again, no spacers were used.  The grout is not smooth.  There are ripples in it and some lines need more grout.  The tiles are not level.  I moved my foot sideways and my shoe caught the edge of a raised tile causing my ankle to turn slightly.  A section of wood trim was cut about 1 1/2 inches too short and left like that.  Since I couldn't walk on the newly grouted tiles, I didn't notice this until later.  The tile installer assured me that tiling is what he does best, and that he's been doing this for years.   Well, I've been cooking for years, but that doesn't make me a candidate for the James Beard award. To remove the island, tile the kitchen and the master bath took ten days.  The owner said he needed these two workers for the bigger job and could not install our bedroom bamboo.  I wasn't going to let this company stay another day in my home anyway. I don't even want to talk about the paper work.  Since we changed from hardwood to tile the price changed and a change order was not drawn up.  He said he uses Home DePot's prices, but that proved not to be the case for larger square footages.  I got scribbles of prices from his tablet and some prices were just stated, not written down.  I had to go over the numbers again to make certain we were paying the right prices.  I really feel this company should have repaired my pantry frame and my garage, but honestly, I wouldn't trust  them to sharpen a pencil for me.   Run when you see this company unless you like fast talkers and slow workers.
- Karen P....